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…as this is the first edition, there is some stuff included from last week that I thought was important. At times, other news may also be a bit older but has either not received enough attention or came to mine late.

Publications known for taking an anti-trans stance are and will be referenced and linked. Often, these are the most comprehensive sources for these stories because of their obsession with trans people. I have tried to give a summary so you can make the choice if you want to click the link or seek out the information elsewhere.


Transgender prisoner Tiffany Scott’s death in custody ‘unexplained’ [Times – CW deadnaming]

·         The death of inmate Tiffany Scott in custody remains unexplained and should spark debates and concerns regarding the treatment and safety of transgender individuals in the prison system. Those concerned about ‘protecting women and girls,’ however, are currently campaigning against trans people being recorded as the gender they say they are when they are arrested [see below].

This incident highlights the urgent need for improved protocols and support for vulnerable populations within prisons, reflecting broader issues of social justice and human rights. Or, preferably, an end to prisons. None of this will happen.

More Downing Street anti-trans rhetoric

·         Downing Street has sounded off amidst a confected controversy about the official recording of transgender offender Scarlet Blake’s gender. Blake, a transgender woman who committed murder, was recorded as female by police, but does not have a GRC. The Prime Minister’s spokesperson reaffirmed the government’s stance that biological sex determines legal gender in the absence of a gender recognition certificate. That might well be the government’s stance, but it isn’t the day-to-day reality for trans people, nor was it ever the intended purpose of a GRC.

This has sparked a backlash from police groups, including the gender critical SEEN [1], reported in The Telegraph as the “Police Sex Equality and Equity Network”, who argue that the recording sets a dangerous precedent and undermines accurate crime reporting. The Thames Valley Police and Crime Commissioner has requested a legislative “review of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 to ensure the police accurately record sex”.

Conversion therapy debate

·         On Friday, after a debate filled with lies, gender critical ideology and filibustering, anti-trans MPs succeeding in blocking the Conversion Therapy Private Member’s Bill from proceeding to a second reading. This was not helped by most Labour MPs failing to show up, meaning there weren’t enough votes to proceed.



·         Last week, the BBC found that Justin Webb broke impartiality rules when he aired his pseudoscientific gender critical views on the Today programme. The BBC found that Webb “gave the impression of endorsing one viewpoint in a highly controversial area” by putting forward his view that trans women are males, something anti-trans group, Sex Matters, say “clearly shows the BBC has lost sight of its statutory duty…to be impartial”. As usual, where Sex Matters are involved, I find myself asking if they know what basic words mean as here they clearly think ‘impartial’ means ‘views I agree with’.

The Daily Mail

·         Are currently running a story about the killers of Brianna Ghey receiving nearly £200,000 in legal aid in a bid to keep the ‘narrative’ going around a story they have milked relentlessly. Brianna’s killers obviously did not receive that money as it went to their lawyers. The ones who have profited from the killing of Brianna are the ones writing these stories.

Times Radio

  • Anti-trans Labour MP Rosie Duffield will appear on Times Radio at 2pm.


Daily Mail

“Tempers flare at vote to ban trans bathers from pond”

Tempers f lare at vote to ban trans bathers from pond Protesters yell ‘traitors’ as block fails Daily Mail4 Mar 2024Daily Mail Reporter A MEETING over a proposed ban on transgender swimmers at Hampstead Ladies’ Pond was abandoned last night after it descended into acrimony. A group of female swimmers lost a bid to bar trans women from using the pond, which has been open to them since 2019. Organisers closed the annual general meeting of the Kenwood Ladies’ Pond Association (KLPA) minutes later after angry women refused to heed calls to stop shouting, sources told the Mail. Campaigners shouted ‘traitors’ and ‘ shame on you’ after the meeting voted to continue to allow trans women to use the open-air venue on Hampstead Heath in north London. Earlier, the meeting heard pleas from women who said they no longer felt safe using the pond because of the policy of ‘inclusivity’ towards trans swimmers. Sources inside the meeting said women accused the all-female KLPA management committee of prioritising the rights of trans women over those who had been born female. Campaigner Venice Allan warned of the risk of a rape or sexual assault against a woman at the pond and claimed it was the ‘ inevitable’ result of the KLPA’s ‘trans inclusive policy’. The Ladies’ Pond opened in 1926 and is billed as a ‘ unique women-only space’ that ‘provides a place of refuge and security for women and girls of all ages’. In 2019, the City of London Corporation, which manages Hampstead Heath, adopted a gender identity policy allowing trans women to use the pond. It said it was needed to be ‘fully compliant with the Equality Act 2010’. Campaigners called on the KLPA to amend its constitution to include the phrase ‘biological female’ and said single-sex spaces were allowed for changing rooms and swimming pools under human rights legislation. They accused the KLPA committee of prioritising the rights of trans swimmers over a larger number of women who wanted a female-only space, including those from religious communities whose beliefs mean they can swim only in female-only environments. Members supporting the rights of trans women said a ban would be unfair and unlawful and questioned how it could be enforced. The bid to change the KLPA constitution failed, with around three- quarters of the 200 votes cast against the resolution. The two-hour meeting – which had opened with a plea for members to be kind and respectful – was then said to have descended into a shouting match. Miss Allan posted a video on social media showing herself standing on a chair at the meeting, warning women that their vote had increased the likelihood of ‘an act of male sexual violence in a sacred women’s space’. In a statement, the KLPA said all women were welcome to join. Article Name:Tempers f lare at vote to ban trans bathers from pond Publication:Daily Mail Author:Daily Mail Reporter Start Page:25 End Page:25


