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[28 March 2024]

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The Trans Agenda TL;DR


  • Anti-trans teacher sacked has discrimination case dismissed.
  • Holyrood quits Stonewall Diversity Champions programme.
  • 0.139% of civil servants are members of anti-trans SEEN network in Parliament.
  • NHS satisfaction at all time low – but that’s the tip of the iceberg if you’re trans.
  • Ex-Levi’s president launches anti-trans sports clothing brand XX-XY Athletics.
  • INC RANSOM claims ransomware attack on NHS Scotland.
  • HMP Bedford security lapses spark prison investigation.


  • Independent appoints Trump-supporting Express man as Political Editor.
  • Police spying case of major concern to all journalists.
  • When is a journalist not a journalist?


  • The Guardian
    • Trans judge seeks leave to take part in case over definition of ‘woman’.
  • Daily Mail
    • Penny tells the Blob to ditch woke language.
    • Fury as girls’ football club beaten by team with five trans players.
  • Daily Telegraph
    • NHS workers asked if they are ‘endosex’ or ‘abrosexual’.
  • Daily Express
    • Labour Party ‘captured by woke radicals’ says Tory Minister for Common Sense.
  • Private Eye
    • Grizelda cartoon.
    • Uninformed medical opinion on puberty blocker ban.


  • Parliament is in recess until April 15.


  • Nex Benedict autopsy released.
  • In Azerbaijan authorities remain silent over the murder of a trans woman.
  • Anti-LGBTQ+ Christians stop traffic & destroy rainbow crosswalk.
  • Thailand moves to legalise same-sex marriage.
  • Putin launches crackdown on LGBT ‘terrorists’.
  • Roller derby league take legal action against anti-trans order and tells trans women: ‘We want you’.
  • GOP candidate for governor called teachers “demons” for teaching about “filthy” LGBTQ+ people.


  • Ireland to intervene in South Africa genocide case against Israel.
  • London Mayoral nominations finalised.
  • US Supreme Court Justices were sceptical of abortion pills arguments. Anti-abortion groups have backup plans.
  • Rubiales could get jail term for non-consensual World Cup ‘kiss’.


  • The latest quarterly court stats.


  • No, ‘cis’ is not a slur.
  • From Matthew Shepard to Nex Benedict, a history of anti-LGBTQ+ violence.

The Trans Agenda



Anti-trans teacher sacked has case dismissed [Kevin Lister]

  • Kevin Lister, a 60-year-old teacher, was dismissed from New College Swindon for gross misconduct after, amongst other things, refusing to use a trans student’s chosen name and pronouns while claiming ‘transgenderism’ is a ‘cult’ [Trans Agenda #15], and being trans akin to being a suicide bomber. Defending himself, Lister was suing his former employer for discrimination on the basis of religion or belief.Proving the age-old rule that ‘whoever represents themselves has a fool for a client,’ Lister’s case has been dismissed. Taking to Twitter, he tweeted, “Very bad news for the teaching profession and the thousands of families that have been destroyed by this ideology in schools. I lost.”
    Kevin Lister tribunal verdict showing the case was dismissed. The reasons are cut off

    He continued, “I represented myself because I had to, not because I wanted to. The NEU [National Education Union] withdrew their support. My insurance company would not pay. And I didn’t want to draw down on anyone else. I do not know what to say to all the teachers who are horrified about having to support this terrible ideology, and have left the profession over it, nor to the families that have been torn apart by it.”

    In his closing submissions, Lister drew on references to Dr Menegele’s experiments and cited the 10–point Nuremberg Code on human experimentation because, he alleged, “the College is an active and willing participant in the medical experiment.”

    It’s clear that Lister, like most others who adhere to the Gender Critical Sex Realist cult handbook, believe that Maya Forstater’s tribunal ruling meant he could act on his GC beliefs with impunity. Forstater’s ruling was very clear that having the right to believe whatever batshit nonsense you want does not give you licence to act on those beliefs. Perhaps one day they might actually read the ruling in full. Similarly, there are not ‘thousands’ of families being destroyed by trans kids. It is not trans people who are enslaved by ideology. That’s just another lie they all like to parrot from their GC Starter Packs.

