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[29 April 2024]

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Publications known for taking an anti-trans stance are and will be referenced and linked. Often, these are the most comprehensive sources for these stories because of their obsession with trans people. I give a summary for those stories so you can make the choice if you want to click the link or seek out more information elsewhere.

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Ministers want NHS to ban trans women from women’s wards [Mail on Sunday] [Telegraph]

  • Ministers have proposed banning trans women from female-only wards in the NHS, with new policies also allowing patients to request doctors based on biological sex for intimate care. Freedom of Information requests show that there has not been a single complaint about trans women on women’s wards, but this obviously is not mentioned by the Mail on Sunday, nor is how all of these suggestions would violate the Equality Act.

    They also want the term ‘chestfeeding’ banned from use.

    Of course, they haven’t addressed how these policies would inevitably mean trans men will be placed in women’s wards. They would have you believe that they are OK with a bald, beardy trans man (whose genitals they can’t see) just not a trans woman (whose genitals they can’t see). Stupid, stupid people.

    The usual suspects are also claiming this will happen, as if it is policy, when it is nothing more than a consultation. More trans wood for the Culture Wars election fire and nothing else.

UK’s first LGBTQ+ armed forces memorial [The Guardian]

  • The UK will build its first-ever memorial dedicated to LGBTQ+ armed forces personnel, acknowledging their service and the challenges they faced due to their identity. I wonder how long it will be up for before The Telegraph are campaigning to have it removed…

Trans teacher inspires inclusion in UK primary school [PinkNews]

  • A trans teacher in a UK primary school is making significant strides towards fostering an inclusive educational environment.

Laverne Cox champions trans history at Stonewall Museum [PinkNews]

  • Laverne Cox discusses her role in enriching transgender narratives through her involvement with the Stonewall Museum‘s initiatives.

Keep an eye out for –

  • House of Lords 2 May, 11am – “Assessment of NHS England London stating that “anyone with ovaries can get ovarian cancer” in a social media post rather than referring to “women””, proposed by a Labour peer. Link details and more in THIS WEEK IN PARLIAMENT below.

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‘Anti-trans narratives’ see Unherd put on advertising blacklist [Press Gazette]

  • Unherd has been blacklisted by the Global Disinformation Index (GDI) for publishing articles that contain anti-trans narratives. This inclusion on the Dynamic Exclusion List has led to a significant reduction in advertising revenue. Unherd’s CEO criticises GDI’s actions as a threat to free speech, questioning the non-profit’s funding and motives.

Joe Lycett teases collaboration with Lorraine Kelly [PinkNews]

  • Comedian Joe Lycett hints at a potential collaborative project with TV host Lorraine Kelly, who reiterated her support for the trans community.

Elliot Page discusses coming out with ‘Umbrella Academy’ showrunner [Advocate]

  • Elliot Page shares his experience of coming out as trans, highlighting the supportive response from ‘The Umbrella Academy‘ showrunner and the impact on his role in the series.

Hilary Swank reflects on ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ role [HuffPost]

  • Hilary Swank believes her role in “Boys Don’t Cry” would better suit a trans actor if made today.

Laurence Fox told to pay £180,000 to two people for ‘paedophile’ libel

  • Actor and right-wing activist Laurence Fox was ordered by a high court judge in London to pay £90,000 each in damages to two individuals he referred to as “paedophiles” on social media. Fox lost his libel battle in January.

Andrew Neil says GB News can never be profitable on current path [Press Gazette]

  • Andrew Neil testified in front of a House of Lords committee that GB News will not be profitable on its current path, citing poor production values and a lack of a viable market niche. Neil, expressing surprise at Ofcom’s leniency, criticised the channel’s direction towards controversial broadcasting, which he deemed harmful. That’s Andrew Neil of The Spectator, Daily Mail and others.

