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Photograph of Joanna Cherry speaking at a demonstration outside the Scottish Parliament Building on 21 December 2022. Creative Commons Attribution 2.0

Sex Matters Advisory Group member named Chair of Parliament’s Human Rights Committee

Joanna Cherry named Chair of Parliament's Human Rights Committee despite concerns over her views on trans rights.
Owen Jones speaking at Policy Exchange in 2013

Owen Jones faces harassment via transphobic Twitter mob

Owen Jones criticised the original piece for having not done journalistic due diligence of including comment from the school or those accused of allegedly having ousted this 18 year old from sixth-form for being transphobic, who I remind you are students at an all girls school and sixth-form. He asked for someone from that school to reach out with comment or statement. Not least due to the fact that The Times have had to issue multiple corrections for poor journalistic practice in the past, including on trans issues in particular.