“Civil service activists ‘undermine policy’”

Civil service activists ‘undermine policy’ The Daily Telegraph4 Mar 2024By Michael Murphy CIVIL servants in favour of transgender rights have “actively undermined” government policies, a gender-critical group claims. A small number of activists have created a “culture of fear” across Whitehall, which has led to the bullying of staff critical of the idea that gender identity is more important than biological sex, and has subverted government policy, according to a letter sent to the Cabinet Office from the Sex Equality and Equity Network (Seen). The group, which represents more than 700 gender-critical civil servants, said the problem was “widespread” and has affected “almost every government department”. The group claims that Ministry of Justice staff have “boasted” to colleagues about “frustrating ministers’ intentions”. They are alleged to have attempted to remove contributions to government consultations that relate to sex instead of gender, briefed external groups on how to get around ministerial guidance and divulged internal policy thinking to partisan organisations. Pro-transgender civil servants have also engaged in the “active obfuscation of facts to prevent ministers seeing the impact of trans inclusive policies”, according to Seen. Decisions to “include trans women in female-only spaces” have been “made quickly and without consultation”, as pro-trans civil servants have shown “complete disregard for women’s safety and dignity”, the letter added. Civil servants responsible for gender identity policies are alleged to have suggested that concerns around transgender rapists in female prisons is “moral panic”, that sex is not real and that women who require same-sex spaces or care are “bigots”. The letter, which is more than 30 pages long and details instances of “widespread” ”bullying and harassment” of gender-critical civil servants, was sent to Simon Case, the Cabinet Secretary, in October. Article Name:Civil service activists ‘undermine policy’ Publication:The Daily Telegraph Author:By Michael Murphy Start Page:10 End Page:10

“Rowling anger as toilet voyeur identifies as a female to police”

Rowling anger as toilet voyeur identifies as a female to police The Daily Telegraph4 Mar 2024By Janet Eastham A MAN who was accused of secretly filming women in a female lavatory told police he identified as a woman as he was arrested, with JK Rowling telling followers: “It’s happened again.” The author shared news of the conviction on social media, writing: “That thing only evil, nasty bigots claim happens, and that never, ever happens, has happened. Again.” The author shared a link on Twitter to a report of the sentencing of Kurtis Mawson, 22, who secretly filmed women in a public convenience and sexually assaulted a tourist on Durham city bridge. The court heard how Mawson was still inside the cubicle when police arrived. When an officer asked if anybody was in there, the perpetrator allegedly put on a high-pitched voice and answered “Yeah”. The prosecutor said: “When challenged with what he is doing in a women’s toilet he said: ‘Just chilling’. He then said he was there as he identified as female.” After her initial post, Rowling issued a series of comments on Twitter stressing that women and girls should not have to “surrender” bathrooms to the very small number of “trans identified males” who she alleges pose a “proven danger” to them. She wrote: “It is possible to want trans people to be safe and happy while recognising that there are risks to women and girls in eradicating single sex spaces.” Last year an Edinburgh judge gave an eight-year prison sentence to transgender rapist Isla Bryson, 31, who committed the offences while still living as a man. Bryson only began living as a woman after being charged with rape. Rowling added: “Telling women and girls they must accept increased risk to themselves to appease male feelings is the very definition of the patriarchy.” Mawson pleaded guilty to sexual assault on a female, voyeurism, three counts of making indecent photographs of a child and possessing an extreme pornographic image. He also admitted breaching a sexual risk order and failing to comply with the sexual offender register. ‘Telling women they must accept risk to appease male feelings is the very definition of the patriarchy’ Article Name:Rowling anger as toilet voyeur identifies as a female to police Publication:The Daily Telegraph Author:By Janet Eastham Start Page:7 End Page:7


Suella Braverman talks nonsense [Telegraph CW it’s The Telegraph]

·         Suella Braverman is trying to grab some headlines after falling away from the public eye following her second sacking from the same position. The former Home Secretary, who ‘dreams’ of planes taking vulnerable people to Rwanda, has jumped on the “Ignoring sex at birth of offenders endangers crime policy” bandwagon being pushed by those out of Tufton Street. As usual, it’s all unhinged nonsense.

