Trans Rescue are an organisation who help trans people escape situations and countries where they are not safe. Sadly, their safe haven for trans people, Eden House, was attacked on September 6th during the night.

Eden House, a safe Haven for trans people in Kenya has been attacked by people wielding knives. A press release by Trans Rescue reveals that two women received cuts to their backs and hands and were both taken to hospital to receive treatment.

Since opening Trans Rescue report that they have been the target of a persistent series of break-in attempts and in response have had to significantly increase security measures around the property. The attackers managed to climb a stonewall with razor wire and security lighting in order to attack the women as they exited the property to turn on a water pump.

Trans Rescue are a group who launched specifically to help trans people escape bad situations and countries where they face extreme persecution. Often this means relocating to safer places, though they also attempt to offer safe havens such as Eden House in Kenya.

We covered the launch of Trans Rescue a few months ago and attempted to help drive up some funds to create Eden House. We hope that you will consider donating again to help beef up security and ensure that further attacks can not happen.

We are certainly sending our love and solidarity to Trans Rescue during this time, and hoping that the residents of Eden House can feel safe again very soon. Please see their website here for how to support them during this time.