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Publications known for taking an anti-trans stance are and will be referenced and linked. Often, these are the most comprehensive sources for these stories because of their obsession with trans people. I have tried to give a summary so you can make the choice if you want to click the link or seek out the information elsewhere.


Nearly a third of British scientists now believe biological sex is ‘non-binary’ [GB News]

  • A recent Censuswide* poll reveals that nearly a third of UK scientists, surveyed from British universities, consider biological sex to be non-binary. This survey, including a small sample of 200 scientists, challenges traditional biological concepts, which is not going down well at the Ofcom-challenged GB News [more below]. Dr. Wolfgang Goymann criticises this perspective, arguing it reflects a misunderstanding among academics regarding biological sex and gender when the misunderstanding is actually his and the real figure is most likely much higher than reported.

GCs start shouting match over a pond [Telegraph]

  • The Hampstead Ladies’ Pond confected controversy has culminated with transgender women retaining the right to use the facility, despite vocal opposition from a couple of gender-critical campaigners, who were angry that the majority cis-woman group didn’t want to listen to their unhinged ranting.

    The Kenwood Ladies’ Pond Association (KLPA) Annual General Meeting upheld inclusive practices, allowing trans women access to this women-only space. This decision aligns with the City of London Corporation’s 2019 gender identity policy, adhering to the Equality Act 2010, and reflects a commitment to inclusivity and the protection of rights for all women, including transgender women. The KLPA continues to promote a welcoming environment for all users, emphasising safety and respect within this unique refuge for all women and girls.

    The Cultists, who opposed trans inclusion, could be found on Twitter after the event wishing sexual assault on the ‘lesbians’ who hadn’t agreed with them while also throwing tantrums because their view wasn’t held up as the only one that should be listened to. They also got their mates at The Telegraph to publish three articles in their Tuesday edition [see below].

New Belfast café hoping to become safe space for LGBT community [Belfast Live]

  • Brewed by Them, a new cafe in Stranmillis, Belfast, founded by siblings David and Ray Black, seeks to establish a welcoming environment for the LGBT community. This venture follows their tattoo business, aiming to offer a judgment-free zone where individuals can feel accepted and supported. The cafe is part of the House of Them social space, encouraging community engagement and inclusivity, representing a significant step towards creating safe social spots in Belfast for the LGBT community.


Anti-trans EHRC commissioner gives talk to anti-trans Guardian staff network [WhatTheTrans]

  • Akua Reindorf, an EHRC Commissioner known for her anti-trans stance, recently addressed The Guardian and Observer Sex Equality and Equity Group (SEE), sparking anger due to the group’s stated transphobic objectives. This event has raised concerns about the continued spread of anti-trans rhetoric within mainstream media and the implications for the safety and well-being of the transgender community. The engagement reflects a concerning trend of collaboration between anti-trans groups and figures within influential platforms, furthering the divide and promoting exclusionary ideologies in public discourse and policies.

    You can read more on The Guardian and Observer Sex Equality and Equity Group (SEE) here in an exclusive I broke last year about the group and its aim to make The Guardian even more of a GC mouthpiece.

Lucy Dunn has become the new Diary Reporter for the ridiculously anti-trans Spectator [Lucy Dunn].

Ofcom summons GB News

  • Ofcom is summoning the executives of GB News for a ‘serious’ discussion regarding the channel’s editorial oversight. This follows the regulator’s conclusion that Laurence Fox’s offensive comments about political analyst Ana Evans were “degrading and demeaning” to both her and women in general, labelling them as unmistakably misogynistic. The situation was worsened, according to Ofcom, by host Dan Wootton’s laughter, which they believe intensified the harm caused. The full ruling can be found here.

Miriam Cates on Times Radio

  • Anti-trans, anti-abortion Tory MP Miriam Cates was given yet more airtime on Times Radio, appearing on their breakfast show at 7.35am.

Media-politics revolving door

  • After nearly 16 years as a parliamentary and lobby reporter, Emily Ashton from Bloomberg will be joining the Department of Health and Social Care as the deputy head of media relations.

Labour hosted a drinks bash for female political journos on Monday night. [Politico]

  • Reported to have been in attendance were: Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves, Shadow Attorney General Emily Thornberry, Labour Party Chair Anneliese Dodds, Shadow Ministers Sarah Jones, Catherine West, and Karin Smyth, PA Kieran Cunningham, Sam Lister from the Express, Eleanor Langford from the i, Pippa Crerar and Aletha Adu from the Guardian, Lucy Fisher from the FT, Kitty Donaldson from Bloomberg, Cat Neilan from Tortoise, Laura Silver from PoliticsHome, Sienna Rodgers and Harriet Symonds from the House, Katy Balls from the Spectator, and Millie Cooke from GB News.


