The Trans Agenda #9

[14 March 2024]

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Publications known for taking an anti-trans stance are and will be referenced and linked. Often, these are the most comprehensive sources for these stories because of their obsession with trans people. I give a summary for those stories so you can make the choice if you want to click the link or seek out more information elsewhere.


  • Four teenagers to stand trial for alleged transphobic stabbing of teen in Harrow.
  • Death of transgender student Nex Benedict ruled suicide by medical examiner.
  • Why did the government announce their puberty blockers news now?
  • PMQs – Sunak compares saying a Black woman should be shot to Angela Rayner calling Tories ‘scum’.
  • Diane Abbott accuses Tories AND Labour of ‘shocking’ racism.
  • “We are fuming”: Labour fundraise off Abbott’s abuse.
  • Leaked plans on extremist groups listing.
  • US Justice Department criticises Utah corrections for denying transgender inmate hormone therapy, awards damages.
  • Sports lawyer has a tantrum over trans women.
  • Mae Martin to host new documentary exploring gender and sexual fluidity in nature.
  • Paper review.
  • plus more…


Four teenagers to stand trial for alleged transphobic stabbing of teen in Harrow [Evening Standard]

  • Four teenagers will go on trial in January next year for the alleged hate crime stabbing of a transgender girl in Harrow. Summer Betts-Ramsey, 19, is charged with attempted murder for allegedly stabbing the 18-year-old victim 14 times on her way to a rollerskating party. Alongside her, two 17-year-old boys and a 16-year-old girl face charges of causing grievous bodily harm with intent. The incident, described as a brutal transphobic attack, led to the victim being hospitalised. Additional charges include robbery and possession of cannabis for one defendant and threatening the victim with a knife for another.

Why did the government announce their puberty blockers news now? [Trans Agenda #8]

  • There has been a lot of speculation as to why the NHS, pushed by anti-trans UK government interference, decided to surprise everyone by putting a pause on puberty blockers for kids before the end of the year. While there are many theories, I think it’s because they are finally going to give us all something we want – a May election.I’ve been saying for months that I believe Rishi Sunak is going to call a May election and, with not long left for him to do it, I stand by that assertion. I’m nothing if not stubborn. While most think he will cling on for as long as possible, waiting until November means running the risk of a summer of small boat crossings and the headlines that will generate. Plus, there is the ever-worsening of everything, from bills to debt to public services. The UK is crumbling and I think Sunak will want an election before it collapses any further. The Tories know they are going to lose, the only question is ‘by how much?’ 30 seats today is better than 10 seats in November. Also underway is the ‘Great Noticing’ as more and more people realise what the Tories have been doing to institutions like the EHRC, Ofcom, Ofsted, Ofwat, Ofgem, the BBC, and Charity Commission, that are supposed to be independent. That’s on top of what they’ve done to the NHS, schools, and everything else. As it stands, they can claim a reduction in the number of small boat crossings (simply because they drop during winter). The budget has just landed with their ‘tax cut’ spin which will wear off very quickly as reality bites, and January saw 0.2% growth, lifting the UK out of recession, albeit by the skin of its teeth. They can also now point to ‘blocking puberty blockers’ as something they have actually done to appeal to as wide a set of bigots as possible. What will they be able to say they have achieved by November with all that a distant memory, new trade checks in place because of Brexit, and barely any legislative agenda being worked on? In my mind, Sunak thinks he’s being a crafty little genius, leading people to think it will be later rather than sooner. These people really do think they are too smart for the rest of us.

    Of course, I could be thinking the same thing about myself and be completely wrong. We shouldn’t have long to wait to find out. Sunak will need to move quickly to call for a dissolution of Parliament by 26 March. After that, it becomes to late to dissolve for a 2 May election, when the locals are set to take place.

    Like the Rwanda policy and everything else this government comes out with, none of these grand pronouncements are legal or workable in the long term, but that’s not the point. The point is always the headlines they can generate and the narrative they can embed.

    In today’s politics, perception is King and, right now, the bigots like what they see. Reality be damned!

    Additional reading – Hm, no one had a problem with puberty blockers when only cis kids took them [Vice].

