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[8 April 2024]

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Publications known for taking an anti-trans stance are and will be referenced and linked. Often, these are the most comprehensive sources for these stories because of their obsession with trans people. I give a summary for those stories so you can make the choice if you want to click the link or seek out more information elsewhere.

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The Trans Agenda


Transgender person assaulted in Kidderminster [Kidderminster Shuttle]

  • A trans person was the victim of an assault in Kidderminster, resulting in actual bodily harm (ABH). The case is scheduled to be heard at Worcester Crown Court.


Additional charges filed in Harrow transphobic hate crime case [Met Police News]

  • Two additional individuals have been charged in connection with an alleged transphobic attack in Harrow, bringing the total people charged to six. Shiloh Hindes is charged with attempted murder, and a 16-year-old boy with grievous bodily harm. They, along with four previously charged, appeared at the Old Bailey on 5 April. The 18-year-old victim of the assault has, thankfully, been released from hospital. She was stabbed 14 times.

Trans Safety Network criticises UKCP’s stance on conversion therapy [Trans Safety Network]

  • Trans Safety Network has voiced serious concerns about the UK Council for Psychotherapy’s (UKCP) withdrawal from a memorandum against conversion therapy. They rightly point out that the UKCP’s endorsement of “exploratory therapy” over medical interventions aligns with conversion practices. Citing a Council of Europe issue paper and research by Galop and the Ozanne Foundation, they highlight the significant harm and prevalence of conversion practices, especially among the young. They also point to UKCP chair Christian Buckland‘s perceived anti-trans views. TSN urges the UKCP to reconsider its position and calls for a vote of no confidence in the leadership.

Historic UN resolution supports intersex rights [LGBTQ Nation]

  • In a ground-breaking move, the United Nations has passed its first-ever resolution explicitly supporting the rights of intersex individuals. This resolution marks a significant step towards recognising the unique challenges and discrimination faced by the intersex community.

Teachers’ union opposes new transgender guidance for schools [Daily Mail]

  • Britain’s largest teaching union is campaigning against new, stricter guidelines regarding transgender pupils in schools that would result in the enforced bullying of trans kids.

US anti-abortion group expands influence in UK Parliament [The Guardian]

  • Alliance Defending Freedom, the extreme US-based anti-abortion organisation is increasing its lobbying efforts within the UK’s Parliament, no doubt finding fertile ground amongst the MPs who have been at the front of attacks on trans people. Trans people have been warning for years this is happening.

Independent candidate for Manchester Mayor promises anti-trans nonsense if elected [Nick Buckley]

  • Nick Buckley, a no-mark who is running for Manchester Mayor with no chance of being elected and every chance of losing his deposit, says, “If elected Mayor of Greater Manchester, I will look at if we can arrest and prosecute doctors who have mutilated children on the altar of the Trans lunacy.” Total clown.

New poll shows lesbians support trans people more than trans people support themselves [Stats for Lefties]

  • A YouGov survey has, once again, shown how much the Gender Critical Sex Realist cult lie when they claim to speak for ‘all women’. The poll shows that lesbians are even more supportive of trans people than trans people are of themselves.

Calls for JK Rowling to become Oxford chancellor [Oxford Mail]

  • A campaign by Toby Young of the Free Speech Union is urging JK Rowling to be considered as the next Chancellor of Oxford University. Young hopes that she will be rejected because of her views on trans people so he can take legal action. “My friends and I are thinking of nominating JK Rowling on the assumption that she will fail the ‘equality and diversity’ test because of her insistence on ‘misgendering’ trans women,” Young said. “We can then bring a legal case against Oxford for discrimination.”

KJK holds another anti-trans rally

  • Kellie-Jay Keen held another one of her #LetWomenSpeak rallies, this time in Edinburgh. Despite people traveling from England, and KJK flying someone from Australia, they were still outnumbered by counter-protestors, with a report of around 100 attendees, representing 3,000 Twitter accounts. Every speaker parroted the Gender Critical Sex Realist cult’s lines about trans people at this so-called ‘feminist’ rally run by a woman who self-IDs as ‘not a feminist’. Every trans slur you can imagine drooled from their mouths while trans people and their allies did a conga.

New LGBTQ+ inclusive bar opens [The Pink News]

  • A new LGBTQ+ friendly bar has opened its doors in Glasgow, offering a safe and welcoming space for the community.

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Keep an eye out for…

  • Doctor Hilary Cass’s review into NHS gender identity services will be published on Wednesday and it is expected to cause even more problems for trans people. I will have some initial reaction in Thursday’ Trans Agenda and you should keep an eye out on for more detailed write ups.


‘Gametal lines’ – New GC phrase drops [Kathleen Stock]

  • Writing in The Sunday Times, Professor Kathleen Stock once again showed her arse to the world as she pretends to be an intellectual.

Within the article above, Stock does her best to disavow anyone of the notion that she has read much feminist theory or, if she has, that she has any understanding of it. Even if you haven’t studied it much, it is clear Stock is no feminist.