The Times

  • The Times are concerned that an ‘expanded definition of extremism’ could include ‘gender critical feminists’. Anyone who has been on the receiving end of so-called ‘gender critical feminists’ and their vitriol knows that they should already be classified as extremists.
Times front page 5 March 2023 featruing headline "Tories divided over new definition of extremism" with sub title "Trans rights critics and traditional Christians could be caught up in crackdown on Islamism"

The Telegraph

  • Transgender hormone drug treatment linked to cancer [Daniel Martin]
Transgender hormone drug treatment linked to cancer The Daily Telegraph5 Mar 2024By Daniel Martin DEPUTY POLITICAL EDITOR DOCTORS on a leading transgender healthcare body have admitted that patients have developed cancer owing to the effects of hormone treatment.  Leaked emails show other medical professionals admitting that trans patients do not always understand the consequences of gender reassignment.  The cache of files from the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH), which sets guidelines that have influenced NHS treatment, show that doctors are carrying out life-changing surgery and prescribing puberty blockers even though they are aware the adults and children may not fully understand the long-term ramifications.  One doctor talked about a transgender person who died of cancer as a result of his hormone treatment. “I have one transition friend/colleague who, after about eight to 10 years of [testosterone] developed hepatocarcinoma [a form of liver cancer],” the doctor wrote.  “To my knowledge, it was linked to his hormone treatment… it was so advanced that he opted for palliative care and died a couple of months later.”  It is not clear from the documents if the person who died was made aware or knew about the side-effect.  Another said they would go ahead with a double mastectomy (called “top surgery”) on a 16-year-old girl even though hormones had likely given her liver cancer.  “The oncologist and surgeon both have indicated that the likely offending agent(s) are the hormones,” the doctor wrote.  “We are prepared to support the patient in any way we can (eg top surgery when medically stable, etc).”  Article Name:Transgender hormone drug treatment linked to cancer Publication:The Daily Telegraph Author:By Daniel Martin DEPUTY POLITICAL EDITOR Start Page:2 End Page:2
  • Ladies’ Pond swimmers lose battle to block trans access [Daily Telegraph reporter]
Ladies’ Pond swimmers lose battle to block trans access The Daily Telegraph5 Mar 2024By Daily Telegraph Reporter TRANSGENDER women will be allowed to continue using the Hampstead Ladies’ Pond, after a meeting on the issue descended into angry protests.  Gender critical campaigners are said to have shouted “traitors” and “shame on you” immediately after the vote at the Kenwood Ladies’ Pond Association (KLPA) AGM on Sunday.  Female swimmers lost a vote to bar trans women from swimming at the open-air venue on Hampstead Heath in north London, the Daily Mail reported.  Earlier, the two-hour meeting heard pleas from women who said they no longer felt safe using the pond.  Venice Allan, one campaigner at the meeting, told attendees it was “inevitable” that women and girls will be sexually assaulted.  She accused organisers of creating a “fantasy porn set” for “perverted men”.  A video shared by Ms Allan online shows her standing on a chair and shouting to a packed hall after the vote: “That when the inevitable happens, as a result of your trans inclusive policy, that the majority of women, and, so I’m told, two men, have voted for today, and one of these men, that you’re so inclusive of, attack or rape a woman or girl, I want you to remember that you voted for that. I hope you wake up in the middle of the night and remember that you made that act of male violence in a sacred woman’s space possible.  “Until then, enjoy maintaining the fantasy porn set that you’ve created for these perverted men and maintaining their erections.  “You’ll be glad to hear that you won’t be seeing me there ever again until this single-sex policy is implemented.”  Kenwood Ladies’ Pond opened in 1926 and is advertised as a “unique women-only space” that “provides a place of refuge and security for women and girls of all ages”.  It has been open to trans women since 2019 when the City of London Corporation, which runs the facility, adopted a new gender identity policy to be “fully compliant with the Equality Act 2010”.  A spokesman for KLPA said: “Members discussed a proposed resolution to amend the KLPA constitution to interpret the word woman ‘literally and biologically so that only those born female in sex can use the pond’… The proposed resolution was rejected by a large majority of the members present at the AGM.”  Article Name:Ladies’ Pond swimmers lose battle to block trans access Publication:The Daily Telegraph Author:By Daily Telegraph Reporter Start Page:7 End Page:7
  • I won’t sacrifice my safety just so a trans woman feels validated [Suzanne Moore]
I won’t sacrifice my safety just so a trans woman feels validated The Daily Telegraph5 Mar 2024Suzanne Moore  Making a splash: Hampstead Ladies’ Pond is open to transgender women A few years ago, I used to go to a small, women-only gym. It had a pool, a sauna and a steam room in which all kinds of women used to huddle and chat. Sometimes we would sit in silence, but often the Jewish Haredi women would like to socialise.  There were Muslim women too. This was a place they were allowed to come because it was women only and, in the steam, a bunch of us, some of whom for reasons of faith could not have gone to the local pool, would have a natter.  I often think of that time when wondering how “progressives” intent on ending single-sex spaces can square that with their valorisation of multiculturalism.  If you take away single-sex spaces, you stop some women from some communities being able to participate. All of this is ignored in the arguments about whether trans women – men who identify as women whether they have medically or surgically transitioned or not – can enter women’s spaces.  This argument grows ever more ludicrous. There is no women’s space or activity, from bathrooms to prisons to rape refuges to sports, that some male-bodied people are not lobbying to enter.  Male spaces, however, remain sacrosanct. In the name of inclusivity, the right to women’s privacy, dignity and safety, even language, are being trampled on.  Sometimes, it really matters: putting rapists in female prisons “piqued” a lot of the public, that’s for sure. Yet, rapists, murderers and paedophiles are still referred to as “she” in much of the media.  We then have to sit through dullards telling us that there is such a thing as fake trans people and real ones. Go tell it to their victims. All evidence shows that there is a pattern of male-style offending in trans women. This does not mean that all trans people are predatory, but this is not a fact women can ignore.  The latest row is over who can swim in Hampstead Ladies’ Pond, which has been open to transgender women since 2019. Some campaigners want this rule changed so that only “biological women” can use the pond. I have heard women complaining about seeing naked male genitalia in the changing room or sunbathing next to “people with erections”.  There is a male pond at Hampstead and a mixed one, so the solution seems obvious: the mixed pond is gender-neutral. Why is it so urgent for some of these people to be in women’s spaces anyway?  Much of the time, trans women want to be in female environments to validate their sense of identity.  Other women, then, serve as facilitators of trans identity. This validation is more important than any violation of women’s boundaries. Some women do not mind this, but some do. It would perhaps be nice to have a choice, but even that is controversial. A huge fuss was made over a lesbian organising a lesbian night for biological women attracted to their own sex, for instance.  All this is utter madness. You can’t force people to fancy whom they don’t fancy and you can’t tell women they have nothing to fear from men, however they identify, when there is an epidemic of assault and rape in this country.  Last week, the MP Jess Phillips read out the long list of women murdered in the last year to a mostly empty house. Meanwhile, a debate on conversion therapy showed the muddled thinking behind the bill.  You can’t legislate around terms that cannot be defined and gender identity is one such term. We saw the unedifying spectacle of straight but self-righteous Tory MP Alicia Kearns jabbing her finger and lecturing gay MP Neale Hanvey of the Alba Party because he left the T off LGBT.  As these ideologues always do, she repeated a load of revisionist nonsense about the Stonewall riots and accused Hanvey of saying trans people do not exist.  Trans people obviously do exist, but their existence is weaponised by the worst kind of activists to roll back women’s rights.  On issues such as puberty blockers, it turns out that enough evidence has made the NHS and many European countries see sense, but there are still battles to be won when psychotic, murderous men are called women because “biological sex” is apparently just a viewpoint.  This denial of reality is one of the most successful conspiracy theories going, for it has convinced half the establishment that it must repeat lies as truth.  So a Women’s Pond? Forget it. We end up with two mixed-sex ponds and a man’s pond, and that, ladies, is what we must now call equality.  Happy International Women’s Week, guys.  Article Name:I won’t sacrifice my safety just so a trans woman feels validated Publication:The Daily Telegraph Author:Suzanne Moore Start Page:3 End Page:3

