The Advertising Code Committee in the Netherlands rules a radio advertisement on the Transgender Act bill as needlessly offensive, following objections.

ACC rules against controversial ad

The Advertising Code Committee (ACC) has declared a radio advertisement discussing the Transgender Act bill as needlessly offensive. Transgender Network Netherlands and WOMEN Inc. lodged objections to the ad, leading to the ACC’s decision.

In the advertisement, a woman states, “My daughter can register as a man. Our son as a woman. This is even possible under the age of sixteen. Gender is not a choice, is it?!” The ad addresses the bill’s removal of expert statement requirements to change one’s gender on a birth certificate and the elimination of the 16-year age limit for such adjustments.

Bill discussion set for June

The Tweede Kamer, the lower house of the Dutch parliament, will discuss the bill in June. The ACC ruled that the ad negatively impacts a vulnerable group – young transgender individuals. The tone of the woman’s statement came across as “mocking, indignant, condescending, and dismissive.”

While the ACC dismissed several other objections raised by, they advised against using similar advertisements in the future. However, this advice is not obligatory. The radio commercial’s creators have the option to appeal the ruling, and the ACC will only publish it once it becomes irrevocable.

Transgender Network Netherlands welcomes decision

Remke Verdegem, chairman of Transgender Network Netherlands, expressed the significance of the ACC’s ruling, stating that hearing such offensive content on the radio can hurt and reinforce negative opinions about transgender individuals. The decision serves as a crucial message in a time when gender-diverse people often face public ridicule.