Transphobes Are Blaming Trans People For Vladimir Putin

We have also been blamed for climate change before, so I'm not surprised.

An image of Vladimir Putin via Wikimedia Commons
An image of Vladimir Putin via Wikimedia Commons

I just don’t have the words for this one, which is not stellar since I am a writer. When it was just one or two of the usual suspects I just wrote it off as expected. Of course Spiked would somehow try to make this about trans people, they’re losers banking on a manufactured culture war. But its now in places like The Telegraph too; somehow it’s trans peoples fault that Putin has invaded Ukraine.

Generally, the idea seems to be that a focus on issues surrounding trans people in the West has shown weakness to Putin’s Russia. Brendan O’Neill for Spiked wrote that “Putin has unquestionably been emboldened by the incoherence of the West” and that he “openly mocks the west for erasing its own history and buying into the nonsense of transgenderism”. He finishes the Tweet (no I’m not reading the article attached to it) with; “Putin sees western weakness as Russia’s opportunity.”

Which is just frankly such a weird inversion of the facts. Hating your own people, persecuting them and doing things to put obstacles and barriers up between them and a prosperous life is weakness. A strong nation, in my humble opinion, is one that can lift all of its people up equally; not one which uses the bodies of its “undesirables” for a few extra inches. When most of the world mistreats a group of people for no reason and you stand between that pain? You are a hero. Brendan already knows this of course, the West’s freedom still has a long way to go before it fully extends to everyone, but Brendan knows its something worth fighting and even dying for.

Camilla Tominey, who has penned multiple articles in support of the UK’s anti trans activity, also blamed Putin on trans people. “A decadent liberal elite has obsessed over minor issues while turning a blind eye to appalling tragedies overseas” and that “while we have been obsessing over fringe issues like the transgender debate… we have turned a blind eye to the atrocities carried out by the sorts of dictators who throw homosexuals off buildings.” She also hopes that the sight of grieving families crying over dead loved ones “might finally remind the so-called “civilised” world that there are more important things to worry about in life than pronouns”.

And there are, yes! So why the fuck have you been obsessing over it Camilla? Why have you been writing multiple articles about pronouns and gender and trans people all in support of transphobia? Where were your articles regarding these human rights atrocities before now? Where were your articles about LGBTQIA+ violence in Russia or any where else? They just don’t fucking exist do they. You never wrote them because it didn’t occur to you to consider their lives were important until you could use them as a citation for your argument about pronouns in the UK.

GRA reform and health care improvements in the UK should be something we just walked over the line with no opposition. It’s a no-brainer if ever there were one. Literally no one except bigoted people are in any way meaningfully effected by these issues outside of trans people; and the bigots are only affected due to their decision to be obsessed with us for no reason, Camilla. You could at any point decide to let it go and focus on issues that really matter, but even when an issue that really matters in your own opinion crops up, you have STILL tried to make it about trans people with this article. For all the wrong in this article, she’s right that a decadent liberal elite has obsessed over minor issues, she just isn’t being honest about her place in that decadent elite.

The UK media landscape if filled with these lying obsessed weirdos. They’re the ones at the top making loads of money from lying to people and trying to make them angry about minorities. That’s their whole job. Manufacture a culture war, keep reminding people to be upset and blame all of the problems on whichever minority is flavour of the month.

If you fall for this blatant attempt to manipulate you? Why? How? Wake up.