Sunak compares Hester comments to Angela Rayner calling Tories ‘scum’ in PMQs

  • As Keir Starmer attacked Rishi Sunak at PMQs on Wednesday afternoon, Sunak avoided his questions as usual, instead attacking Starmer. This time, he drew false equivalence between Tory donor Frank Hester saying Diane Abbott made him ‘hate all Black women’, that he would like her ‘shot’ and that if she was ‘dead’ she wouldn’t consume resources others could use, and Angela Rayner calling Tories ‘scum’. It seems to me that is an attack that proves the point, if nothing else. Jerombly Crubbins also got a mention, despite not even being a Labour MP any more.

Frank Hester pays for one of Sunak’s helicopter trips

  • It cost £15,900.

46 times

  • 46 times Diane Abbott tried to catch the Speaker’s attention during PMQs on Wednesday and 46 times she was ignored as other MPs talked about her and what Frank Hester had said. You can see for yourself here. Lindsay Hoyle was in the chair, the same Speaker who overturned Parliamentary convention to help Keir Starmer by denying the SNP a vote on their own amendment. He claimed he had done so because he was so worried about MPs’ safety.Not one of Abbott’s colleagues, who have been keen to use the attack on her to score points over the Tories, interjected on her behalf in a bid to let her voice be heard. “I don’t know whose interests the Speaker thinks he is serving,” Abbott later tweeted. “But it is not the interests of the Commons or democracy.”

    After the session, Starmer reportedly asked Abbott if there ‘was anything I can do to help’. Twice, she asked him to restore the Labour whip. Twice, he ignored her request. His office said it was a matter for the independent discipline process which has still not ruled despite Abbot having the whip removed almost 12 months ago in April 2023.

Diane Abbott accuses Tories AND Labour of ‘shocking’ racism in donor row [Independent]

  • Writing in the Independent, Diane Abbott said the Tories had ‘long been a source of whipping up racism’ while she had experienced ‘shocking levels’ of racism within Labour.

“We are fuming”: Labour fundraise off Abbott’s abuse [Labour]

  • The Labour Party has wasted no time in trying to fundraise off the back of the abuse Diane Abbott has suffered. They sent out an email, which you can read in full here, calling for financial support from its members to counter the £10m donation from Frank Hester to the Tories, emphasising their campaign’s reliance on smaller contributions from a broad base of supporters. They argue that such a significant donation to the Tories demonstrates a desperate attempt to maintain power, ignoring racism for financial advantage while they themselves use racism for financial advantage. Labour’s appeal also highlights the importance of collective action to envision a better future for Britain under their governance while they leave Abbott isolated.

Nationalists on course in Northern Ireland again [Stats for Lefties]

  • Nationalists parties are on course to remain the majority in Northern Ireland at the next election with the anti-woke Unionist DUP and UUP dropping seven points and one respectively in the polls. Sinn Fein are currently leading the way, up eight, although they will still refuse to take up their seats as MPs in Westminster.

