Our longterm goal for this project is for it to drive funding back into the community, rather than take it out. For this aim we are often looking for grants and funding we can apply for alongside running the website with ads. But we also offer the option to donate too.

Every single penny that is donated to the site is used to pay trans creators. We have received around £2000 at time of writing, spent some on logos from a trans designer and the rest has been spent/is going to be spent on writings from amazing trans creators.

Its because of you that we have been able to hit the ground running and bring you pieces from Hungary, Nigeria and feature well-known trans creators like Arthur Webber and Abigail Thorn. We can’t thank you enough!

We insist all creators take their fee and spend it however they like! But this community is extremely nice and creators have often decided to donate their fee to charity. So Trans Writes would like to offer a third option; the Trans Writes Fund. A project we are still working the kinks out of, but in short will allow contributors to donate their fee which will be then given away to a trans person in need. We will announce more on this as it takes shape. 🙂

In the mean time please use the donate links below and support us however you can! We will not stop bringing you good trans content and paying trans creators to make it!

You can also donate using this QR code

If the PayPal button isn’t working for you (it’s having some problems on mobile), you can also donate using the email address [email protected] or by using this link: