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[15 March 2024]

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Publications known for taking an anti-trans stance are and will be referenced and linked. Often, these are the most comprehensive sources for these stories because of their obsession with trans people. I give a summary for those stories so you can make the choice if you want to click the link or seek out more information elsewhere.


  • Washington transgender woman murdered, body found in Mexico.
  • Council of Europe release report on disparity between legal recognition and reality of discrimination and violence faced by trans people.
  • Trans ‘activists’ and Gender Critical ‘campaigners’ are excluded from the new definition of ‘extremism’.
  • Transgender scientists highlight academia challenges, seek support.
  • Liz Truss’s anti-trans Private Member’s Bill is up for its second reading.
  • MPs award themselves another payrise.
  • Rishi Sunak rules out 2 May election.
  • Government place another Tory on the BBC Board.
  • UK media ignore JK Rowling.
  • LGBT has got a T in there for a reason – trans people started our movement.
  • ITV’s political editor Robert Peston was spotted having lunch with Liz Truss.
  • Liz Truss accepted £20k trip to US right-wing event attended by Jordan Peterson.
  • Joe Biden tweets statement on Nex Benedict.
  • Paper review.
  • Jobs and opportunities.
  • plus more…


Human rights of trans people: increased visibility and legal recognition contrast with lived experience of discrimination, violence [Commissioner for Human Rights]

  • A report, titled “Human Rights and Gender Identity and Expression”, by the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights, highlights advancements in the recognition and protection of the rights of transgender people in Europe but leaves no doubt when it comes to how bad the situation is.

    It revisits and updates a landmark 2009 Issue Paper, reflecting changes over the past 15 years in the legal, social, and human rights landscapes.

    Despite advances, it acknowledges trans people continue to face high levels of discrimination, violence, and insecurity and it is not shy about pointing these out. Legal protection and recognition remain uneven across Europe, with some countries showing signs of regression. This is occurring in a broader context where marginalised groups are increasingly weaponised for political gain, and anti-gender movements are gaining traction, undermining the rights of everyone, particularly trans people. The report calls countries out.

    The report also offers recommendations, most of which boil down to ‘stop being dicks to trans people and let them live their lives without your involvement’. The Gender Critical Sex Realists will not like one single word of it.

    It is a comprehensive report covering Equality and non-discrimination, Gender identity and gender expression conversion practices, Legal gender recognition, Violence, hate crimes and hate speech, Detention, Family life, Education, Sport, Employment, Poverty and housing, Healthcare, Sanitation, Asylum as well as Gender identity and broader opposition to human rights.

    You can read the full report here.

Trans ‘activists’ and Gender Critical ‘campaigners’ are excluded from the new definition of ‘extremism’

  • Michael Gove had to carve out a hole in his new extremism definition to make sure that people who hold extremist views, like gender critical sex realists, didn’t get caught up in it. While the people calling for the removal of rights from trans people are still called ‘campaigners’ trans people are referred to as ‘activists’ just for existing.

    Gove told the House of Commons on Thursday, “Our definition will not affect gender-critical campaigners, those with conservative religious beliefs, trans activists, environmental protest groups, or those exercising their proper right to free speech. The government is taking every possible precaution to strike a balance in drawing up the new definition between protecting fundamental rights and safeguarding citizens.”

    This is clearly a lie, as protecting the rights in this regard of gender critical sex realists clearly impacts the fundamental rights of trans people to live equally and without harassment. I’m not sure how you can read the criteria below and not know in your brain, gut and heart that they fit 1 and 3.

    Here is what the government said, “Extremism is the promotion or advancement of an ideology based on violence, hatred or intolerance, that aims to:

    1. negate or destroy the fundamental rights and freedoms of others; or
    2. undermine, overturn or replace the UK’s system of liberal parliamentary democracy and democratic rights; or
    3. intentionally create a permissive environment for others to achieve the results in (1) or (2).”

    Anti-trans activist MP Miriam Cates has already expressed her concerns that her pals ‘could’ fall under the definition, but Gove reassured her that there was nothing in this plan that would lead to the silencing of individuals.

    Labour offered no opposition of substance. Conservative peer Sayeeda Warsi called the new definition ‘authoritarian’.

Trans scientists highlight academia challenges, seek support [Cell]

  • In a landmark commentary in Cell, 24 trans scientists and their family members address the challenges faced by trans people in STEMM fields. They discuss the historical roots of trans marginalisation and its impact on careers in science and medicine, advocating for support for trans colleagues. Highlighting the importance of community and resistance against anti-trans legislation, the authors argue for more inclusive environments that respect all forms of gender expression. They suggest practical steps for cisgender individuals and institutions to foster inclusivity and equity, emphasising the collective benefit of these actions for the entire scientific community.

New Frank Hester donation waiting to be declared [Politico Playbook PM]

  • To make matters worse, Frank Hester has handed another £5 million to the Tories, a donation which is waiting to be declared in the next donations update. For more on Frank Hester and his comments about Diane Abbott, see Trans Agenda #9 and #8.

MPs award themselves another payrise

  • MPs pay is set to exceed £90k-per-year as they award themselves an above-inflation 5.5% payrise that will take effect from April. Remember, you vote for them so they can vote for themselves.

    £91,346 is around three times the national average wage, much more if you live in Northern Ireland. While the UK median annual wage is £35,000, for those in the north of Ireland it is £32,900.

Rishi Sunak rules out 2 May election [Sky News]

  • Just a day after I wrote a long piece explaining why I thought we would see Rishi Sunak go to the polls on 2 May [Trans Agenda #9], he decided to clarify to the nation that we won’t, in fact, be going to the polls for a general election that day. You’re welcome. Or sorry, as the case may be.

    In response to the news, a few unnamed Labour politicians told Politico, “I know it sounds ridiculous but there is still a chance [it could be May],” said one. “We don’t believe him. And it could now be June or July, which doesn’t really change the timeline for us internally.” Another added, “I am old enough to remember when the Tories said over and over it wouldn’t be an election and then they called it anyway.”

Tory MP and former Minister Brandon Lewis will stand down at the next election

  • That brings the number of Tories not seeking re-election to nearly 70.

Liz Truss accepted £20k trip to US right-wing event attended by Jordan Peterson [i]

  • Liz Truss accepted a £20,000 trip to the US for a right-wing event, intensifying her ties with American conservatives. Attended by figures like Jordan Peterson, the conference aimed to “educate” political candidates on “how to dispel the lies of wokism, diversity equity and inclusion, ESG [environmental social and government], critical race theory and immigration”. Her actions, amidst efforts to revive her political career, are said to be causing concern within the UK government.

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Government place another Tory on the BBC Board [UK Government]

  • Former Theresa May Director of Communications and editorial adviser to GB News, Sir Robbie Gibb, has been re-appointed to the BBC Board by the government. It is a four-year appointment.

UK media ignore JK Rowling

  • While media all over the world covered JK Rowling’s latest output on Twitter [Trans Agenda #9], the UK legacy media, who quote Rowling on a regular basis, found no space on their pages this time. Rowling, meanwhile, has won herself a new fan in Varg Vikernes, founder of neo Nazi organisation, Norwegian Heathen Front, who is also a convicted murderer and arsonist.

LGBT has got a T in there for a reason – trans people started our movement [Channel 4 News]

  • Writer Armistead Maupin talks to Krishnan Guru-Murthy about transphobia in the UK and US, and why he’s using his voice to stand up for trans rights.

ITV’s political editor Robert Peston was spotted having lunch with Liz Truss [George Osborne]

Guardian and Mail spin new extremism definition differently

  • In their Friday editions, The Guardian worry about LGBT campaigners being caught up along with Green campaigners while the Mail care about ‘feminists’ (Gender Critical Sex Realists) and Christians.

Daily Mail

  • Tom Utley (who?) believes ‘our rulers’ have caught on to his wisdom about ‘wokery’. I’m fairly sure they’ve always been on the same page as Utley in backing these policies which are overwhelmingly unpopular with sane people.
From vet bills to LTNs, net zero and puberty blockers... finally our rulers have woken up to my wisdom! Daily Mail15 Mar 2024TOM UTLEY  THERE have been times over the past few decades when I felt my modest efforts to influence public policy were a pointless waste of paper and ink.  Week after week, in bylined columns and unsigned editorials, my colleagues and I tried to put into words the everyday concerns and commonsense opinions of the great, unheard majority of the British public.  But after the fall of Margaret Thatcher, governments of every hue — national and local, red, blue, yellow and green — seemed to live in an impenetrable bubble, deaf to the hopes and fears of those they were supposed to serve.  The only people who appeared to hold any sway were tiny, aggressive minorities and pressure groups such as Stonewall, Just Stop Oil, Black Lives Matter and Common Purpose (a group offering ‘leadership courses’, whose purpose is apparently to turn council officials, police chiefs and quangocrats into perfect little Blairite clones).  Nothing we journalists could write — whether about the perils of mass migration, the idiocies of identity politics, the failings of the police or the nationally suicidal dash towards net zero — seemed to have the slightest effect on those in power.  Miracle  They just went their own sweet way, throwing open our borders to allcomers, shutting down fossil-fuelled power stations, persecuting motorists, turning a blind eye to burglars and shoplifters, forcing unwilling mothers out to work, denuding the country’s defences and spraying our hard-earned cash at diversity officers and ideologues who taught that we should be ashamed of our nation’s history or that rapists born male should have the right to serve their sentences in women’s prisons.  Those of us who wrote that these policies were at best deeply unwise, at worst barking mad, were ignored, or condemned as bigoted eccentrics. In my gloomier moments, I felt that my colleagues and I might as well spend our lives banging our heads against the office wall.  But then once in a while, something happens to make us realise that if we harp on about a subject often enough, someone in authority might just possibly listen.  Such a happy moment came to me last week, when a minor miracle occurred in the South London borough of Lambeth, where I live.  Long-suffering readers may recall that on a couple of occasions in the run-up to Christmas, I aired my exasperation — shared by almost all my neighbours — with a Low Traffic Neighbourhood (LTN) imposed down the road from our semi by our local Labour council.  Everyone I knew loathed the scheme, under which motorists could be fined up to £130 if they strayed into the LTN without the relevant authority. It caused horrendous traffic jams on the roads bordering the zone, with buses taking up to two hours to travel just three miles. This congestion meant that local air pollution, which the scheme was meant to alleviate, became noticeably worse.  Another consequence, incidentally, was that our one remaining resident son, a trainee teacher at a state secondary school, had to get up ever earlier in the morning to reach school on time.  I confess that when I wrote those articles, I felt a little guilty about raising such a parochial issue in a national newspaper. Why, after all, should readers in Cornwall or Cumbria be interested in the trials of residents of Streatham and West Norwood?  But then I reflected that these LTNs were becoming all the rage among councils nationwide, which see them as a smug way of raising money. I felt that my neighbours’ woes could serve as a warning to local authorities everywhere.  As so often when I’ve mentioned topical issues in print, however, the weeks passed and nothing happened. The council carried on stinging unsuspecting motorists, buses kept creeping at a snail’s pace along Streatham High Road, schoolchildren went on coughing their lungs out in the fumes in Leigham Court Road — and my poor son carried on crawling out of bed to set off for work, long before dawn.  Objections  That was until Thursday last week, when my mobile pinged with fantastic, almost unbelievable news on our street’s WhatsApp group: from 1pm that day, after an intervention from London Mayor Sadiq Khan, Lambeth Council would be suspending the Streatham Wells Low Traffic Neighbourhood scheme indefinitely!  Now, I’m not for one moment claiming that it was the Mail alone wot won it. Other papers and broadcasters, including The Times and the local media, had taken up the story. Meanwhile, countless neighbours had raised their objections with the council.  Indeed, when Labour canvassers for the local elections had knocked on our doors the previous weekend, almost everyone in our street, of every political persuasion, gave them an earful about the LTN.  But it is surely fair to say that if it hadn’t been for the combined efforts of the Press and the locals, the scheme might have dragged on for a great deal longer, inflicting misery on us all for months or years to come. Perhaps my job was not such a waste of ink after all.  Nor was this little triumph the only recent victory for public opinion, common sense and the dogged persistence of the independent Press. Far from it.  Take the Post Office Horizon scandal. For year after year, this paper’s reporters dug into the facts, while it fell to me, in my days as the Mail’s chief leader writer, to write editorial after editorial championing the innocent victims’ cause.  For a long time, this was hugely frustrating work, since it seemed to produce no results. That was until stories in the Press and on BBC radio caught the attention of an ITV scriptwriter. A brilliant cast was assembled for Mr Bates vs The Post Office . . . and you know the rest.  Justice  This week, at long last, the Government acted to offer blanket exoneration and compensation to the wronged postmasters and postmistresses. It’s justice delayed — and no use to those who died under a cloud of shame. But it’s justice of a sort, all the same.  I’m thinking, too, of this week’s decision by the NHS to ban routine prescribing of puberty blockers to children. This came after years of Press coverage, including my own two- penn’orth, reflecting public anger over the horrors inflicted at the Tavistock Clinic by doctors in thrall to woke ideology.  Or consider this week’s decision by the Competition and Markets Authority to launch a formal investigation of the veterinary market. As readers will testify, I’ve long sought to draw attention to the extortionate fees and extras charged by vets, on the orders of the private equity firms whose grip on the market has become ever tighter.  As I’ve argued so often, it’s nothing less than a cynical racket, rigged to cash in on Britons’ famed devotion to our pets. It causes needless suffering to animals — and to loving owners who can’t afford the monstrous sums the vet owners charge for treatment.  Perhaps those of us who’ve campaigned for action were not merely whistling into the wind, as I feared.  Meanwhile, it even looks as if the Government is at last seeing sense over the folly of abandoning oil and gas before a transition to renewable sources can be anything like complete.  After Rishi Sunak gave the go-ahead this week for new gas-fired power stations, could it be that our warnings about the risks of power cuts and soaring bills are now being heeded? (Though let’s hope, fingers crossed, that an incoming government won’t reverse the decision.)  On a huge range of issues, heaven knows, it still feels as if those in authority have lost touch with the public. But there’s surely a lesson for us all in this week’s glimmers of common sense: if we keep plugging away, bending the ears of those in power, there’s a chance that, one day, our voices may be heard.  Article Name:From vet bills to LTNs, net zero and puberty blockers... finally our rulers have woken up to my wisdom! Publication:Daily Mail Author:TOM UTLEY Start Page:14 End Page:14