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The Daily Mail

  • Once again, they are angry at inclusive language. Once again, it’s Sex Matters they quote.
    Not everyone who experiences the menopause is a woman... That’s what the NHS said in extraordinary new draft rules Daily Mail14 Mar 2024By Shaun Wooller and Alex Ward NHS chiefs have sparked fury by publishing a workplace policy saying ‘not everyone who experiences menopause is a woman’. Women warned that the ‘outrageous’ document would sow confusion and accused NHS England of promoting an ‘activist agenda’. The policy, which will apply to all NHS employees in England, is intended to create a ‘kind and caring culture’ for women affected by the menopause. It details what help is available to them in the workplace, tells staff how to support colleagues, and outlines the responsibilities of managers. But campaigners have criticised the use of ‘non-sex language’ such as ‘people affected by the menopause’ rather than ‘women’. The 17-page booklet states: ‘It is important to note that not everyone who experiences menopause is a woman. ‘Transgender, non-binary, and intersex colleagues may also experience menopause and will have specific needs.’ Successive health secretaries have told the NHS to stop erasing women from its publications and to use sex-based language on health advice pages, such as those on women-specific cancers. A source close to Health Secretary Victoria Atkins said: ‘She has been crystal clear that biological sex matters and that it’s important that language – including that used by the NHS – recognises the different biological needs of men and women. ‘That is really not an unreasonable expectation.’ NHS England published the ‘ National Menopause People Policy Framework’ on its website yesterday but later removed it, claiming it was issued in error when contacted by the Mail. A spokesman said the document was a draft and the final version would not be published until next month – despite it being labelled ‘March 2024’ and having a ‘publication approval reference’ number on it. The spokesman was unable to say if the ‘final version’ would contain the same claims. Fiona McAnena, director of campaigns at Sex Matters, said: ‘ It’s outrageous to see our National Health Service, which should be a trusted source of information, promoting an activist agenda that has no place in healthcare. ‘Last year, NHS England was given a clear directive from the former health secretary to return to sex- based language in its communication on public health matters. ‘This new guidance is the latest example of the NHS deliberately ignoring this instruction. Healthcare is not about identities.’ The document says bosses will monitor the policy’s effectiveness by counting how many ‘people’ access support for symptoms. Managers are told they should consider a colleague’s performance or attendance could be impacted by the menopause. The guidance gives suggestions on how to help women suffering physical symptoms, such as allowing them to change their uniform or switching to a desk near a window. An NHS England spokesperson said: ‘This draft guidance was briefly published in error – the NHS is working on an updated policy for staff on menopause, which will reflect clinical guidance and the law.’ Article Name:Not everyone who experiences the menopause is a woman... Publication:Daily Mail Author:By Shaun Wooller and Alex Ward Start Page:9 End Page:9

The Daily Telegraph

“J K Rowling has heroically stood up for women. The Government must find the courage to reform the law” Writes Suella Braverman [Telegraph]

  • What do you even say about this ridiculousness at this point? In a piece loaded with GC speak, strawmen and lies, Suella Braverman calls for reforming the Equality Act to ensure clarity between biological sex and gender identity, ‘inspired’ by JK Rowling‘s stance on women’s rights [lol]. Braverman, backing Liz Truss’s Private Member’s Bill [Trans Agenda #7] argues the law should specify that sex means biological sex to eliminate confusion in single-sex spaces and other areas. There is no confusion beyond what they have manufactured. The twice-fired former Home Secretary, who ‘dreams’ of sending vulnerable people to Rwanda, criticises the recording of non-crime hate incidents based on ‘sex realist’ views [the new name Gender Criticals are trying to rebrand under. Yes, like ‘race realists. Yes. Really.] and advocates for clear legal definitions to protect speech and women’s rights [hate speech and harassment]. She calls Rowling the “figurehead of this advocacy for women” in terms of fighting against trans rights before gushing, “She has transcended politics to be a symbol of truth in a world of deception and doublespeak.” Braverman also takes time to misgender India Willoughy, but she says ‘with all respect to India’ beforehand, so that’s all right then.In short, she hits all the Tufton Street notes. Meanwhile, JK Rowling, Braverman’s ‘hero’ and the leader of this ‘movement’, is, well, you can see what heroic things she’s been doing with her time to further women’s rights further down the page…

    The version in the actual paper has a different headline:

