Graham Norton: JK Rowling ‘enjoys’ fighting on Twitter



In an interview with the Sunday Times, Graham Norton says he believes JK Rowling enjoys fighting on Twitter following comments she made to him.

Graham Norton was interviewed in the Sunday Times this weekend and was asked about having JK Rowling on his show last month.

Norton is very clear that he does not agree with Rowling’s views on trans people, views that continue to get more extreme with every passing month. Just this week, for instance, she has put forward her belief that trans women are sexual predators for no other reason than how they were born.

There is, of course, no evidence to back up her claims. There rarely is. GCs like to make accusations and then force trans people to prove they are not true. Even when we do exactly that, they have no interest in changing their opinion.

Defending Rowling’s right to speak about her new novel, which many have said is nothing more that a 1,000 page self-indulgent rant based on what she perceives are social media slights, Norton dropped an informative little nugget towards the end.

Despite her “problematic views,” as he put it, Norton said, “So I wouldn’t have her on to air her views.

“But she has the right to still wang on about her crime novel. The easiest thing would be to not have her on, but that didn’t seem right.

“We should talk to people that we disagree with and I would not further any cause by not having her on. She will still sell a gazillion books.

“Also, I got an insight into her when she talked about enjoying the pub brawl aspect of Twitter. I thought, ‘Oh, now I get it — you enjoy this.’”

One certainly has to wonder how much Rowling would enjoy it if she was the one with only a few hundred followers and trans people had millions with which to fight back.

I can’t imagine she would get the same sort of kick out of that, can you?

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