    As a result, Lister was also referred to the Local Authority Designated Officer (‘LADO’) and, subsequently, the Disclosure and Barring Service (‘DBS’). He has since been barred from participating in regulated activities with children.

    The full judgement can be found here.

    Another GC believer currently demonstrating their misunderstanding of the Forstater ruling can be found in Trans Agenda #18, under ‘MSP threatens legal action after police log tweet as ‘hate incident’’.

Holyrood quits Stonewall Diversity Champions programme [Holyrood]

  • After it was announced that rainbow lanyards and badges would be banned at the Scottish Parliament [Trans Agenda #15], they have now become the latest to bow to Gender Critical Sex Realist demands to withdraw from the Stonewall diversity programme. The cult have been targeting Stonewall for years now and it would seem that they have someone in a position of power within the Scottish parliament, given recent decisions.

700+ civil servants members of anti-trans SEEN network at Parliament [The Times]

  • SEEN, the ‘Sex Equality and Equity Network’, has been spreading its bigoted wings with branches in Parliament, the police and journalism. According to an article in The Times, there are over 700 members across 50 departments in the civil service who claim membership of this unofficial organisation. As of December 2023, there were 502,710 full-time civil servants. 700, therefore, represents 0.139%.FOIs to various police departments have shown that SEEN Police are not currently recognised within the force [Trans Agenda #4].

NHS satisfaction at all time low – but that’s the tip of the iceberg if you’re trans [Pink News]

  • Public satisfaction with the NHS is at its lowest, with just 24% content, a stark drop from 70% in 2010. Long waiting times, staffing issues, and funding shortages are key concerns. For trans individuals, these problems are exacerbated, particularly in accessing gender-affirming care, with 86% reporting negative mental health impacts due to extensive waiting times. Recent legal challenges and policy changes further restrict care for trans youth with things only set to get worse until the Tories are finally voted out. Will it get any better under Labour? That seems unlikely, but the attack on trans rights and healthcare will certainly slow down, at least.

Penny tells the Blob to ditch woke language [Daily Mail]

  • Penny Mordaunt, Commons leader, has instructed Whitehall to avoid “woke” language, advocating for terms like “mother” and “father” over gender-neutral alternatives. This guidance particularly targets contexts related to sex-specific situations such as pregnancy. Mordaunt’s stance marks a further departure from her previously perceived progressive views, amid speculation of a leadership bid. For more, see PAPERS section below.

Ex-Levi’s president launches anti-trans sports clothing brand XX-XY Athletics [LGBTQ Nation]

  • Jennifer Sey, former Levi‘s president, has launched XX-XY Athletics, an anti-trans sports clothing brand, aiming to “protect women’s sports” by highlighting biological differences. The brand has named anti-trans grifters like college swimmers Riley Gaines, Paula Scanlan, and Chloe Cole as ambassadors, promoting gender-critical views under the guise of fairness in sports. It is not clear if any of the people involved have had their own chromosomes checked or if they are self-IDing as XX/XY.

INC RANSOM claims ransomware attack on NHS Scotland [Cyber Daily]

  • The INC RANSOM group has targeted NHS Scotland, threatening to leak three terabytes of confidential data. Stolen information includes biochemistry, genetic, and psychological reports, alongside detailed patient communications and personal details. Initially disclosed documents suggest significant patient and staff data breaches, predominantly from the NHS Dumfries and Galloway region.

HMP Bedford security lapses spark prison investigation [The Times]

  • A Times undercover investigation at HMP Bedford, a category B prison, revealed severe security lapses, allowing staff and new recruits without proper vetting to interact with prisoners unsearched. The prison faces issues like drug use, violence, and vermin infestations, reflecting wider systemic problems in UK jails. Despite being under urgent notification for improvement, the prison struggles with staffing shortages and overcrowding, exacerbated by government measures. Meanwhile, the likes of The Times, despite breaking this story, will continue to campaign against trans women in women’s prisons as the main danger facing prisoners.

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Keep an eye out for

  • Growing outrage about trans weightlifter, Vicki Piper, in Nevada, America who won her first tournament. The cult are not happy.
  • Claims Planet Fitness have lost $400m since supporting a trans customer. They haven’t.