    Fix the Equality Act to restore sanity to the trans debate JK Rowling has heroically stood up for women. The Government must find the courage to reform the law The Daily Telegraph14 Mar 2024Follow Suella Braverman on Twitter @Suellabraverman read More at opinion Suella Braverman What is a woman? This has apparently become one of the most complex questions of our time. Not least for Labour politicians. We’ve borne witness to a litany of positions from His Majesty’s Opposition on this intractable problem. There’s the “Starmer Classic” – namely, that a small percentage of women have a penis. We’ve had the “Cooper Dodge”, where Labour frontbenchers squirm to avoid answering at all. And then the official Labour position, a moment we all waited for: “a woman is a woman”. That clears it up. The sad truth is that the debate on transgender rights has become so shrill that reasonable people are terrified of speaking out. For describing the basic facts of life has become a heroic and risky endeavour. To utter such seemingly maddening truths as “a woman cannot be a man” or “boys and girls are different” will invariably lead to accusations of transphobia, far-right extremism, bigotry or worse. But the tide is turning in the UK. And that has been because of brave women who stood up for common sense. It’s the reason why the gender ideology movement has gained less traction in the UK, compared to the US or Canada. It’s why the Government has agreed to ban the use of puberty blockers for children on the NHS. The figurehead of this advocacy for women has been J K Rowling. To judge by the brickbats and abuse that she has received, you’d be forgiven for thinking she’d committed crimes worthy of lengthy spells behind bars. But she has transcended politics to be a symbol of truth in a world of deception and doublespeak. Now she has been accused of “misgendering” – or, to translate, referring to a person by their biological sex. For context, India Willoughby is a trans woman. That means, with all respect to India, he is a man. And JK Rowling dared to address him as such. I was pleased that the police decided no crime was committed in her expression of biological fact, but am concerned that, apparently, they did record it as a non-crime hate incident. If true – and if it contained JK Rowling’s personal data – this decision must be reviewed. Last year, as home secretary, I changed the guidance on non-crime hate incidents to specifically protect the expression of sex realist views. Indeed, the cases of Miller v College of Policing and Forstater v CGD Europe upheld this principle. I made it clear in the guidance that a high threshold was required to warrant the recording of a non-crime hate incident with personal data, the test being whether there is a real risk of significant harm to individuals and/or that there is a real risk a future criminal offence may be committed. But the reason why there is so much confusion on everything, from which pronoun to use to how to support gender-questioning children in schools, is that the law is unclear. And that is why no amount of guidance, whether on non-crime hate incidents or for schools, will fix the problem. It is why we need to change the Equality Act. The root problem is that the meaning of “sex” in the Equality Act is currently contested, especially when read with the Gender Recognition Act. Where someone has changed their sex in the eyes of the law by acquiring a Gender Recognition Certificate, which does not necessarily require surgical alteration, they do not suddenly become entitled to all the rights that come with their acquired sex. But the Equality Act protects both gender reassignment, broadly interpreted, and sex. That’s why when it comes to using single sex spaces, access to sports and the protection of children in schools, there is a level of confusion about where the line is drawn and where a trans woman is, for all intents and purposes, still to be treated as a biological man. That’s why we need to clarify the Equality Act to ensure that sex means biological sex, as proposed by my colleague Liz Truss. Fundamentally, we cannot legislate for what people may “feel”. It cannot be right that those who self-identify as a different gender must always expect the rest of us to change our speech or behaviour to accommodate their feelings. Otherwise, where does it stop? What’s to prevent me declaring myself a different race, age or nationality, simply based on my feelings? The logical endpoint of this debate is a breakdown of truth and justice, and it’s why we must support heroines like JK Rowling in this fight. From more than 100 years ago, Millicent Fawcett’s rallying cry of “courage calls to courage everywhere” applies now more than ever. Too many of us tip-toe around this debate and walk on by. But it is thanks to people like JK Rowling that more of us have found the courage to speak out for women, for safety and for sanity. That is why the Government must show that same courage and support a change in the law. Article Name:Fix the Equality Act to restore sanity to the trans debate Publication:The Daily Telegraph Author:Follow Suella Braverman on Twitter @Suellabraverman read More at opinion Suella Braverman Start Page:14 End Page:14

Mae Martin to host new documentary exploring gender and sexual fluidity in nature [Pink News]

  • Fluid: Life Beyond the Binary will premiere on Canada’s CBC on 28 March 2024.

Partisan publishers: Why Keir Starmer will have an easier election than Neil Kinnock [Press Gazette]

  • The article from Press Gazette analyses the influence of right-wing versus left-wing media in the UK as the next general election approaches. It compares the current media landscape to the 1992 general election, noting a decrease in the influence of right-wing printed press. The piece discusses how Keir Starmer, unlike Neil Kinnock, faces less biased press due to the dominance of neutral broadcasters and websites whereas I would argue it is because Starmer is so far to the right of Kinnock it’s like having Margaret Thatcher back and the majority of the press like that. The rise of online news and the emergence of right-wing broadcasters like GB News are also examined, noting their impact versus traditional ‘neutral’ channels.

