Alex Bramham made the comparison after his partner, known as Brad, first attracted controversy with a recolour of a Nazi swastika in pastels used for the transgender flag.

Bramham, who was running for a position in LGBT+ Conservatives; a wing of the main party, has been suspended from the party as a whole. In a statement posted by LGBT+ Conservatives they state;

“We have received multiple complaints regarding online posts from two members, one of whom is standing in current elections for committee. Separately, we have been informed by Conservative Central Office, having received similar complaints, both these members have been suspended from the Conservative Party.”

They continue by noting that such a suspension means they are also suspended from LGBT+ Conservatives and as such will not be eligible for election to the committee.

In a comment given to OpenDemocracy on the event, researcher from Trans Safety Network Mallory Moore said; “I find Bramham’s attempts to compare trans people to the Nazis appalling. There’s a long history of ‘gender critical’ groups comparing LGBT people to the Nazis despite rampant scapegoating of minorities being one of the pillars the Nazis rode to power on…”

On his Twitter Bramham has since written;

“I am still on the @LGBTCons ballot. I am still on the @ManCityCouncil ballot. Recall Churchill’s grandson + others had whip removed, briefly serving as Independents. I am committed to serving the community. Thanks for everyone who has offered support, privately and in public.

Bramham’s situation does not seem to be comparable to Nicholas Soames MP’s expulsion from the party allegedly after voting against Boris Johnson for party leadership. Indeed the statement from LGBT+ Conservatives indicates that there is already policy in place to deal with candidates who have been expelled while on a ballot. Stating that “pending any appeal” those policies will be followed.

There has been no “#IStandWithAlexBramham” campaign as a result of any of this, as we have seen in response to consequences for other transphobes.