Independent website appoints Trump-supporting Express man as Political Editor [Private Eye]

  • Known as a left-leaning outlet, the Independent has been moving slowly right over recent years and so it’s no surprise to see them aim to continue that move by appointing David Maddox, formerly of the right-wing shit-sheet, the Daily Express. There are no doubts where Maddox’s allegiances lie. He’s a full-on Tory supporter and a massive Donald Trump fan, having recently attended CPAC and produced an article “from the inner sanctum of the Heritage Foundation.” He also seems on board with Liz Truss. At least he seems to have removed the photo of him interviewing Trump, which served as his Twitter banner. Perhaps he’s a changed man, after all 🙄.The current editor of the Independent is former Daily Mail editor, Geordie Greig, who had managed to detoxify the Mail slightly before being ousted by Paul Dacre’s return. None of it points to a lefty news outlet, does it?

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Police spying case of major concern to all journalists [The Detail]

  • This article by Denzil McDaniel discusses serious concerns over police spying on journalists Trevor Birney and Barry McCaffrey, implicating British police forces in a breach of press freedom. The piece reflects on the erosion of journalistic integrity and public trust, intensified by political biases and government surveillance. The recent spying case highlights systemic issues within media and governance, the role of independent journalism in democracy and the worrisome trends of unaccountability and secrecy.

When is a journalist not a journalist? [Politico Playbook]

  • Journalists took part in a 5 kilometre run and walk in support of Evan Gershkovich, the Wall Street Journal reporter imprisoned in Russia. They still refuse to speak out about the 140+ journalists killed in Gaza.


The Times

  • There are no articles about trans people in Thursday’s Times

The Guardian

  • Trans judge seeks leave to take part in case over definition of ‘woman’

    Victoria McCloud, the UK’s first transgender judge, seeks to intervene in a supreme court case challenging Scottish legislation on the definition of “woman”. Concerned about the impact on legal protections for transgender women, McCloud is backed by the Good Law Project. She fears losing recognition and rights if the appeal succeeds. JK Rowling has publicly donated £70,000 to support the case being brought by anti-trans group For Women Scotland.

Daily Mail

  • Penny tells the Blob to ditch woke language
Penny tells the Blob to ditch woke language Daily Mail28 Mar 2024By Jason Groves Political Editor COMMONS leader Penny Mordaunt has told Whitehall chiefs to stop using woke language in official documents. In a letter to permanent secretaries, she said official bodies should avoid ‘gender neutral language’ in contexts where traditional words such as mother and father would be more accurate. This follows similar guidance on the drafting of legislation in areas that are ‘concerned only or mainly with people of one sex’, such as pregnancy, childbirth or breastfeeding. Ms Mordaunt says the ‘huge progress’ made on gender equality means it is right to avoid using language that assumes only a man or a woman could perform a particular role. But she adds: ‘There are a great many contexts in which a person’s biological sex is highly relevant and, in these circumstances, gender neutral language should be avoided.’ The official guidance says that in the context of pregnancy or women’s health, departments should avoid replacing ‘woman’ with ‘person’. Ms Mordaunt’s intervention follows growing complaints from Tory MPs about ‘pernicious political correctness’ in public life. Her comments will raise eyebrows at Westminster, where she has previously been known for having woke views, triggering fresh speculation she is preparing for a potential future leadership bid. ‘Say woman, not pregnant person’ Article Name:Penny tells the Blob to ditch woke language Publication:Daily Mail Author:By Jason Groves Political Editor Start Page:8 End Page:8
  • Fury as girls’ football club beaten by team with FIVE trans players [this is also in The Scottish Daily Mail]
Fury as girls’ football club beaten by team with FIVE trans players Daily Mail28 Mar 2024Mail Foreign Service ANGRY parents pulled their daughters out of a female football tournament when they were thrashed by a team with five trans players. Flying Bats FC won every game they played during the four-week Beryl Ackroyd Cup in Sydney, Australia. There were huge margins in some matches, with one trans player scoring six goals in a 10-0 thrashing, and they won the final 4-0 to win a $1,000 (£515) prize. Some parents refused to let their daughters play against Flying Bats, citing safety fears and complaining they were unaware they would be playing against biological males. Meanwhile, some club officials have demanded the Bats be switched to a mixed contest. One told the Daily Telegraph in Sydney: ‘It was so disheartening to see the huge difference in ability.’ A spokesman for Football New South Wales said it aligned with the Australian Human Rights Commission’s ‘guidelines for the inclusion of transgender and gender diverse people in sport’. Article Name:Fury as girls’ football club beaten by team with FIVE trans players Publication:Daily Mail Author:Mail Foreign Service Start Page:27 End Page:27

