Official press photo of Rachel Reeves. Rachel Reeves has agreed to meet with JK Rowling to discuss transphobia
Official press photo of Rachel Reeves. Rachel Reeves has agreed to meet with JK Rowling to discuss transphobia

What a headline. In a previous post we talked about the UK media bending over backwards to platform Rowling over the fact that 16 children died by suicide as a result of transphobic extremism in the healthcare sector. Today we bring you news Rachel Reeves has agreed to meet with JK Rowling as the author attacks a Labour councillor.

You can read our previous post on this issue here. But suffice to say the media machine bending over backwards to bury the findings of The Good Law Project in favour of platforming whatever bigoted bile Rowling has on offer has been successful. Insofar as that the party assumed to be the next leaders of our country are desperately fawning over her as Rachel Reeves has agreed to meet with JK Rowling.

I shouldn’t need to list off the series of objectively bigoted things Rowling has said such as “rapist rights advocates”, “it is dangerous to assert that any category of people deserves a blanket presumption of innoccence“, her comments many described as holocaust denial, and even the ‘like’ that started all of this; when she liked a tweet referring to trans women as “men in dresses” and then pretended it was an accident and she was just old and stupid. Simpler times.

Rachel Reeves has agreed to meet with JK Rowling despite all of this and also the fact that on the day of making this statement JK Rowling was in fact attacking a Labour councillor on social media for being transgender.

In a tweet responding to an article describing Kaz Self as “the first woman to be elected to Bristol City Council while openly trans“; Rowling calls her a man and is all around just a completely shitty person for absolutely no good reason at all. This is who Rachel Reeves has agreed to meet. This is who the UK media are bending over backwards to platform.

Writing to Twitter, probably the only platform Kaz Self will have while one of the world’s most well-known authors targets her, Self writes; “I am not a gender ideology, nor am I a concept. I am a skilled engineer, a former chairty worker and an elected politician.

To ensure a trans voice is at the same table as Keir Starmer, nominate me for the NEC at your July CLP meeting.”

Self also writes; “Perhaps Rachel Reeves and Keir Starmer can ask JK Rowling why she thought it necessary to post this tweet about an elected Labour politician to ~14 million followers. Some people might think its because she’s a bully and a bigot. #TransRightsAreHumanRights”.

I have not always seen eye to eye with Kaz. In fact she and I have had a bit of a falling out previously when I said that political parties who don’t wholeheartedly support queer liberation are not welcome at Pride events. This was in response to yet another bigoted thing the Labour party had endorsed or engaged in. Whereas I stand by what I said in that argument; I do admire Kaz for being willing to have taken the heat from her community in order to stand behind and support something she truly believes in; The Labour Party.

She is clearly a devoted supporter, member and now Labour politician. She has given everything she has to The Labour Party for years despite this party having repeatedly turned it back on her and the rest of our community. There is certainly plenty of negative things to say about her – such as the fact that she works at Roll’s Royce – but there is absolutely no way to suggest that she deserves the way The Labour Party is treating her regarding her basic humanity as a transgender woman.

Instead of extending a hand to meet her or literally any of the many queer Labour politicians, members and campaigners who have begged to speak with them about their bigoted direction; Rachel Reeves has agreed to meet JK Rowling. That should tell you all you need to know about who this party really are.

Don’t vote Labour. Don’t tell me to vote Labour.