GB News moneyman quits board ahead of Telegraph bid [Guardian]

  • GB News investor Sir Paul Marshall is stepping down from the board of the broadcaster after three years. Marshall is expected to be a frontrunner in the race to buy the Telegraph when the auction process reopens, after the government in effect scuppered its planned £600m sale to a United Arab Emirates-backed consortium, Redbird IMI and former CNN man, Jeff Zucker. It is likely Zucker that they have problems with, rather than the oil money, as they fear he could drag The Telegraph back from the edges of the far right

Liz Truss book outsold by air fryer cookbook [Guardian]

  • Liz Truss’s book about her 49 days as prime minister and how we have ‘Ten Years to Save the West’ sold 2,228 copies during its first week on sale despite the lettuce botherer being promoted in every major newspaper and on every major channel. Truss is believed to have received around £1,500 as an advance from her publisher, which shows you how much faith they had in the book from the start. The Ultimate Air Fryer Cookbook and More Confessions of a Fortysomething F**k-Up both outsold it.

    Somehow, this was still enough to make it to third on the Sunday Times best sellers list.

Journalists to walk out over Meloni ‘censorship’ [Times]

  • Journalists at Italy’s public broadcaster RAI have announced a 24-hour strike next month in protest at the politicisation of the media under Giorgia Meloni’s government.

Evolution of trans inclusivity on dating apps [LGBTQ Nation]

  • Over the years, dating apps have made strides in becoming more inclusive for the transgender community, adjusting features and terms to better accommodate and respect trans users.

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Friday 26 2024 [Total: 1. Publications 4, positive 0, negative 1, written by trans people 0]

The Guardian [0]
The Times [0]
Daily Mail [0]
Telegraph [1: negative 1, written by trans people 0]
Gillian Keegan and her fellow cowards betrayed women on trans The Daily Telegraph26 Apr 2024JULIE BINDEL FOLLOW Julie Bindel on Twitter @bindelj READ MORE at  What if a powerful, senior public figure were to tell you that they have suddenly learnt enough to state that the earth is not flat, but round? Would you be impressed? Education Secretary Gillian Keegan would apparently expect you to be so. After all, this week she announced that she will no longer use the phrase “trans women are women” because her understanding of the issue has “evolved”.  Clearly, now that the Cass Review has confirmed the disastrous nature of the medical experiment conducted on children through the use of puberty blockers, she must realise that, in the months and years to come, more damning evidence about the terrible effect of transgender ideology is likely to emerge.  The rats leaving the sinking ship grow in number each day. But the victims – the children whose lives have been wrecked, the parents who have been forced to endure the rule of Stonewall – may never recover. And what of the women who were forced to defend their spaces? Some of them had their reputations tarnished or lost their jobs in defence of common sense, while Keegan comfortably toed the trans line.  When she claimed that trans women are women, the logical conclusion was always going to be that trans identified males should go for cervical smear tests, and that they should be allowed in women’s prisons and toilets. Every sensible person knows – has always known – that this is completely bonkers, so there can be no sudden “discovery” as a result of reading up on the issue.  The only option left is a quiet, sheepish backingdown.  Senior politicians in the two major parties, including Sir Keir “99.9 per cent of women don’t have a penis” Starmer, capitulated to transgender ideology out of a cowardly fear. They watched on as the likes of Rosie Duffield suffered for being brave and principled.  Now, however, the difference between the two sides of this debate cannot be fudged. You are either with the ideologues, like those in the Green Party who describe women as “non-men”, or you can read the science and understand the damage this is doing to women and girls. And those who we elect have a particular responsibility to stand up.  Saved in a secure folder, I have a number of emails and other forms of communication from politicians from both the Labour and the Conservative parties saying they completely agree with me on this issue but can’t speak out because it could lead to social exclusion. But we pay these people to represent our interests – there can be no excuse.  Those in power, such as Keegan, who swallowed the Stonewall handbook, must do more than simply change their minds: they have to ensure that every remnant of Stonewall is removed from their departments and civic institutions. She and others made a deliberate choice to indulge reckless ideology over the rights of women.  Somehow, I fear she is not backing down now because she has experienced a revelation, but because the tide has turned and she knows which side her bread is buttered. Womens’ rights activists warned the Government, repeatedly, of the dangers of allowing Stonewall into classrooms. We showed how it had become an ideological cult. But we were largely ignored.  What guarantee is in place to make sure we are not ignored again? I don’t see many.  Article Name:Gillian Keegan and her fellow cowards betrayed women on trans Publication:The Daily Telegraph Author:JULIE BINDEL FOLLOW Julie Bindel on Twitter @bindelj READ MORE at Start Page:14 End Page:14

Saturday 27 2024 [Total: 0 Publications 3]

The Guardian [0]
The Times [0]
Daily Mail [0]
Telegraph [?]
  • Saturday’s Telegraph is never available on Press Reader and I’m still trying to work out why.

