Manager’s job hard enough without Rowling’s gratuitous intrusion Lucy Clark was the first openly transgender referee. She has now been appointed manager of Sutton United’s women’s team. They play in the London and South Regional Women’s Premier Division beside such luminaries as Saltdean United and Dorking Wanderers. And Sutton are fighting relegation. So it’s a big deal for Clark, not so much for football. Yet a supportive tweet from Pride attracted the attention of JK Rowling. “When I was young all the football managers were straight, white, middle-aged blokes,” she wrote. “So it’s fantastic to see how much things have changed.” It felt a little unnecessary. Clark isn’t invading female space because if that’s the case, so is any coach not born female in the women’s game — and nobody complained about Marc Skinner steering Manchester United to the FA Cup. Clark has spoken about football saving her life when she considered suicide, so her involvement has been enormously positive. Rowling took down Scotland’s poorlyconceived gender reform laws in a series of whipsmart social media posts. By contrast, this just seemed gratuitous.

The Trans Agenda #31 Labour’s Gender ID change

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Understanding the “WPATH Files” debate

The biggest ‘story’ doing the rounds at the minute is that anti-trans activists have released a series of documents they call the "WPATH Files" but, as usual, they're nonsense
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The Trans Agenda #4 The WPATH files, SEEN not recognised

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Various coloured pills on a table, meant to represent medication or in this case bridging hormones. Source; MorgueFile

Bridging hormones; why do transphobes want you furious about it?

Attempting to manufacture yet more anti-trans panic, The Telegraph ran a story regarding 'bridging hormones', which is short for a doctor prescribing you medication for harm reduction purposes. According to The Telegraph this basic harm reduction strategy is bad, because transgender.