Express editor to move to Independent

  • David Maddox, political editor of the right-wing Express is moving to become political editor of the supposedly left-leaning Independent. Just a few weeks ago, Maddox was at CPAC, shaking Donald Trump’s hand.

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  • Sits from 9.30am with DEFRA and Attorney General questions. A business statement will also be delivered by Penny Mordaunt.


  • Convenes at 11am, beginning with Gerald Shamash’s introduction as a Labour peer, followed by oral questions addressing the Red Sea, climate change, and India. The day’s agenda includes debates on safeguarding the union, regulating news, and addressing young people’s housing needs.

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Sports lawyer has a tantrum over trans women [IndyStar]

  • Sports attorney William Bock resigned from his NCAA position, criticising the organisation’s policies on transgender athletes as unfair and akin to “sanctioned cheating.” Bock argues that allowing transgender women to compete in women’s sports violates competitive fairness and women’s rights, a claim that has zero evidence to support it and plenty to refute. He claims that the NCAA’s application of policies is inconsistent and fails to follow scientific guidelines on testosterone suppression. I can only assume he means’ ‘Gender Critical science’ because all the regular science is quite clear on this matter. Most professional cis athletes also support trans inclusion. Most decisions to exclude trans women are made by cis het white men. These are some of those ‘facts’ they claim to like while mostly acting on their feelings.


Death of Nex Benedict ruled suicide by medical examiner [NBC News]

  • The death of Nex Benedict has been ruled a suicide by a medical examiner in Oklahoma. Nex’s death has ignited discussions on the safety of trans students amid rampant anti-LGBTQ legislation and the attack Nex suffered in school the day before. GLAAD have criticised the examiner’s report and are demanding more answers

Fighting transphobia in Malaysia: A human rights imperative [Open Global Rights]

  • In Malaysia, deep-rooted transphobia fuelled by conservative values leads to discrimination and human rights abuses against trans people. Historical acceptance of gender diversity has diminished due to political and religious changes. Advocacy for legal reforms, public awareness, and inclusive education is crucial to combat prejudice and uphold transgender rights in the country.

Forced head shave for trans inmate a human rights violation: Osaka lawyers [The Mainichi]

  • The Osaka Bar Association in Japan has urged the justice ministry to amend prisoner haircut policies following an incident where a trans woman was forced to shave her head in prison. This act, they argue, violates self-determination rights and caused significant psychological distress. The current prison hair guidelines differentiate between male and female inmates, a practice the lawyers argue should be revised for equality and to prevent humiliation.

Percentage of US adults identifying as LGBTQ+ more than doubles since 2012, survey finds [Pink News]

Utah prison discriminated against transgender woman, Department of Justice finds [MSN]

  • The US Department of Justice criticised the Utah Department of Corrections for denying hormone therapy to a transgender inmate, leading her to self-harm. This act violated the Americans with Disabilities Act by imposing barriers against treatment for her gender dysphoria. The DOJ demanded immediate policy changes and training for correctional officers, along with compensation for the inmate, who had to perform self-surgery due to the denial of care. The state’s policy on inmate housing based on biological sex and the restrictions on gender-affirming items were also condemned, highlighting the need for proper medical care and respect for trans rights in correctional facilities.

Arkansas drops gender ‘x’ marker from driver’s licenses [Daily Mail]

  • Arkansas, under Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the former Trump press secretary, has removed the ‘X’ gender option on driver’s licenses, impacting transgender, non-binary, and intersex people. Sanders cites ‘common sense’ and, more honestly, traditional gender views. The decision, which still requires legislative approval, faces criticism for erasing non-binary identities and discriminating against the transgender community. The ACLU argue it denies people documents that reflect their true selves.

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Leaked plans on extremist groups listing [Byline Times]

  • As mentioned below, Gove’s new definition is expected out today but has already been leaked to some degree. The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) was originally expected to be labelled as an extremist group. However, due to fears of legal repercussions and Islamophobia accusations, the MCB was removed from the list. Other prominent Muslim groups are still on the list. The government denies targeting Muslims.Anti-trans MP, Miriam Cates, is concerned gender critical people could get caught up in the new definition. Writing in The Critic, she is right to worry.