Sunday 28 2024 [Total: 5. Publications 4, positive 0, negative 5, written by trans people 0]

The Observer [0]
  • Sonia Sodha did not use her column to write about trans people this week.
The Sunday Times [0]
Mail on Sunday [1: negative 1, written by trans people 0]
NHS set to ban trans women from female only wards The Mail on Sunday28 Apr 2024By Anna Mikhailova DEPUTY POLITICAL EDITOR TRANS women will be banned from women-only wards and women patients will be able to ask for a female doctor under plans put forward by ministers.  A new version of the NHS Constitution has been drafted to ensure women-only spaces are protected, sources said.  The proposals would also give patients more powers to request a doctor of the same biological sex as them in matters of ‘intimate care’, while trans patients would have their own private  ‘The right to safety, privacy and dignity’  spaces where hospitals can provide them.  Ex-Health Secretary Steve Barclay had announced plans for the changes at the Tory Party’s conference last year. He said: ‘If we do not get this right now, the long-term consequences could be very serious for the protection of women and future generations.’  The proposals come after  The Daily Mail exposed ‘shocking’ NHS rules that mean patients who only occasionally identify as women can share female-only wards, regardless of whether or not they have had surgery or legally changed sex.  The constitution is updated every ten years, most recently in 2015. The new text will face an eight-week consultation.  A Government source said: ‘The Government has been clear that biological sex matters, and women and girls are entitled to receive the protection and privacy they need in all healthcare settings.  ‘Our proposed updates will give patients the right to request same-sex intimate care and accommodation to protect their safety, privacy and dignity.’  Article Name:NHS set to ban trans women from female only wards Publication:The Mail on Sunday Author:By Anna Mikhailova DEPUTY POLITICAL EDITOR Start Page:10 End Page:10
Sunday Telegraph [4: negative 4, written by trans people 0]
NHS to ban trans terms such as ‘chestfeeding’ Changes to hospital rules will also stop transgender women being treated on single-sex female wards The Sunday Telegraph28 Apr 2024By Camilla Turner SUNDAY POLITICAL EDITOR THE NHS is to crack down on transgender ideology in hospitals, with terms such as “chestfeeding” set to be banned.  Victoria Atkins, the Health Secretary, will this week announce a series of changes to the NHS constitution which sets out patients’ rights.  Referring to “people who have ovaries” rather than “women” will also be prohibited under plans to ensure hospitals use clear language based on biological sex.  The new constitution will ban transgender women from being treated on single-sex female hospital wards to ensure women and girls receive “privacy and protection” in hospitals.  Patients will also be given the right to request that intimate care is carried out by someone who is of the same biological sex.  It follows concerns from patients about biological men being allowed in women’s hospital wards. NHS guidance has previously stated that trans patients could be placed on single-sex wards on the basis of the gender with which they identified.  Kemi Badenoch, the women and equalities minister, has backed calls for a public inquiry into the “pervasive influence” of transgender ideology in the NHS.  The new NHS constitution will emphasise the importance of using “sex-specific” language in the health service after references to women were expunged from advice on the menopause and diseases such as cervical and ovarian cancer.  A government source said: “The Government has been clear that biological sex matters, and women and girls are entitled to receive the protection and privacy they need in all healthcare settings.  “Our proposed updates to the NHS constitution will give patients the right to request same-sex intimate care and accommodation to protect their safety, privacy and dignity.”  The document sets out the rights of patients and medical staff.  All NHS bodies, as well private and third-sector providers which supply NHS services, are required by law to take it into account when making decisions. The changes proposed this week will be subject to an eight-week consultation.  The updated constitution will state that placing transgender patients in single-room accommodation does not contravene equality laws as long as it is for an appropriate reason, such as respecting a patient’s wish to be in a single-sex ward.  