  • The Telegraph love putting ‘ideology’ after words they don’t like. They do it a lot in today’s edition, starting off going on about ‘Green ideology’ before wheeling out Allison Pearson to talk her usual brand of hateful shite. Telegraph columnists could and perhaps should fall under the government’s new definition of extremist.
The evil trans ideology is in retreat, at last The Daily Telegraph15 Mar 2024Follow Allison Pearson on Twitter @Allisonpearson read More at allison pearson  Sheena’s son is about to be physically castrated. Not exactly the Mother’s Day gift she would have liked. It is absolutely devastating, but Sheena* and other parents of young people who claim their brains and bodies don’t align are starting to fight back against this monstrous, self-elected maiming of their boys and girls. The mums and dads think their children have been indoctrinated by trans activists who, quite unbelievably, have been allowed to preach their controversial views to innocent children in our schools.  In December, the Government finally published its Gender Questioning Children Guidance. But the parents of children who, out of the blue, had announced they were “trans” thought this response was wholly inadequate. The new guidance still provides schools with wiggle room to allow a child to socially transition (changing his/her birth name, demanding pronouns different to his/her biological sex). And this is not a harmless act, as Dr Hilary Cass pointed out in her interim 2022 Review into Gender Identity Services. Very often, it is the first step on a path to gender reassignment, which includes girls having double mastectomies and losing sexual function.  Most children grow out of gender dysphoria given time and it is often symptomatic of something else, not least that standard condition of adolescence: feeling rubbish about yourself. Yet there are forces at work that don’t want children to grow out of being “trans”, or to come to the realisation that they were gay after all.  Today, a group of claimants will apply to the High Court for a Judicial Review, which will claim that Gillian Keegan and the Department for Education are, in effect, sending a message to schools that they can break the law with their soft stance. “The unlawful political indoctrination of children in gender identity ideology is now commonplace in schools and colleges,” one of the witnesses claims. “Trans and non binary are taught in Relationship, Sex and Health Education as ‘cool’ identities, which must be embraced and celebrated at any cost.”  However, the cost (both mental and physical) of telling children they might have been born in the “wrong” body and they need to transition to feel like their “authentic self ” isn’t mentioned, making it more akin to propaganda than education. And, as the claimants sternly point out, political indoctrination of children in local authority (maintained) schools is unlawful under the Education Act 1996.  Claimants in the case, who are supported by the Bad Law Project, include distraught parents like Sheena who say they have witnessed “indoctrination” of their own children, but their complaints to the school were ignored. Also featuring prominently is Kevin Lister, who was sacked after 20 years as a teacher for “transphobia”.  “What was the terrible, bigoted offence I had committed that ended my life’s vocation?” asked Lister. “I dared to challenge whether my colleagues and I should be affirming a 17-year-old female student’s assertion that she was ‘a boy’ without first speaking to her parents.” For failing to do as the student demanded, and call her by a boy’s name, Lister was escorted off the premises with immediate effect. If that sounds like something out of dystopian fiction, that could be because our education system has been infiltrated by third-party providers of gender ideology, paid for out of taxpayers’ money, who behave as if it is biological sex that is the crazy, unscientific idea.  One landmark victory in this bitter culture war has already been won this week. NHS England announced that children will no longer routinely be prescribed puberty blockers following referral from gender identity clinics. Apparently, there was “not enough evidence” puberty blockers are safe or effective. It is hard to overstate how infamous that admission is, or to anticipate with what slack-jawed horror history will regard us. Our society allowed thousands of children to take drugs that prevented the development of their sexual organs without being certain of long-term consequences. There is mounting evidence the hormone blockers may have knocked a few points off the youngsters’ IQ.  Yet still, some trans campaigners refuse to show any shame. “This is a cruel new element of the war on trans youth,” the group Transactual said, “It will irreparably damage people’s health, wellbeing and life chances.” But if anyone is “pursuing a political agenda” here, it is those who lead pupils to believe that changing sex is a lifestyle choice. When the inevitable class actions start, suing for damages for infertility and other life-changing disorders, I do hope trans activist lobbyists are around to foot the bill.  Sheena says she will fight for her “boy” until her dying breath. I don’t use the word evil lightly, but what has been done to young people like Sheena’s son is unspeakably evil, yet the Government has looked the other way. I am sure we all wish Kevin Lister and the parent claimants success in their challenge against Mrs Keegan and the Department of Education. Trans ideologues must be cast out from our schools.  *Sheena’s name has been changed  Article Name:The evil trans ideology is in retreat, at last Publication:The Daily Telegraph Author:Follow Allison Pearson on Twitter @Allisonpearson read More at allison pearson Start Page:16 End Page:16

