Gender critical cult silent over Mail’s Rayner misogyny and Shriver abuse



Self-declared feminists who are ‘only concerned about women and girls’ have had little-to-nothing to say this week on either the Sunday Mail’s misogynistic hit-piece on Angela Rayner, or Pam Shriver’s heart-breaking account of being groomed by her coach.

While the majority of the right-thinking world was condemning the Mail on Sunday for their article claiming Angle Rayner was using ‘Basic Instinct’-style tactics to distract Boris Johnson, the right-leaning Gender Criticals were saying nothing that wasn’t trans-related.

Suzanne Moore, Julie Bindel, JK Rowling, Sharron Davies, Kathleen Stock, Allison Bailey (who, admittedly, might have other things on her mind), Helen Lewis, Helen Joyce, Hadley Freeman (I got fed up looking by this point) were all unsurprisingly silent on the treatment of Angela Rayner.

This is, perhaps, not surprising, given that the Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday have been keen to platform their views whenever they so much as sneeze.

Daily Mail platforming anti-trans activists who have declared themselves the 'new Suffragettes'. Headline reads The brave women launching what they call 'the most significant female movement since the Suffragettes'
Daily Mail platforming anti-trans activists who have declared themselves the ‘new Suffragettes’

What I found truly heartbreaking, however, was how none of them, particularly Sharron Davies, had anything to say about Pam Shriver’s revelation that she had been groomed by her coach.

Davies, who is borderline obsessed with trans people under the guise of ‘protecting women and girls’ had tweeted about trans people 30+ times (when I stopped counting) in the 48 hours after Shriver’s article came out but said nothing about Shriver.

For those who don’t know, Shriver said she had first met the coach when she was nine (he was 42), started being coached by him at 11 or 12 and started a relationship with him when she was 17 and he was 50.

Daily Telegraph double page spread showing Pam Shriver and her coach with a headline that reads 'Every time I hear that a player is dating their coach, alarm bells ring'
Pam Shriver in the Daily Telegraph

That wasn’t all Shriver had to say.

She also spoke about her belief that this sort of grooming is still rampant in all sports, and she is right. You just have to look at women’s football and the number of managers and coaches who are dating young women from their teams to see how acceptable it is in wider circles.

None of the Gender Critical cult leaders said anything. They offered Shriver, nor Rayner, no support. Not even a cut and paste effort like Nadine Dorries.

I assume they did not highlight these issues, lest they distract from the predator they are trying to create in the form of trans people, trans women in particular.

They said nothing about any of it.

But it’s all just about protecting women and girls, right?

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