Maya Forstater, the chief executive of the campaign group Sex Matters, said the changes represent a “major step” towards reversing NHS England’s “capitulation to the demands of gender extremists, which has damaged policies and practices, created widespread confusion and harmed patient care”.  She added: “These much-needed changes to the NHS constitution will help secure essential sex-based rights in healthcare across England.  “Clear language, single-sex wards and access to intimate care provided by a health professional of the same sex are crucial to the wellbeing and safety of female patients. They should never have been compromised.”  In 2021, Brighton and Sussex University Hospital became the first NHS trust to implement a gender-inclusive language policy for its maternity services department. Staff were provided with a list of alternative terms to use when addressing patients, including “mothers or birthing parents”, “breast/chestfeeding” and “milk from the feeding mother or parent”.  ‘Women and girls are entitled to receive protection and privacy in all healthcare settings’  Article Name:NHS to ban trans terms such as ‘chestfeeding’ Publication:The Sunday Telegraph Author:By Camilla Turner SUNDAY POLITICAL EDITOR Start Page:2 End Page:2
Trans tweet football fan fights match ban Newcastle supporter may take legal action over club and league’s ‘Stasi-style’ transphobia investigation The Sunday Telegraph28 Apr 2024By Gordon Rayner ASSOCIATE EDITOR  Linzi Smith, who promotes lesbian and bisexual women’s rights, was barred by Newcastle United over her tweets A FOOTBALL fan who was banned from attending matches after expressing gender-critical views on social media has started crowd-funding legal action against Newcastle United and the Premier League.  Linzi Smith was barred by the club after a “Stasi” spying investigation into her, which detailed where she lived, worked and even walked her dog. It was launched after someone wrote to the club accusing her of being transphobic.  The 34-year-old, who is gay and promotes lesbian, bisexual and women’s rights, has now raised £15,000 through a crowdfunding campaign supported by fans and free speech campaigners.  Lawyers fighting her case have now written to the club and the league demanding compensation and an end to the ban. Ms Smith is prepared to take her case to court if they refuse to comply. Her legal team says the Premier League club discriminated against her after she expressed legally protected beliefs that people cannot change their sex.  Levins Solicitors also say the Premier League and the club had no “lawful basis” for snooping on her.  Ms Smith told The Telegraph: “I always thought we lived in a society where people could express their opinions freely. The actions of Newcastle United and the Premier League have had a hugely detrimental effect on me, and it seems that legal action is the only way to ensure that these powerful organisations understand the law and the right that everyone has to freedom of speech.”  Ms Smith was accused of being transphobic by a complainant who told the football club that trans people would not feel safe sitting near her, even though her posts on X (formerly Twitter) had no connection to Newcastle United. As first revealed by The Tele  graph, the club asked the Premier League to carry out an investigation into Ms Smith without her knowledge.  The resulting dossier was handed by Newcastle United to Northumbria Police, who then interviewed Ms Smith under caution. Officers took just two hours to tell her that she had not committed an offence, but the club, which had spent months looking into her background, revoked her membership and banned her from games until 2026.  She has said the club and the league “have behaved like the Stasi” and that she feels “violated”.  Ms Smith, who runs a tea shop with her mother, had posted tweets in which she suggested the trans lobby was homophobic because it wanted to “trans the gay away” and that some transgender people were suffering from mental illness.  Newcastle United and the Premier League were contacted for comment.  Article Name:Trans tweet football fan fights match ban Publication:The Sunday Telegraph Author:By Gordon Rayner ASSOCIATE EDITOR Start Page:11 End Page:11
