LGBT Conservatives candidate compares trans people to Nazis



Alex Bramham and his partner, both LGB Alliance members, have repeatedly found themselves on the wrong end of controversy in support of anti-trans activism. Including the abuse faced by comedian Jen Ives at LGB Alliance’s conference last year.

A candidate currently running for LGBT+ Conservatives who is a known supporter of LGB Alliance, a group widely described as a hate group by LGBTQIA+ communities, has compared LGBTQIA+ equality to Nazism on Twitter.

Alex Bramham first found himself on the trans community’s radar for transphobia when he attended Manchester Pride wearing an LGB Alliance hat in 2021. He was escorted away from the event by Police Liason Officers for his safety after protestors rejected tolerating bigotry and stole said hat.

Speaking on GB News after the event Alex said “protestors would have torn him apart” if he had not been escorted away. He also said he was “tired of” LGB Alliance being described as “a hate group because we’re not”.

Subsequent controversies from Alex include promoting the belief that people are “transing the gay away” and also an attempt to rebrand LGBT Conservatives. Dropping the T to make it LGB “Conservatives”, which he calls “glexit”, which is just a further attempt to push trans exclusionary ideology in society. Done in complete ignorance of the history of LGBTQIA+ movements and the power of solidarity.

Further controversies include Alex’s partner Brad, who posts under the username “endofnightgc” on Twitter. He has been identified as the man filming himself unleashing a stream of abuse towards Jen Ives at last year’s LGB Alliance conference while LGB Alliance staff and venue security did nothing to stop that. He also recently recoloured a Nazi swastika flag in pastel blue and pink with the caption “found the real trans rites flag”.

Not to be one-upped by his partner, Alex decided to get his own slice of the controversy by posting his own image comparing trans people to Nazis. This time using the map from ‘Dad’s Army’ which shows the Nazi advance towards the UK, with the flags edited to show the pride rainbow flag in the UK and the Progress Pride flag chevrons invading from Germany. With the caption “the rainbrow pride flag is OK as it is. The trans pride flag is OK as it is. No extra symbols needed.”

This despite 10 hours earlier writing;Brad is exasperated by the absence of autism and disability in the Progress flag design. It does not excuse his lack of judgement. I am in no way associated with that image, had no knowledge of it, condemn it but disappointed this is being publicised to compromise my candidacy. In response to the official LGBT+ Conservatives account describing being sickened by Brad’s image.

High profile LGB Alliance supporters and members like Alex and Brad’s behaviour could not come at a worse time for LGB Alliance. One of their founders, Allison Bailey, begins her tribunal today where she is attempting to bring a case against Stonewall UK and her employers, Garden Court Chambers, for discrimination. Part of that case will likely be arguing that LGB Alliance aren’t a hate group, and yet the behaviour of its members speaks for itself.

We will have more on Allison Bailey’s case at TransWrites.World shortly. For now lets all give a round of applause to Alex and Brad! Its a good thing I’m not a conspiracy theorist else I’d already believe they were planted by the trans community to destroy LGB Alliance from within. That’s how big of a disaster they are. Amazing, really! Thanks boys. 🙂

Gemma Stone
Gemma Stone is a transgender writer who has been covering the rise of transphobic hate campaigning in the UK. She has written hundreds of articles dissecting aspects of transphobia including debunking blatant disinformation. She is very tired and trying her best, and hopefully having a positive impact on such a beautiful community.

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