George Galloway

·         Newly elected Rochdale MP, George Galloway, largely won his seat due to his pro-Palestinian stance and anti-Labour and Conservative sentiment in the constituency. As well as delivering letters detailing his pro-Palestine views in the run-up to the election, the 69-year-old also targeted different areas of Rochdale with anti-trans letters.

Since being elected on Thursday last week, Galloway has been seen in a video where he claims “Russell Brand, Tucker Carlson, RFK Jr., and Lauren Boebert are/will be framed for sexual assault by the establishment for criticising the COVID vaccine and Ukraine, and then says Jan. 6 wasn’t an insurrection and implies a conspiracy behind it.”

It should be noted that this video is five months old

Galloway will be sworn in as an MP on Monday and it is expected that he will be introduced to the House by Jeremy Corbyn and Tory MP/Father of the House Peter Bottomley.

Badenoch and the EHRC

  • Claire’s Trans Talks has an excellent thread on Twitter where they reveal startling information from the EHRC’s extraordinary board meeting on October 24th, pointing to a lack of independence in an investigation influenced by government intervention. The discussion sheds light on issues within the EHRC’s adherence to the Paris Principles, specifically concerning its independence from the UK Government. GANHRI [Global Alliance of National Human Rights Institutions] have been informed ahead of a special review into the EHRC expected to take place later this Spring. It all raises further significant questions about the EHRC’s operations and the impact of government involvement on its accreditation and integrity.”In short,” Claire’s Trans Talks write, “it seems to reveal that Badenoch is indeed running the EHRC as a puppet organisation.”


  • Sitting from 2.30pm, the HoL will take oral questions on domestic violence, Ukrainian visas and the Post Office scandal followed by first day of the report on the Safety of Rwanda (Asylum and Immigration) Bill.


World Athletics’ policy excluding trans women participation is ‘here to stay,’ says president Sebastian Coe [CNN]

·         World Athletics President Sebastian Coe reinforces the organisation’s stance on transgender women’s participation in track and field, asserting that the existing regulations aimed at preserving the female category will remain in effect, despite being based on extremely dodgy/no science. Amidst controversy and criticism from LGBTQ rights groups, Coe emphasises the importance of maintaining ‘fairness’ in women’s sports when what he means is the importance of ‘excluding trans women’. The policy restricts transgender women who have experienced male puberty from competing in women’s events.


Ghana intensifies crackdown on rights of LGBTQ people and activists [Guardian]

·         Ghana’s parliament has approved new legislation significantly intensifying the crackdown on LGBTQ+ rights, introducing up to five years in prison for individuals involved in the ‘promotion, sponsorship, or support of LGBTQ+ activities’. This development, pending presidential approval, represents a significant setback for human rights in the region, amidst widespread support within the country.

The international community, including UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Volker Türk, has condemned the move, highlighting the potential for increased violence, stigma, and discrimination against LGBTQ+ individuals and activists.

American Psychological Association (APA) passes historic pro-trans resolution by a landslide [APA]

·         The American Psychological Association (APA), the world’s largest psychology organisation, passed a historic resolution opposing bans on gender-affirming care for transgender youth by a massive margin of 153-9.  They cite a vast body of research supporting the positive impact of such care. The policy highlights the necessity of this care, firmly opposes bans, and emphasises combating misinformation. It also recognises the harm caused by discrimination and non-affirmation towards transgender individuals, including increased suicide risk.

NY Attorney General sends cease-and-desist order to county executive over transgender sports ban [News channel 3-12]

·         New York Attorney General Letitia James has issued a cease-and-desist order to Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman, demanding the rescission of a ban preventing transgender athletes from participating in women’s and girls’ sports. The ban, which is deemed discriminatory and transphobic, violates state civil and human rights laws, prompting potential legal action if not reversed.

Colorado Democrats advance bills to protect transgender people’s use of a chosen name [Colorado Sun]

·         Colorado Democrats have successfully advanced two significant bills aimed at protecting the rights of transgender individuals to use their chosen names. House Bills 1071 and 1039, which sparked intense and emotional debates in the Colorado House, focus on allowing individuals with felony convictions to change their names in alignment with their gender identity and mandating school staff to use students’ chosen names, respectively. The bills now move to the Senate for further consideration, underscoring Colorado’s commitment to inclusivity and the protection of transgender rights in educational and legal contexts.

