Here’s a quick spin through some trans news that’s making the headlines around the world.


Transgender golfer receives death threats after victory in Australia

Breanna Gill, a transgender golfer, received death threats after winning her first professional tournament on the WPGA Tour of Australasia at the Australia Women’s Classic.

The backlash on social media was so severe that the WPGA Tour’s Twitter account was made private, and Gill hid her accounts. WPGA Chief Karen Lunn told The Sydney Morning Herald that the tweets were deleted due to concerns for Gill’s welfare. [source]


LGFA advises captains on transgender policy opinions

The Ladies Gaelic Football Association (LGFA) has advised captains and vice-captains of eight inter-county teams to avoid expressing opinions on its new transgender policy during media interviews.

The LGFA issued a briefing containing suggested responses to questions on controversial topics, including the transgender policy, which has been criticised by some anti-trans players and referees as “dangerous.”

The policy allows transgender women to play if they meet criteria set by a new transgender applications committee.

Trans support groups, however, have also criticised the policy for requiring transgender women to prove their testosterone levels are below a certain threshold.

The LGFA states that briefing players in advance is standard practice to ensure they are prepared and avoid uncomfortable situations. [source]


Proposed rule on transgender athletes in schools

The Biden administration plans to propose a rule making it harder for schools to exclude transgender youth athletes based on their gender identity.

The rule would prohibit blanket bans, allowing exclusions only for specific sports and grade levels if a school can demonstrate a particular need and takes steps to minimize harm to those excluded. [source]

Six Anti-Transgender Bills Filed by GOP Lawmakers

Last week, North Carolina Republican lawmakers filed six bills targeting the LGBTQ+ community, including legislation barring transgender females from playing on girls’ high school sports teams.

Other bills would impose biological participation requirements for high school sports and limit gender-affirming treatment for transgender minors.

Conservative groups are, of course, praising the legislation as protecting young people, while the LGBTQ+ community highlighted what the bills really are – attacks on transgender youth. [source]

Alabama bill targets transgender college athletes

An Alabama House representative has filed a bill to restrict transgender students from participating in sports at public colleges and universities.

The bill, HB 261, would also allow students to sue if they believe their athletic opportunities or wellbeing have been compromised by violations of the law.

The legislation is part of a series of Alabama Republican initiatives targeting transgender youth. [source]

Supreme Court allows transgender girl to compete in West Virginia

The US Supreme Court has permitted a 12-year-old transgender girl in West Virginia to continue competing on her middle school’s girls sports teams while a lawsuit against the state’s ban proceeds.

The girl, Becky Pepper-Jackson, is participating in her school’s track and cross-country teams.

Justices Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas opposed the decision.

The ruling came on the same day the Biden administration proposed a new rule preventing schools and colleges from implementing outright bans on transgender athletes while allowing certain exceptions for fairness and injury reduction. [source]

Florida health official to testify in transgender Medicaid case

A federal judge has denied a request by Governor Ron DeSantis’ administration to prevent a top health official from testifying in a lawsuit challenging Florida’s ban on Medicaid coverage for gender-affirming care for transgender individuals.

The judge ruled that Agency for Health Care Administration Secretary Jason Weida likely possesses significant information not available from other sources.

Weida was involved in developing a rule that denied Medicaid payments for treatments like puberty blockers, hormone therapy, and surgeries for transgender people.

The plaintiffs argue that treatment for gender dysphoria is medically necessary, safe, and effective for transgender children and adults. [source]

Kansas bans Transgender athletes from women’s sports

Kansas has banned transgender athletes from participating in girls’ and women’s sports from kindergarten through college, joining 19 other states with similar bans.

The legislation, which takes effect on July 1, is part of several hundred proposals by Republican lawmakers across the United States aimed at curbing LGBTQ+ rights.

In addition to the sports ban, Kansas lawmakers are considering proposals to end gender-affirming care for minors and restrict restroom use. [source]

Trans and drag activists march in San Francisco to protest anti-LGBTQ legislation across the country

Trans and drag activists in San Francisco protested against recent anti-LGBTQ legislation nationwide in a march called “Drag Up! Fight Back!” on Saturday.

The event was in response to over 400 legislative actions targeting the LGBTQ community being tracked by the American Civil Liberties Union.

The protest began at Civic Center and ended at Union Square, with attendees chanting “Trans rights are human rights”.

Organisers said the event aimed to help trans and drag communities who feel under attack. Supervisor Matt Dorsey added that he supported the community, and many felt the moment was one to speak out and help themselves and others. [source]