"I don’t need my sexuality affirmed at a railway station – I just want the trains to run on time Network Rail's 'Pride Pillar' is full of shapes and colours that represent different groups... but ultimately it means nothing""Suzanne Moore column in The Telegraph 30 January 2024

Moore’s discomfort with LGBTQ+ visibility reveals deeper bias, not just operational concerns

Suzanne Moore's recent column on the "Pride Pillar" at London Bridge station raises crucial questions about inclusivity and visibility in public spaces, but not the ones she thinks.
Wes Streeting

Shadow health secretary sparks outrage with separate NHS ward proposal for trans people

Trans healthcare under fire: Streeting's proposal for separate NHS wards sparks outrage.
Ron De Santis [copyright Office of the Governor of Florida]

Ron’s last call: DeSantis drops Presidential bid with Budweiser misquote

Ron De Santis ends his presidential bid with a misquoted Budweiser slogan, after a campaign marked by anti-trans rhetoric and support for Trump.
Laura Pascal Suspended; a photo of Hackney Labour members with Laura Pascal in the bottom right corner via Hackney Labour

Labour’s Laura Pascal suspended over transphobia

UK Labour candidate for the Cazenove ward of Hackney; Laura Pascal suspended over transphobia this week. Including liking anti-trans tweets which compared real life human being Dylvan Mulvaney to racist blackface minstrel shows. But don't worry she apologised and they unsuspended her!
Photograph of Joanna Cherry speaking at a demonstration outside the Scottish Parliament Building on 21 December 2022. Creative Commons Attribution 2.0

Sex Matters Advisory Group member named Chair of Parliament’s Human Rights Committee

Joanna Cherry named Chair of Parliament's Human Rights Committee despite concerns over her views on trans rights.
boxing gloves

Genital checks to allow trans people to box in USA

USA Boxing has updated its rulebook with a policy for transgender athletes with strict requirements mandating genital reassignment surgery and regular testosterone testing for transgender people wishing to compete.
A photo of Keir Starmer giving a speech at a Labour conference where UK Labour is outright lying, probably. Keir Starmer's transgender son may cost him the 2024 election. Photo by Rwendland, Wikimedia Commons

Keir Starmer’s transgender son may cost him the 2024 election

Keir Starmer's transgender son may not in fact exist. However rumours circulated via transphobic individuals and groups on Twitter are nonetheless calling for the removal of his leadership of The Labour Party. Which could see disaster for Starmer ahead of the 2024 election.
A vigil for Brianna Ghey in Woking. Her recent murder trial saw both defendants found guilty. Photo by Owen Blacker, Wikimedia Commons

Both defendants found guilty of murdering Brianna Ghey

The jury has returned its verdict, with both defendants found guilty of the murder of Brianna Ghey. The two defendants, Girl X and Boy Y, had each blamed each other for Brianna’s murder. 
Press photo of Gillian Keegan who works at the DfE and signed the document regarding trans youth in schools. Photo via Wikimedia commons.

DfE guidance for trans youth in schools released; its obviously bigoted

The Department for Education, working closely with the Government Equalities Hub, has released its non-statutory guidance for trans youth in schools. It is not legally binding, obviously bigoted and unlikely to be wholly lawful.
Press photo of Miriam Cates MP

Anti-trans MP under investigation by the parliamentary commissioner for standards

Conservative MP Miriam Cates, known for her strong anti-trans stance, is currently under investigation by the parliamentary commissioner for standards.