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  • The House of Commons will (possibly) debate Liz Truss’s Private Member’s Bill [Trans Agenda #7], ‘The Health & Equality Acts (Amendment) Bill’, which has little chance of passing but is being used to scare the crap out of trans people. If, by some miracle, Truss manages to secure a third reading for her bill, it will be eviscerated in the Lords. It’s listed third so there is a chance it won’t even get debated today. Ministers are prepared to back it now and amend later with an aide telling Playbook that “the bill “can support” Minister for Women and Equalities Kemi Badenoch but it’s “unworkable in its current form.””
  • Labour MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle’s Private Member’s Bill, Conversion Practices (Prohibition) Bill, is also on the schedule after an adjourned debate on 1 March. In total, there are 33 Private Members’ Bills on the list, with 17 sponsored by Tory MP Christopher Chope.


  • The House of Lords is not sitting.

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Council of Europe’s Human Rights Commissioner says ‘no evidence’ for anti-trans scaremongering in sport

  • In the report linked above it says, “There is no evidence that trans women competitors are currently overrunning women’s sport, nor is there evidence that male fraudsters are systematically using trans rights for personal gain”.

    It also says a lot more that’s worth reading.


Washington transgender woman murdered, body found in Mexico [Imperial Valley Press]

  • Reyna Hernandez, a 54-year-old trans woman from Renton, Washington, was reported missing on February 28th after failing to return home or open her business. Police investigations indicated she may have been taken against her will. Hernandez’s body was later discovered wrapped in a blanket in a cemetery in Mexicali, Mexico with evidence of a shotgun wound.

    Mexican authorities identified Hernandez and arrested a 61-year-old Renton resident in connection with the case. Police believe this was a domestic violence crime. They are working with US federal partners to determine exactly where and when Hernandez was killed, with the goal of potentially extraditing the suspect if the crime occurred on US soil.

