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The Trans Agenda #1 4 March 2024

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A photo of Helen Joyce during a speaking event. Helen Joyce reads porn of teenagers for "research".

Sex Matters Director Helen Joyce reads porn of teenagers for “research”

Sex Matters is an organisation ran by Maya Forstater and Helen Joyce who campaign against transgender equality under the guise of safeguarding women and children. A tagline I find hilarious in the light of the admission that Helen Joyce reads porn of teenagers.
A photo of Westminster, part of the Houses of Parliament taken during the evening from the otherside of the river Thames. Where Equality Act 2010 was debated

UK parliament set to debate LGBT+ inclusion in primary schools

UK Parliament to debate LGBT+ education in primary schools. Petition prompts action, outcome could shape future policy.
The Guardian/The Observer building in London, where Nick Cohen has been suspended from. It shows their logos in the window with a bicycle chained to the street sign out front.

Guardian try to heal internal anti-trans bigotry with meditation

As The Guardian editorial management continue to refuse to take control of the warring factions within the company, allowing members of the Gender Critical cult full reign, they've opted to bring in outsiders to try and solve the problem.
A photo of Brianna Ghey for the article commenting on transphobia surrounding Brianna. Credit; Family Handout.

Benefit show honours Brianna Ghey, raises funds for mental health initiative

Manchester's LGBTQ+ community rallied in memory of murdered trans teen Brianna Ghey.
policy exchange sport report

Who’s behind the anti-trans Parkrun panic?

Parkrun controversy exposes anti-trans agenda fuelled by think tanks and media bias.
A very young girl using a smart phone and my plea to Esther Ghey about children's privacy. Credit Bicanski via Wikimedia Commons

A plea to Esther Ghey and a quick guide on invading children’s privacy

A year on from the murder of her daughter, the trial barely being over, the media still desperate to make her killers famous and the Prime Minister refusing to apologise for transphobia; I cannot stress how much I admire the strength of Esther Ghey. But I must warn against the path she is taking.
A photo of Manchester Crownd Court where the Brianna Ghey murder trial is being heard and Brianna Ghey's murderers will be sentenced

Brianna Ghey’s murderers given higher minimum sentence due to anti-trans hostility and sadism

Brianna Ghey's murderers have been sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of the transgender teenager in February last year. Aggravating factors have increased the minimum sentences to 20 and 22 years for 'Boy Y' and 'Girl X' respectively.
"I don’t need my sexuality affirmed at a railway station – I just want the trains to run on time Network Rail's 'Pride Pillar' is full of shapes and colours that represent different groups... but ultimately it means nothing""Suzanne Moore column in The Telegraph 30 January 2024

Moore’s discomfort with LGBTQ+ visibility reveals deeper bias, not just operational concerns

Suzanne Moore's recent column on the "Pride Pillar" at London Bridge station raises crucial questions about inclusivity and visibility in public spaces, but not the ones she thinks.
Wes Streeting

Shadow health secretary sparks outrage with separate NHS ward proposal for trans people

Trans healthcare under fire: Streeting's proposal for separate NHS wards sparks outrage.