The tide is finally turning against woke radicals The Sunday Telegraph28 Apr 2024 For too long, tough ministerial rhetoric on confronting extreme gender ideology was not met with accompanying action. Senior Conservatives criticised Labour’s ridiculous contortions on matters like gender self-ID, social transitioning in schools, even on the very definition of a woman, while doing far too little as public institutions continued to adopt a misguided – sometimes even dangerous – approach to the trans issue. In recent months, the situation has slowly begun to change. Thanks largely to the efforts of Kemi Badenoch, the Equalities Minister, new schools guidance should give teachers greater confidence to resist the demands of radical activists, with parents meant to be put at the heart of decisions concerning their children. Ministers have accepted the recommendations of the Cass review, meanwhile, and puberty-blockers are no longer routinely prescribed by the NHS. Now, the Government is launching a consultation on updating the NHS constitution for England, a move that could permit patients to request to be treated in single-sex hospital wards based on biological sex. This would be a sensible and proportionate change, reflective of the fact that many women will feel more comfortable being looked after in a female-only ward. A right to be treated by a doctor of the same biological sex for intimate care could also be enshrined in the constitution, while terms such as “chestfeeding” could be banned. Doubtless, these announcements will be met with the usual outcry from groups such as Stonewall, but that should not stop the Government from going further in other areas. There is widespread concern, for example, about the use of third-party educational materials in schools, some of which have been found to promote highly controversial views on gender. There have also been calls to overhaul the Equality Act, to give greater protections on the grounds of biological sex. Thanks largely to the efforts of a very small number of exceptionally brave women – JK Rowling among them – the trans debate has been utterly transformed in the last few years. The gender extremists are clearly in retreat, and their dogmas are finally being exposed to proper evidencebased scrutiny. Politicians have begun to recant their previously unthinking support for policies that were causing active harm. But there is a long way to go before the legacy of the errors made in the past few years is fully addressed. In particular, the woke ideology that buttressed the gender extremists remains embedded in far too many organisations. It has to be rooted out once and for all.  Vote Conservative  The local and mayoral elections this Thursday are more than a mere barometer of national sentiment ahead of the general election this year. They are a chance to punish Left-wing politicians who have imposed a pernicious anticar, pro-crime, anti-growth agenda across swaths of the country – and reward those who have resisted it. Nowhere is this clearer than in London, where Sadiq Khan’s misgovernance, failures on crime, and embrace of authoritarian green measures have turned the capital into a much harder, less pleasant place to live for millions of people. The Ulez extension, the multiplication of 20mph zones, and the spread of low-traffic neighbourhoods are causing outrage, but the mayor has refused to compromise. He has done too little to end the scourge of violence, and has failed to hold the Metropolitan Police to account for its appeasement of anti-Semitic hate on the anti-Israel marches. Mr Khan has raised taxes considerably, overseen a disastrous deterioration in Transport for London’s finances, and allowed City Hall staffing costs to surge. His Conservative opponent, Susan Hall, fully deserves Londoners’ support. She has pledged to scrap the Ulez expansion on day one and refocus attention on the basics like tackling crime. She sensibly wants to cut City Hall staff and TfL perks to fund police officers. She has called on the Met to arrest more “thugs” at the anti-Israel protests, saying she will support officers to properly enforce the law. For the first time, the London mayoral election is being run on the first past the post system, meaning backing any of the other Right-wing candidates would be a wasted vote. Mrs Hall also has a real chance of securing victory – despite the limited support she has received from the national party. A strong Tory turnout could make all the difference. The same is true across the country. Andy Street has proved highly successful as Tory mayor of the West Midlands. Ben Houchen has attracted new private sector investment and jobs to the Tees Valley. Tory councils are invariably better-run than their Labour equivalents, demonstrating that it is perfectly possible to have effective public services and lower taxes. Rather than using this week’s elections as a means for expressing dissatisfaction with the Government, we hope voters will see them as a chance to back good candidates who will deliver good governance. That means voting Conservative.  Article Name:The tide is finally turning against woke radicals Publication:The Sunday Telegraph Start Page:17 End Page:17