Daily Telegraph

  • NHS workers asked if they are ‘endosex’ or ‘abrosexual’
NHS workers asked if they are ‘endosex’ or ‘abrosexual’ LGBTQIA network members given sexuality survey that was never signed off by bosses The Daily Telegraph28 Mar 2024By Michael Searles Health Correspondent ‘You would hope for something more rooted in biological reality from NHS England’ NHS WORKERS have been asked if they identify as “greyromantic”, “abrosexual” and “endosex” in an LGBTQIA network survey. Members were asked their “current sex” and what “umbrella would your romantic orientation fall under” among other characteristics. The network said it would “contribute towards actions and strategy, not just for the network but for the organisation”. It is understood the leaked survey was never signed off by NHS bosses. Prof Alice Sullivan, professor of sociology at University College London, said it was “the ne plus ultra of bad survey questions”. Kathleen Stock, the writer and co-director at the Lesbian Project who unearthed the questionnaire, said it was a “bats---- survey”. One question asked respondents what their “current sex” is, with multiple choice answers including “in between male and female”, “both male and female” or “leaning” toward male or female. Another asks members “what umbrella your romantic orientation falls under”, with a list of possible answers: abroromantic, aromantic, alloromantic, greyromantic, demiromantic, queer and questioning. The survey explains that “greyromantic” or “greysexual” means “rarely or only under certain conditions do they experience romantic/sexual attraction”, while “demi” means it only occurs when “an emotional bond” is formed. “Abro” means attraction “changes over time”. Someone who is queer can be wanting to reject specific labels of romantic orientation, whereas questioning is someone who is questioning how they identify romantically. Other questions asked for people to share their pronouns, including the options “fae/faer/faers” and “xe/xer/ xears”, as well as “are you endosex or intersex”. The pronouns are classed as “neopronouns”, it is understood, which are an alternative to “they/them”. An endosex person is someone whose sexual characteristics fit the medical definitions of male and female, whereas an intersex person is born with both male and female biological traits. Kate Barker, chief executive of LGB Alliance said the survey was “infantile, meaningless, and insulting to gay and lesbian people”. She said: “Sex and sexuality are protected characteristics - these made-up identities and non-existent sexualities are not. They are a poor substitute for what we used to call ‘personalities’.” “Grouping LGB people – who may well experience genuine discrimination – with self-declared ‘male-leaning’ or ‘greysexual’ people makes a mockery of our sexuality. This kind of nonsense is a perfect example of why LGB people want to organise on the basis of sexuality, not identity.” Milli Hill, the author, said the survey “conflates the meaning of sex and gender, which is typical for any organisation in thrall to gender ideology”. “There are only two sexes, so it is nonsensical to suggest you can be ‘between’ the two, be ‘neither’, or be ‘leaning’ towards one or the other,” she said. “If the survey is to ‘contribute towards actions and strategy’, then the respondents’ sex is clearly relevant,” she added. “You would hope for something less ideologically captured and more rooted in biological reality from a public health body such as NHS England.” It follows criticism of the NHS earlier this month after it published new menopause guidance that said “not everyone who experiences menopause is a woman”. NHS England published a 17-page draft of a booklet online, which was titled the “national menopause people policy framework”. It was swiftly withdrawn, amid an outcry over the language it used, with sources close to Victoria Atkins, the Health Secretary, telling The Telegraph the matter would be raised with the NHS. The document, which detailed what help is available to women in the workplace, said: “Transgender, non-binary, and intersex colleagues may also experience menopause and will have specific needs.” The draft document was deleted with NHS officials claiming it was published in error ahead of a final version being published online next month. Ms Atkins recently expressed frustration with attempts by the NHS to erase women from their language, criticising the use of terms like “chestfeeding” and “birthing person”. Regarding the questionnaire issued by NHS England’s LGBTQIA Network, an NHS England spokesman told The Telegraph, it was “not an NHS England approved survey.” Article Name:NHS workers asked if they are ‘endosex’ or ‘abrosexual’ Publication:The Daily Telegraph Author:By Michael Searles Health Correspondent Start Page:9 End Page:9

