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Humza Yousaf leaning on a railing by a beach

Humza Yousaf resigns, refuses to sacrifice trans people to save himself

On Monday afternoon, an emotional Humza Yousaf resigned as leader of the SNP and, therefore First Minister of Scotland, as trans people lost another...
240429 times gender payout

The Trans Agenda #28 More performative cruelty from the government

The Trans Agenda #28 Welcome to The Trans Agenda, a newsletter that will arrive in your inbox Monday if you are subscribed. You can also...
A photo of Westminster, part of the Houses of Parliament taken during the evening from the otherside of the river Thames. Where Equality Act 2010 was debated

Equality Act 2010 debate; disgusting politicians roll eyes on hearing of trans suicide

On Monday 12 June, MPs met in Westminster Hall for a three hour debate on the definition of sex in the Equality Act 2010. Last week we covered the debate in a general sense but left out the unbecoming behaviour that caused an uproar on social media as we felt it deserved its own article. Moss writes;