Monday 29 2024 [Total: 1. Publications 4, positive 0, negative 1, written by trans people 0]

The Guardian [0]
The Times [1: negative 1, written by trans people 0]
Payout for social worker suspended over gender beliefs Catherine Baksi, Jonathan Ames - Legal Editor  Social Work England has yet to apologise to Rachel Meade A social worker suspended for her gender-critical views has been awarded £58,000 in damages from Westminster city council and Social Work England.  In what lawyers called an unprecedented move by a court to award exemplary damages against a regulator, an employment tribunal called for the council and the watchdog to train their staff in the principles of free speech.  Rachel Meade, the social worker, was “delighted with such a positive judgment after such a long and dreadful experience. It’s been a hard fight but I feel relieved and liberated that justice and freedom of speech has prevailed”.  Meade, from Dartford, Kent, had sued the council and Social Work England in 2022 for harassment and sex discrimination after she was suspended over her belief that a person cannot change their sex.  Meade was given a one-year warning by case examiners at Social Work England after it received a complaint from a member of the public in 2020 about posts that she had shared or liked on Facebook. The council suspended her on charges of gross misconduct before giving her a final written warning. The regulatory sanction and employer’s warning had both been withdrawn before the tribunal case was heard.  A judge ruled in January that the regulator and council had subjected her to harassment over her gender-critical beliefs by threatening her with fitnessto-practise proceedings and sanctioning her for misconduct. Meade, 55, said she had been “completely vindicated”.  The tribunal judge, Richard Nicolle, said Social Work England’s actions were a “serious abuse of its power as a regulatory body”. He said that it had “allowed its processes to be subverted to punish and suppress” Meade’s lawful political speech, and to do so on grounds of her protected beliefs. In doing so it had violated her right to free speech as protected under human rights law. He added that the regulator had a “pre-ordained view” that Meade’s beliefs were “unacceptable”.  He said that a decision by council officials to suspend the social worker would have “had a very profound effect on her, and would inevitably have fundamentally eroded her dignity”.  As well as making the damages award, the tribunal recommended that the council act within six months to ensure “that all of its managers and human resources staff receive training on freedom of expression and protected belief”. It also said Social Work England should “ensure that all its triage staff, investigation staff and case examiners shall receive training on freedom of expression and protected belief”.  The tribunal noted that Meade was “incredibly disappointed” that her regulatory body had “not even now apologised to her or taken responsibility for its biased and flawed investigation”.  Colum Conway, chief executive of Social Work England, said it was considering the judgment. He added: “We recognise that this has been a particularly difficult case for those involved.”  A Westminster city council spokesman said: “We have apologised to Rachel Meade and the points which emerged during the tribunal and remedy hearing are an important and helpful guide in clarifying what is acknowledged to be a rapidly evolving area of employment law.”
Daily Mail [0]
Telegraph [0]


Monday 29 April

House of Commons
  • 2.30pm – Oral questions – Education [more details here]
House of Lords
  • Short debate – Addressing the root causes of child poverty in the UK [more details here]

Tuesday 30 April

  • 9.30 am (private), 10am (public) – Children’s social care – Oral evidence – Safeguarding vulnerable disabled children: MPs to question experts and Ofsted [more details here]

Wednesday 1 May

House of Commons
  • 12pm – Prime Minister’s Question Time
Westminster Hall
  • 2.30pm – Debate – Youth homelessness [more details here]
  • 4.30pm – Debate – World ME Day [more details here]
House of Lords
  • 3pm – Oral questions – Plans to reform of the House of Lords [more details here]
  • Oral questions – Supporting the study of the arts and humanities in higher education [more details here]
  • 2.45pm – Private Human Rights (Joint Committee) – Oral evidence session

Thursday 2 May

House of Commons
  • Adjournment – Findings of the inquest into the Kingsmill massacre [more details here]
House of Lords
  • 11am – Assessment of NHS England London stating that “anyone with ovaries can get ovarian cancer” in a social media post rather than referring to “women”, raised by a Labour peer [more details here]

Friday 3 May

  • Parliament is not sitting


Iraq introduces severe penalties for same-sex relations [The Guardian]

  • Iraq has passed a law making same-sex relations punishable by up to 15 years in jail, marking a severe step back in LGBTQ+ rights within the country.

George Schappell, conjoined twin who sang Country Music,d Dies [Wide Open Country, The Tech Interactive]

  • George Schappell, a trans man known for his country music career and being one of the world’s oldest conjoined twins with his sister Lori, has died at 62.

Maine to protect trans rights in new sanctuary bill [Advocate]

  • Maine introduces a bill to become a sanctuary state for trans people and those seeking abortions, emphasising protection against restrictive laws in other states.

Texas AG ends attempt to obtain information on trans children [LGBTQ Nation]

  • Texas Attorney General drops efforts to gather details on transgender minors from a Seattle hospital.

Tennessee enacts first-of-its-kind anti-trans law [LGBTQ Nation]

  • Tennessee has passed a law that directly targets transgender children by restricting their access to gender-affirming care.

Colorado law challenges trans student privacy [LGBTQ Nation]

  • In Colorado, a law has been proposed that would require schools to notify parents if their child identifies as transgender. This legislation is backed by anti-LGBTQ+ groups and raises serious privacy and safety concerns for trans students.

Arrest in the murder of a trans woman in Miami Beach [LGBTQ Nation]

  • A “habitual violent offender” has been arrested in connection with the brutal murder of a transgender woman in Miami Beach [Trans Agenda #27]. The crime involved a gruesome attack with a metal pipe.

Family speaks out after trans woman’s murder in Miami [HuffPost UK]

  • The family of the transgender woman killed in Miami have spoke out. She was associated with the Miami City Ballet, and her death has sparked calls for greater protection for trans people.

US Supreme Court to review Idaho’s transgender youth treatment ban [HuffPost]

  • The Supreme Court will review Idaho’s ban on gender-affirming care for trans youth, a pivotal case affecting transgender rights and healthcare.

US court strikes down West Virginia’s transgender sports ban [Live Law]

  • A US court rules that West Virginia’s ban on trans girls participating in female sports violates anti-discrimination laws.

Hong Kong trans man wins 7-year ID card battle [SCMP]

  • After a lengthy legal struggle, Hong Kong trans man Henry Edward Tse secures the right to a new ID card reflecting his gender identity.

Transgender surfer barred from women’s longboard contest [Beach Grit.]

  • A trans surfer faces exclusion from the women’s division at a major longboard contest as the anti-trans crew continue to add to their long list of ‘things women can’t do as well as men’.

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Tate trafficking trial can proceed, court rules [Guardian]

  • Andrew Tate’s trial on human trafficking charges can proceed, a Romanian court ruled on Thursday, 10 months after he was indicted.

Misconduct proven against former officer [Metropolitan Police]

  • Former Metropolitan Police officer proven guilty of misconduct involving inappropriate relationships and compromising police operations. The disciplinary panel dismissed the officer before the hearing concluded.


Monday 29 April

  • Two 12-year-old boys appear in court charged with murder
  • Inquest into death of girl found dead at boarding school
  • Delayed parliamentary elections in Togo
  • Released – ONS statistics on persistent poverty in the UK and EU Ireland Q1 GDP

Tuesday 30 April

  • FDA expected to launch legal challenge against Rwanda Bill
  • New post-Brexit border controls introduced
  • Hearing in Josef Fritzl bid to transfer to regular prison
  • Tony nominations announced
  • Released – Air quality in the UK statistics
  • Released – Quarterly homelessness figures

Wednesday 1 May – May Day

  • Scottish First Minister, Humza Yousaf, will face a vote of no confidence today or tomorrow. Yousaf needs one vote to save himself and it is being claimed Ash Regan is that vote. She’s demanding anti-trans policies in return for her support, Yousaf has reportedly said she won’t get them. Regan, a known anti-trans activist, quit the SNP when she lost the leadership campaign to Yousaf. She joined Alba.
  • Future prosecutions halted under the Legacy Act
  • Sentencing of Met officer guilty of multiple rapes
  • Florida six-week abortion ban comes into force

Thursday 2 May

  • English local and mayoral elections

Friday 3 May

  • English local and mayoral election results will start to filter out
  • Sentencing for Just Stop Oil protestor who scaled M25 gantry
  • Deadline for TikTok to provide information in EU proceedings
  • Released – Reporters Without Borders publishes Press Freedom Index
  • Released – FAO Food Price Index
  • 45 years ago: Margaret Thatcher election victory

Saturday 4 May

  • Star Wars Day – May the 4th be with you!
  • World Naked Gardening Day
  • English local and mayoral election results will continue to be announced

Sunday 5 May

  • Panama general elections
  • International Day of the Midwife
  • World Laughter Day
  • Hedgehog Awareness Week (to May 11)

[compiled with help from Press Gazette]



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