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Trans Writes is currently run and led by co-founders @HLeeHurley and @notCursedE.

We are both transgender writers who have built our brands from the ground up to get where we are and want to use that skill to give back to the community in whatever way we can.

We want to hear trans voices. That’s it.

We don’t have any preference for what those voices are talking about, be it tv shows, sports, a travel blog or even a poem. We want trans voices to be elevated and not necessarily always having to speak only in defence of trans lives.

We also hope to support artists eventually and offer the ability to sell art through our website too. There will be donation options if you want to help fund the site, but we do hope to have it mostly funded via advertising.

So we ask that you allow ads for us if possible!

Let us know what you think, drop any suggestions, tips, info or just get in contact to cheer us on down below!