Joe Biden tweets statement on Nex Benedict [Joe Biden]

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  STATEMENT FROM PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN ON NEX BENEDICT MARCH 14, 2024  Jill and I are heartbroken by the recent loss of Nex Benedict. Every young person deserves to have the fundamental right and freedom to be who they are, and feel safe and supported at school and in their communities. Nex Benedict, a kid who just wanted to be accepted, should still be here with us today.  Nonbinary and transgender people are some of the bravest Americans I know. But nobody should have to be brave just to be themselves. In memory of Nex, we must all recommit to our work to end discrimination and address the suicide crisis impacting too many nonbinary and transgender children. Bullying is hurtful and cruel, and no one should face the bullying that Nex did. Parents and schools must take reports of bullying seriously. My prayers are with Nex's family, friends, and all who loved them – and to all LGBTQI+ Americans for whom this tragedy feels so personal, know this: I will always have your back.  To LGBTQI+ young people across the country – you are loved exactly as you are. If you're feeling overwhelmed or alone, you can call or text 988, the National Crisis Hotline, and dial the number '3' to talk to a counselor who has been specifically trained to support LGBTQI+ youth.  WHITEHOUSE.GOV

Despite saying he will ‘always have your backs’, it’s still not clear what Biden actually plans to do to protect trans people.

Balkan countries urged to do more on transgender rights [Balkan Insight]

  • The Council of Europe’s Human Rights Commissioner has reported some progress in gender identity recognition across various Balkan countries. However, ‘issues’ like forced sterilisation and mental health diagnoses as conditions for legal gender recognition persist, clearly violating human rights on many levels.

How Delhi’s first Transgender rapper is bending rules with debut album [India West]

  • Kinari, winner of the Toto Music Awards 2024, advocates for the LGBTQ+ community through her music, insisting it should make people dance and celebrate while being genuine. Despite facing challenges as a trans rapper in Delhi, Kinari remains dedicated to her music and is inspired by the changing landscape of artists. She plans a multi-city tour post-album release.

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New study points the way for gay men to have babies using DNA from both partners [Queerty].

Court rules Japan’s ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional – again [Pink News].

The Washington Post report that 1,800 police officers were charged with child sexual abuse in the last 20 years [Washington Post].

  • “Officers intentionally earned the trust of parents and guardians, created opportunities to get kids alone and threatened repercussions for broken silence. Unlike teachers and priests, they did it all while wielding the power of their badges and guns.”

Spanish lawmakers passed an amnesty for hundreds of Catalan separatists by 178 votes to 172, ending more than six months of negotiations which have paralysed parliament [Bloomberg].

Home Office officials have been told to get the first Rwanda deportation flight off the ground by the end of May [Telegraph].

Pro-Trump judge rejects bid by Donald Trump to throw out classified documents case on constitutional grounds [AP].



  • Liz Truss’s anti-trans Private Member’s Bill second reading [see above]
  • The Lib Dems spring conference starts in York tonight.
  • Russia’s general election starts. There are four candidates running: Vladimir Putin, Vladislav Davankov, Leonid Slutsky, and Nikolay Kharitonov. If no one person receives more than half the vote, a second round of voting will take place exactly three weeks later.


  • Winner announced in Welsh Labour leadership election at 10am.


  • Russia’s ‘election’ winner will be announced.
  • Ed Davey will give his keynote speech at the Lib Dem conference (11.45am).


Institute for Government

  • Are looking for paid interns in what seems like a good opportunity. More details here.


  • Looking for lifestyle freelancers to take on shifts in their London office. Email [email protected]

i newspaper

  • Looking for a newsdesk editor for the late shift in London. More details here.

The Bitten Peach

  • Queer Asian cabaret production company is on the lookout for a talented Social Media Manager to elevate their London/UK based queer Asian cabaret and nightlife production company’s social media. More details here.

Edinburgh International Book Festival

  • Is looking for two trainee writers-in-residence. More details here.

Belfast Book Festival

  • Has a call-out for all writers aged 18-26 living in Ireland to apply for “this extraordinary opportunity to attend and contribute to Belfast Book Festival 2024 as Young Writer Delegates.” More details here.



  • This moral panic about puberty blockers endangers the lives of trans kids, by Crystal [Metro]
  • The Cass Review: Cis-supremacy in the UK’s approach to healthcare for trans children, by Cal Horton [Taylor & Francis Online]
  • Why the Y chromosome is vanishing and what this means for the future, by Devika Rao [The Week]
  • It wasn’t just the goblins — is J.K. Rowling doing Holocaust denial now? by Mira Fox [Forward]


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