US trying to ban TikTok

  • The US House of Representatives has passed a bill, co-authored by Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-Wis.), aiming to curb TikTok’s operations in the United States due to national security concerns. The bill received bipartisan support, passing with a vote of 352-65, although opposition was equally bipartisan with figures such as Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) voting against it. The bill now faces uncertainty in the Senate, with mixed reactions from senators, though Senate Intelligence Committee leaders have expressed their support. Meanwhile, former President Donald Trump criticised the bill but did not actively lobby against it.

Fulton County Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee dismisses six of the 41 charges in former President Donald Trump’s Georgia case

  • The ruling, which stated that the state had failed to make specific enough allegations to support the charges, dealt a significant blow to the prosecution’s efforts but allows room for refiling or appeal. The case revolves around allegations related to the 2020 presidential election results in Georgia. You can read the full ruling here.

Trump seeks VP running mate who is not hard-line on abortion [NBC News]

  • Former President Donald Trump is reportedly prioritising abortion stance as he evaluates potential vice-presidential candidates, recognising it as a crucial issue that could impact Republican prospects. During a gathering at Mar-a-Lago, Trump inquired about guests’ opinions on abortion, specifically questioning the views of potential VP candidates like Senators Tim Scott and JD Vance, highlighting his concern over their positions potentially alienating voters. Trump’s consideration reflects a broader Republican concern about the electoral impacts of hard-line abortion stances, exemplified by recent election results and shifts in public opinion. The abortion debate within the party, especially in light of strict state laws and the Dobbs decision, underscores the strategic adjustments Republicans are contemplating ahead of the next election, with Trump seeking a balance that could satisfy both his base and the wider electorate. Good luck with that.

Former Met officer convicted of misconduct in public office [Metropolitan Police]

  • Former Detective Constable Ishmael Donegan, aged 26, was convicted of misconduct in public office after pleading guilty to four counts at Southwark Crown Court. This followed an investigation by the Met’s Anti-Abuse and Corruption Command, prompted by Donegan’s unauthorised searches on police systems and sharing of confidential information through Snapchat between October 2019 and March 2022. He disclosed information to Nonna Khabazz, whom he met on Snapchat, and conducted over 80 searches for another individual he was communicating with via text. Donegan resigned from the Metropolitan Police in February before his conviction. A related misconduct hearing is forthcoming. Additionally, Khabazz and Blain Brown also faced charges related to the case, with all parties set for sentencing on May 10.

JK Rowling’s descent continues

  • I don’t want to get sued, so I will let her own words do the talking here. On Twitter, she said:
 J.K. Rowling @jk_rowling · 2h I just… how? How did you type this out and press send without thinking ‘I should maybe check my source for this, because it might’ve been a fever dream’? in response to someone talking about the Nazis burning trans books
J.K. Rowling reposted Paul Chato 🇨🇦 @PaulChato · 2h Replying to @jk_rowling Trans activists have this strange pathology of having to insert themselves everywhere much like the Soviets seemingly invented everything. Apparently, TRAs now insist that my uncles and aunts were overwhelmed with trans folk while they waited to be gassed. J.K. Rowling @jk_rowling · 1h Thread on the persistent claims about trans people and the Nazis 👇 Quote Malcolm Clark @TwisterFilm · May 29, 2023 1./ Trans Healthcare and the Nazis. The LGBTQ+ lobby likes to claim trans people were a key target of the Nazis. They weren't. In fact, trans healthcare was pioneered by a champion of eugenics, and a surgeon who designed experiments at Dachau. His victims there were not trans.
 J.K. Rowling @jk_rowling · 5h I heard there was a bit in Revelations about puberty blockers, but Leviticus made them take it out. with screenshot about Nazis burning books about trans people


Extremism definition update

  • Michael Gove is set to update the government’s definition of extremism today, with certain groups expected to be branded as extremists. It is also believed they had to do some serious pretzeling to ensure that Gender Critical groups and far-right Christians didn’t get caught in the net.
  • NHS waiting times released.



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