Trans people sacrificed by the media to cover up Boris Johnson’s BJ



If you’ve been anywhere online today, you will no doubt have seen the vast swathes of coverage focusing on Halifax giving their staff the OPTION of having their pronouns on their name badges.

A snippet from Private Eye that reads look away now — Ed] by adding that the MP walked in while Carrie was giving Boris oral sex on the office sofa. By trying to suppress the piece No 10 merely drew global attention to it: there was even a 1,000-word dispatch in the New York Times ("Vanished Article on Johnson Sets London's Media Abuzz"). But at least no one mentioned blowjobs, so that's all right then.
via Private Eye

Of course, the fact that it is optional hasn’t stopped all and sundry in the GC community, and their media collaborators, from accusing Halifax of forcing their wokery on their customers who, the Daily Mail want us to believe, have been leaving in their droves.


The reality, as we will no doubt find out down the line, is the Mail have taken some random gammon twitter accounts (150), whom they never even verified as Halifax customers, and increased their numbers manifold to generate a headline to please their Tory chums.

Halifax currently have around 27 million customers.

It is a nothing story that is getting excessive coverage and you might be wondering why.

Let me tell you.

You have probably heard about the story the Times ran that revealed Boris Johnson had tried to give his then-mistress, Carrie Symonds, two £100k-a-year jobs, Downing Street got in touch and the Times removed the article.

The jobs, however, weren’t actually the issue.

Not that sort of job, anyway.

As revealed by Private Eye, the only media outlet to cover the story, when Johnson was Foreign Secretary under Theresa May, an MP (said to be Conor Burns) walked in on Johnson getting a blow job from his mistress.

This, of course, is yet another resigning matter for the Prime Minister but, rather than do the decent thing, his media machine has kicked into gear to deflect and distract, and they are once again serving up trans people to the masses, with absolutely no thought given to the brutal consequences of their continued war on the existence of trans people.

Democracy is not possible in a country where the press, who are tasked with ensuring that the public are well-informed about important matters, while also acting as a shield against the excesses of those in power, would rather spend their time and money discussing optional pronouns on a badge than the corruption, sleaze, criminality and cruelty of this current UK government.

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