The biggest ‘story’ doing the rounds at the minute is that anti-trans activists have released a series of documents they call the “WPATH Files.”

These documents contains leaked messages from a forum used by doctors and therapists specialising in transgender healthcare. The “WPATH Files” are presented as a scandalous leak, but they are mostly ordinary conversations where professionals discuss patient care.

As usual, anti-trans groups have twisted the meaning of these messages to make them seem alarming or harmful. They use incorrect information, misunderstand what the leaked messages actually say, and purposely leave out important details in order to change the meaning of them.

Kathleen Stock has already had her ridiculously uninformed say in The Telegraph [The Trans Agenda #3] and the right-wing media show no sign of slowing down as they disseminate this latest batch of anti-trans propaganda, all of which seems to be part of a co-ordinated campaign. Even The Guardian couldn’t resist joining in, paying anti-trans activist Hannah Barnes to spread the nonsense in their pages. The sloppily delivered ‘leak’ conveniently confirms what they all already believe as they gleefully gloat about the latest chapter in The GCs Big Book of Myths and Bullshit.

Unlike those spreading the ‘leak’ as proof they are right about trans people, some trans journalists actually read the files and found the story easy, if also time-consuming, to debunk. You can read Erin Reed’s analysis of the documents here and Evan Urquhart’s here and I would highly recommend that you do.

In short, The “WPATH Files” report is as reliable as the “Twitter Files”. They are an attempt by anti-trans activists to discredit the healthcare that so many trans people depend on. The report is based on misinformation and is designed to mislead people. Sadly, many seem only too open to being misled due to pre-existing bigotries.