She also drops the following load of dangerous nonsense, pushing narratives about birth rates while making up new phrases to add to her bigoticionary (I can make up stupid things too): “Across the world, Gen Z is fracturing along gametal lines like no generation before it, with females tending to be more progressive and males espousing more conservative positions. In fact, this trend has been noticed by analysts for decades, but it has gained urgency recently in combination with concern about declining birth rates. After all, if many young women are insisting they will never kiss a Tory, while more and more young men are becoming Tories, then in terms of future population figures we may be in more trouble than was first thought.”

As one of the handful of anti-feminist ‘feminists’ lauded by so many misogynistic men and far-right figures, Stock is the poster child for stupid people who convince other stupid people that they are smart.

‘Gametal lines’…wild.

The Beastie Boys supports trans woman [LGBTQ Nation]

  • The Beastie Boys legacy of generosity continues as their will funded gender-affirming surgery for a trans woman.

Social Mania! Tufton Street issues new attack line

  • After not getting the reaction they’d like from calling trans people a ‘social contagion’, a new phrase has started to leak out of the mouths and organs linked to 55 Tufton Street – ‘social mania’. In the last few days, The Telegraph [Trans Agenda #21] and a guest on GB News have parroted the line, ‘transgenderism is a social mania’, along with the equally whacky ‘climate change is a social mania’.

Right-wing pressure campaign against Disney fails [LGBTQ Nation]

  • Right-wing efforts to pressure Disney into adopting an anti-transgender policy have been unsuccessful.

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  • As you will see from the papers below, covering Friday until today, Monday, they are all still obsessed with Scotland’s Hate Crime law. And they’re all still mostly wrong about it, too. Trans kids also feature prominently, including on the Sunday Times and Monday Telegraph front pages, because who doesn’t love reading about terrorising kids over breakfast? For what is, I think, at least the fourth week in a row, Sonia Sodha has not written her usual anti-trans column for The Observer and I think it might be time to send someone to check if she’s ok.

The Times

  • Friday 5 April


  • Saturday 6 April
  • Sunday 7 April
  • Monday 8 April
    • There are no articles about trans people in Monday’s edition of The Times

Daily Mail

  • Friday 5 April
  • Saturday 6 April
    • No articles on trans people in their Saturday edition
  • Sunday 7 April
  • Monday 8 April

Daily Telegraph

  • Friday 5 April
  • Saturday 6 April
    • Saturday’s Telegraph was not available on Pressreader this week.
  • Sunday 7 April
  • Monday 8 April


  • Parliament is in recess until April 15.

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Murder of Latina trans woman [them]

  • The murder of Meraxes Medina, a 24-year-old Latina transgender woman in Los Angeles, tragically shines a brief spotlight on the ignored violence faced by trans women of colour. Calls have once again been made for efforts to address the epidemic of violence against the transgender community but few are hopeful anyone is listening.

Beloved trans activist’s overdose death leads to charges [LGBTQ Nation]

  • Two men have been charged with supplying fentanyl-laced heroin that resulted in the tragic death of prominent transgender rights activist Cecilia Gentili in February.

South Carolina coach expresses support for transgender athletes [Daily Mail]

  • Dawn Staley, head coach of South Carolina’s women’s basketball team, voices her support for the trans athletes in sports when asked by a right-wing journalist who uses what he calls a ‘great moment for women’s sports’ to distract from women’s sports by banging his bigot drum. You can see the reply in this video which should start at the correct part (19.30).

Wrestler Gabbi Tuft discusses journey and support [Daily Mail]

  • Former WWE wrestler Gabbi Tuft, who came out as transgender, shares her experiences and discusses the support she’s received from fans and within the wrestling industry.

Right-wing airport bathroom outrage attempt backfires [LGBTQ Nation]

  • Morgonn McMichael of the far-right, anti-LGBTQ+ organisation Turning Point USA attempted to stir up controversy by filming a video about airport bathrooms but received widespread backlash and ridicule. The video’s failure highlights how out-of-touch anti-transgender arguments resonate poorly with the general public.

Book banning efforts in US libraries target LGBTQ+ themes [ HuffPost UK]

  • HuffPost UK reports on the concerning trend of censoring books with LGBTQ+ themes in US libraries, which threaten intellectual freedom.

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Rise in violence and self-harm among incarcerated women [The Independent]

  • A report highlights a concerning increase in incidents of violence and self-harm amongst women in UK prisons. This troubling trend underscores the urgent need for reform and improved support systems within the prison system.

Ireland – Leo Varadkar will be replaced as Taoiseach by Simon Harris today

Neo-Nazi arrested for child abuse [LGBTQ Nation]

  • A neo-Nazi known for protesting drag queens and spreading ‘grooming’ rhetoric has been arrested on charges of abusing his infant son. This once again highlights the hypocrisy and dangers associated with figures who promote hate under the guise of child protection.


  • J.K. Rowling’s transphobic tweets: why they hurt [The Herald Scotland]
    • An opinion piece in Herald Scotland discusses the negative impact of JK Rowling‘s tweets on the trans community, describing them as gratuitously cruel and contributing to misunderstandings about trans people.



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