Daily Express

  • Party ‘captured by woke radicals’
Party ‘captured by woke radicals’ Daily Express28 Mar 2024By Sam Lister THE Labour Party is in the grip of “woke extremists” who do not know what a woman is, common sense minister Esther McVey has warned. She said she was inundated with messages from voters frustrated with politically correct “claptrap”. Ms McVey spoke after Irish voters overwhelmingly rejected plans to change the wording of the constitution on the definition of families and the role of women in the home. Her remarks also follow Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer refusing to define a woman amid the transgender issue controversy. Ms McVey said: “The Labour Party seems to have been completely captured by the woke extremists. Recognising physical differences between the sexes is a scientific fact. “Championing women and the family too should not be causing such hostility and opprobrium. Mercifully we are still a nation with common sense and have some brave souls prepared to speak out.” Article Name:Party ‘captured by woke radicals’ Publication:Daily Express Author:By Sam Lister Start Page:8 End Page:8

Private Eye

  • GC cartoonist, Grizelda, features with a subtle but obvious dig, once you remember that Grizelda also designed Sex Matters’ Christmas cards. In her usual drawing style, she has someone signing up for a new job being passed a contract as the new employers say “These are our terms and conditions and things you must believe.” Hilarious, huh?
Grizelda cartoon from Private Eye as detailed in text above image
Sex Matters Christmas card with a Grizelda drawing of the Nativity and the caption “What gender are you assigning the baby at birth?”. Helen Joyce and Maya Forstater sit in the background
Sex Matters Christmas card drawn by Grizelda
  • MD, their resident doctor, has his say on the banning of puberty blockers and it’s as ill-informed as you’d expect from cis people who work for a publication that doesn’t much like, or care to understand, trans people and our healthcare, as MD even notes in this piece.
Piece on puberty blockers in Private EYe my MD that shows a deep lack of knowledge and understanding on the issue as well as numerous assumptions without evidence and anecdotal evidence offered up as proof


  • Parliament is in recess until April 15

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Nex Benedict autopsy released [Advocate]

  • It’s your choice if you wish to read about it or not.

In Azerbaijan authorities remain silent over the murder of a trans woman [Global Voices]

  • In Azerbaijan, the LGBTQI+ community mourns yet another trans woman, Aytan, found murdered on the outskirts of Baku on March 12. Despite calls for justice and increased visibility from activists and Minority Azerbaijan, an LGBTQI+ rights group, authorities and local media remain silent. Two suspects have been arrested, but broader issues of media silence, lack of legal protections, and systemic discrimination against the LGBTQI+ community persist. Azerbaijan continues to rank lowest on ILGA Europe’s Rainbow Index.

Anti-LGBTQ+ Christians stop traffic & destroy rainbow crosswalk [LGBTQ Nation]

  • In New Zealand, anti-LGBTQ+ Christians, led by Destiny Church‘s Pastor Brian Tamaki, vandalised a rainbow crosswalk in Gisborne to protest a drag event. Despite threats, the city refused to cancel the event, leading to the group stopping traffic and painting the crosswalk white. Several members were arrested, and the crosswalk was quickly restored.

Thailand moves to legalise same-sex marriage [BBC]

  • Thailand is moving towards legalising same-sex marriage, a significant move in South East Asia, highlighting its progressive stance on LGBTQ+ rights. The bill, awaiting Senate and royal approval, aims for equality in marital rights, including tax benefits, inheritance, medical consent, and child adoption. Despite challenges, the bill enjoys broad public support and represents a crucial step towards marriage equality, enhancing Thailand’s reputation as an LGBTQ+ friendly destination.

