Sajid Javid says NHS treatment for trans children ‘borders on ideological’



Sajid Javid claims that the interim findings of a report by a top paediatrician into NHS treatment for transgender kids backs up the worst theories of the Gender Cultist movement.

James Sunderland, the Conservative MP for Bracknell, asked Mr Javid on Tuesday: “Does [he] share my concern that in spite of [the interim findings], the NHS insists on making a child’s expressed gender identity the starting point for treatment, and has chosen not to track patient outcomes?”

Mr Javid replied that he does indeed (shock) share Mr Sunderland’s “concerns”, before adding “that is why the NHS has commissioned this review by one of our top paediatricians”.

He is referring to the Cass Review by Dr. Hilary Cass who was appointed in late 2020 “NHS England and NHS Improvement to chair the Independent Review of Gender Identity Services for children and young people in late 2020.”

Javid added, “It is already clear to me from her interim findings and from the other evidence that I’ve seen that the NHS services in this area are too narrow, they are overly affirmative, and, in fact, they are bordering on ideological.

“That is why, in this emerging area, of course, we need to be absolutely sensitive, but we need to make sure that there is holistic care that is provided, that it is not a one-way street, and that all medical interventions are based on the best clinical evidence.”

Daily Telegraph, Wednesday, 20 April 2022

Figures published by the Daily Telegraph state that “Between 2010-11, 138 children and young people were referred to its services, this rose to 2,743 in 2018-19.”

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