On Monday afternoon, an emotional Humza Yousaf resigned as leader of the SNP and, therefore First Minister of Scotland, as trans people lost another ally a little over a year after he was voted in to replace Nicola Sturgeon.

The ins and outs of his row with the Green Party and his political miscalculation that has already had massive ramifications, are not worth going over now. He is gone, stating that he was not prepared to sacrifice his principles in order to retain his job. Facing the possibility of two votes of no confidence this week, one in him and one in his government, Yousaf said, “For a minority government to be able to govern effectively and efficiently, trust when working with the opposition is clearly fundamental.

“And while a route through this week’s motion of no confidence was absolutely possible, I am not willing to trade my values and principles or do deals with whomever simply for retaining power.”

It was expected that, to win enough votes, Yousaf would need the support of Ash Regan, the former SNP MSP who left the party to join Alba because of the SNP’s commitment to not being total dicks to trans people. She was happy to consider backing Yousaf this week, but was demanding anti-trans favours in return.

“Dear First Minister,” she wrote in a letter she published on Twitter. “The Bute House Agreement is over; Scotland deserves and demands a reset. I am open to talking to anyone across this chamber who will prioritise progress on what we were elected to deliver for our constituents and Scotland.

“Independence for Scotland, protecting the dignity, safety and rights of women and children, and providing a competent government for our people and businesses across Scotland remain my priorities.

“My door is open to discussing the progress of my proposed Scottish Parliament Powers Referendum bill.

“The opportunity to write a new chapter for Scotland is in our hands.”

Yousaf was not prepared to meet Regan’s dogwhistle demands and opted to fall on his sword rather than throw trans people under the bus.

No doubt other factors came in to play when Yousaf was making his decision to resign, not least the error in judgment he made when it came to the SNP’s agreement with the Green Party, but, from the outside, it looks and sounds like trans people were at the front of his mind when making his choice. A refreshing change, if nothing else.

It’s not yet clear if there will be an SNP leadership election. Many pundits think John Swinney could be elected without a contest. Seen as a ‘unity’ candidate, Swinney served as Sturgeon’s deputy and seems to be trans supportive, if less vocal about it than his two would-be predecessors.

Swinney voted for Gender ID Reform in Scotland and The Telegraph have already begun attacking him, so that seems positive, at least.

As inevitable as the sun rising each day, the Gender Critical Sex Realist Cult are already claiming Yousaf’s scalp as a win, brought down by his refusal to bow to their demands that he be cruel to trans people for their sport.

One lesson from Humza Yousaf’s fate: don’t make coalition agreements that rest on deeply unpopular & unscientific ideologies, in this case that gender identity can replace sex and that gender-questioning children benefit from unevidenced and irreversible medical pathways.

They claim everything as a win, even their defeats, like we saw with Allison Bailey and Stonewall. That is what they do. That is what they have to do. They must keep fighting, they must keep feeling like they are winning so the cost of losing their friends and family feels like it is worth it. Most importantly, that tide must keep turning.

One day, though, that tide of theirs really will turn. When it does, it will wash them into the history books as the villains they are.