Judge blocks Texas AG from requiring info on transgender kids receiving gender transition treatment [Fox News]

·         A Texas judge has issued a temporary injunction against Attorney General Ken Paxton, preventing him from obtaining details about transgender children undergoing gender transition treatments from the LGBTQ+ advocacy group PFLAG National. The decision, made by Travis County District Court Judge Maria Cantú Hexsel, is seen as a protection of privacy and free speech rights, countering what she described as a “gross invasion” of privacy.

First federal hate crime trial over gender identity shows glaring failure to protect LGBTQ+ victims [Salon]

·         The historic conviction of Daqua Lameek Ritter in South Carolina marks the first federal hate crime trial based on gender identity, following the 2019 murder of Black transgender woman Pebbles LaDime “Dime” Doe. This significant legal milestone highlights the judicial system’s evolving approach to addressing hate crimes against the LGBTQ+ community. However, experts emphasise that this case, while a step forward, underscores the broader societal failures in protecting transgender and gender non-conforming individuals amid rising anti-trans rhetoric and violence. The trial’s outcome reflects the urgent need for more robust legal and societal responses to gender-identity-based hate.

Donald Trump and the Supreme Court

  • The US Supreme Court will issue its ruling today on whether or not former President and would-be dictator, Donald Trump, can appear on Colorado’s ballot ahead of Super Tuesday, when 16 states chooses their nominee for President.

Pope condemns ‘gender ideology’ [Reuters]

·         Pope Francis addressed the implications of what he terms ‘gender ideology’ during a two-day Vatican conference, highlighting concerns over the erasure of sex differences according to Christian teachings. As a specialist in made up things, the Pope emphasised the uniqueness of men and women and warned against the homogenisation of humanity while calling for research into the “ugly ideology” he believes threatens the foundational aspects of human identity. Every accusation a confession, once again. His comments, made during the “Man-Woman: Image of God. Towards an Anthropology of Vocations” conference, reflect organised religion’s continued attempts to force their beliefs down everybody else’s throat.

Argentinian president bans words [Telegraph]

·         President Javier Milei has banned the use of gender-neutral language described as “Marxist” in official government documents.


Protesting feminists

·         Doing their own personal brand of ‘feminism’ a handful of Gender Criticials protested outside actual feminist Patsy Stevenson’s talk. Not content with that, they also purchased tickets so they could shout ‘about dicks’ as Stevenson talked about misogyny in the police, deep fakes and AI. Stevenson tweeted, “Thank you so much to the people who bought tickets to the first talk I was in, just to shout transphobic hate, I’ve made sure the money you spent on those tickets will be donated to a trans rights charity. Thanks for your donation.”

Stevenson added that she would be topping it up to make a £100 donation.

JK Rowling is ‘anti-woke’ say supporters

·         An account set up to support JKR called ‘Written by JK Rowling’ says in one of their tweets “She is an inspiration to anti-woke dissidents across all continents”.


·         Trans ally, Humza Yousaf, SNP leader, and his wife Nadia El-Nakla, are expecting a second child.

·         Fadzai Madzingira is no longer the head of online safety at Ofcom, following her suspension in October due to sharing social media posts that criticised Israel and its activities in Gaza.


  • Celebrity Big Brother starts tonight at 9pm with a former RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant, Bimini Bon-Boulash rumoured to be going into the house.


·         The world still awaits the release of the podcast from Sex Matters’ Helen Joyce that she referenced in her defence of reading Harry Potter fanfic that featured non con sex between schoolkids. And how do we know she did this? Because she was doing her sensitive ‘research’ in large type in full view of the people in the seats behind her on a train.


·         Sex Matters Director Helen Joyce reads porn of teenagers for “research”

·         UK parliament set to debate LGBT+ inclusion in primary schools

·         Guardian try to heal internal anti-trans bigotry with meditation (not mediation)

·         Who’s behind the anti-trans Parkrun panic?

·         A plea to Esther Ghey and a quick guide on invading children’s privacy


  • Jude Doyle analyses Taylor Lorenz’s interview with Libs of TikTok hell demon, Chaya Raichik and why it was just awful. One of the best things you will read this month. [Jude Doyle]


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[1] SEEN in their own words describes itself as a “voice for police officers and staff who believe in biological reality and support the safety, rights and dignity of women and children”. These are gender critical beliefs.