Genspect used my profile in their propaganda



Genspect, a controversial org targeting support for transgender youth, have now taken aim at me personally via a screenshot of my profile in their propaganda.

Genspect is a rogue’s gallery of anti-trans faces and names. Their general position is to oppose support for trans youth and push their fearmongering about how everyone is going to detransition, any minute now, please ignore studies like this one which show that isn’t the case!

Despite their professionally designed pamphletts and leaflets Genspect are pretty much just a bunch of bigots sitting at their computers desperately trying to convince everyone to have bigoted thoughts just like them. One such document titled “Distress & Gender: The Real Deal” includes a screenshot of my profile.

It’s a rather old screenshot of my profile from seemingly before June 2021 as it doesn’t include reference to my work in Health Service Journal. My screen name at the time was “smurfette”, I forget exactly why but I was making fun of a transphobe somewhere I’m sure. The profile picture is also Smurfette with a trans flag background and my banner shows the trans flag emoji with the words “Bring me your children what I can’t trans I’ll eat”.

Genspect document including my Twitter profile
Genspect document including my Twitter profile

This appears quite hastily added to the page at the last minute, as it barely fits the design and ruins the flow entirely. They would have been better placed making the screenshot the full A4 width across the bottom – but they clearly took the screenshot on a low-res phonescreen and the text is already barely readable in comparison to the high-res text of the document itself.

The page is titled “influencers on social media and YouTube encourage maladaptive coping mechanism in children and young people”. It then attempts to justify this via reference to social contagion; the main character of the failed “Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria” diagnosis. A pathology transphobes just created out of their own paranoia in order to justify how they felt about their trans children.

The obvious conclusion to draw is that my profile is being held up as evidence to support the claim made in the title. I’m being accused of encouraging maladaptive coping mechanisms in children and young people because of the banner image which reads; “Bring me your children, what I can’t trans I’ll eat.”

Ironically, this image is made with the express purpose of making fun of transphobes like Genspect who believe that people are pressuring young people into transition. It’s a reinvention of an earlier advert by a group known as Homocult who operated in the 1990s and are described as “anarcho-queer provocateurs”. They would’ve been leftist Twitter shitposters had they been raised with social media at all, basically.

My banner draws from the original by Homocult which instead reads “Give us your children, what I can’t fuck I’ll eat”. To me this is a bit of a clumsy way to say you’re going to eat straight kids because when they grow up they aren’t likely to be potential gay partners. Though it could just as easily be intentionally worded this way to double-dip and also make fun of the homophobes that regularly accused gay people of child molestation too.

Either way, I thought it was funny and wanted to bring it back for the new anti-LGBTQIA+ moral panic targeting people like me. It cannot be stressed enough that I am very deliberately using it to make fun of anti-trans narratives that believe we’re all out here encouraging “maladaptive coping mechanisms” in children or otherwise trying to convince them to transition. Honey, if they’re on HRT Cafe – they don’t need convincing!

But while it’s extremely funny to me that a banner image making fun of those narratives is being held up as evidence in support of those narratives by Genspect. It’s also quite scary and defamatory. Anti-trans campaigning, especially that which targets trans youth, has been growing more and more violently extreme – including multiple bomb threats to a childrens hospital.

Whereas the page doesn’t directly accuse me of anything, I am sure that If I wrote a piece about serial rapist child murderer bigot losers and slapped an unrelated picture of Genspect leader Stella O’Malley at the top, she wouldn’t be best pleased either. It would absolutely give people the wrong idea and could threaten her well-being and her livelihood.

To this end I am in the process of instructing a legal team to write whatever cease and desist lawyer stuff they have to write, with a view of taking this claim further if needs be. If I need to crowdfund for this I will. Though I really hope I don’t have to; that Genspect see sense and simply remove my profile from their awful anti-trans propaganda nonsense.

In the mean time I’ll be working on making t-shirts out of the banner, proceeds of which will be initially held to go towards the legal fund. Updates on that to come soon, follow my social media for more.



Gemma Stone
Gemma Stone is a transgender writer who has been covering the rise of transphobic hate campaigning in the UK. She has written hundreds of articles dissecting aspects of transphobia including debunking blatant disinformation. She is very tired and trying her best, and hopefully having a positive impact on such a beautiful community.

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