Putin launches crackdown on LGBT people he deems ‘terrorists’ [The Times]

  • Russian President Vladimir Putin has intensified the crackdown on the LGBT community, categorising them as ‘terrorists’. Police raided a nightclub in Orenburg, arresting two people, as part of a broader move to find an ‘enemy within’. Critics argue this strategy aims to divert attention from Russia’s internal issues and consolidate Putin’s power.

Roller derby league take legal action against anti-trans order and tell trans women: ‘We want you’ [Pink News]

  • The Long Island Roller Rebels, a roller derby league, are challenging Nassau County‘s anti-trans order which bars trans women from county-run sports facilities. Supported by the New York Civil Liberties Union, they argue the mandate is discriminatory and harmful, which it is.

GOP candidate for governor called teachers “demons” for teaching about “filthy” LGBTQ+ people [LGBTQ Nation]

  • Mark Robinson, the GOP candidate for North Carolina governor and current lieutenant governor, has called LGBTQ+ people “filthy” and likened being trans to “insanity.” In a 2021 speech, he criticised teachers discussing LGBTQ+ topics with students as “demons” and accused them of pushing a negative narrative on children. His ‘controversial’ remarks extend beyond LGBTQ+ issues, including praising Donald Trump, dismissing racism as a concern in America, and denouncing socialism. Robinson, endorsed by Trump as “Martin Luther King on steroids,” has a history of statements in this vein, including comparing LGBTQ+ people to cow dung and claiming the superiority of straight people, as he is obviously demonstrating so well. Despite backlash and calls for his resignation, Robinson has continued his anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric, creating a task force to remove LGBTQ+ literature from schools and labelling the trans equality movement as “demonic.” He has also referred to the fact that millions of Jewish people were massacred in the Holocaust as “hogwash”, although this should not be a surprise. Anti-semitism lies at the heart of most conspiracy theories, as Helen Joyce likes to remind us when it comes to her imaginary fears over trans people.

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Ireland to intervene in South Africa genocide case against Israel [Reuters]

  • Ireland has announced its intention to intervene in South Africa‘s genocide case against Israel at the World Court. Foreign Minister Micheal Martin emphasised the mass-scale violation of international humanitarian law by the actions of Israel in Gaza, highlighting the severe impact on civilians and the urgent need for cessation. The intervention, following thorough legal and policy analysis, aims to provide Ireland’s interpretation of the Genocide Convention’s provisions. This move finally lines up with Ireland’s historical support for Palestinian rights and its recent steps, alongside Spain, Malta, and Slovenia, towards recognising Palestinian statehood.

London Mayoral nominations finalised

  • The deadline to nominate a candidate for the London Mayoral election, that will take place on May 2 alongside the local elections, has now passed. Nominated candidates will be announced this afternoon with Laurence Fox claiming he didn’t get his finalised papers submitted in time after his first submission was found to have ‘errors’.

US Supreme Court Justices were sceptical of abortion pills arguments. Anti-abortion groups have backup plans [Politico]

  • Despite scepticism from Supreme Court justices [Trans Agenda #18], anti-abortion groups are exploring alternative strategies to restrict access to abortion pills. Their approaches include state legislation, executive orders, and legal actions targeting pharmacies and utilising environmental laws. Activists aim to diminish access to mifepristone nationally, despite the pill’s increasing use post-Roe. The movement’s success hinges partly on political shifts, including potential GOP gains and a possible second Trump presidency, which would intensify efforts against medication abortion and influence nationwide legal standards.

Rubiales could get jail term [The Times]

  • Spain’s prosecutor wants the country’s former football federation president, Luis Rubiales, to be jailed for 2½ years for kissing the Women’s World Cup winner Jenni Hermoso without her consent.


  • 9.30am – Latest quarterly court stats are out. You can view those here.
  • 11.30am – Lee Anderson will unveil the Reform U.K. candidate for the Blackpool South by-election that was triggered after Scott Benton’s resignation [Trans Agenda #17]. It is expected to be charity worker, Mark Butcher.
  • London Mayoral nominations to be announced this afternoon.




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