Daily Mail

  • Some patients too young to consent, trans medics admit [Martin Beckford]
Some patients too young to consent, trans medics admit Daily Mail5 Mar 2024By Martin Beckford and Alex Ward DOCTORS who specialise in transgender healthcare have been exposed admitting privately that patients are sometimes too young or mentally ill to understand fully the consequences of their treatment.  Leaked messages from the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) reveal how medics acknowledged behind the scenes that teenagers given puberty-blocking drugs did not always realise they could never have children.  Some members of the US group, whose guidelines have influenced the NHS in England and the Scottish government, say they have gone ahead with surgery for people with severe mental health problems despite fears about whether they could give fully informed consent.  The messages, leaked from an internal WPATH forum, include some from experts discussing how patients developed tumours or died from cancer linked to hormone treatment. Critics say the private messages contradict public assurances that so-called gender-affirming care is ‘medically necessary’.  Psychoanalyst Dr David Bell, who in 2018 helped expose the scandal at the Tavistock gender clinic for young people in London, said last night: ‘Even for me the contents of these files are shocking and disturbing.  ‘The files suggest that some members of WPATH are aware that gender-affirming care sometimes causes very serious harm and that some patients who received irreversible medical treatments were incapable of giving meaningful consent.’  GP Louise Irvine said the revelations showed ‘an organisation that has been influential in UK policy for transgender health care is unscientific, cavalier with respect to potential harm to patients, and neglectful of the principles of medical consent’. Hundreds of messages from WPATH members – including surgeons, GPs and therapists – are being published today after being sent to US journalist Michael Shellenberger.  The material includes a recording of a talk in 2022 about how to deal with teens who want puberty blockers but do not understand the effect on their fertility.  Dan Metzger, a hormone specialist at a children’s hospital in Canada, told the meeting: ‘It’s always a good theory that you talk about fertility preservation with a 14-year-old, but I know I’m talking to a blank wall.  ‘Most of the kids are nowhere in any kind of a brain space to really talk about it in a serious way.’ He did not comment last night. In one exchange on the forum, a nurse asked what to do with a patient who wanted hormone treatment but had depression, PTSD and ‘schizoid-typical traits’. Dr Dan Karasic, who helped write WPATH’s mental health guidelines, replied: ‘Psychiatric illness should not block a person’s ability to start hormones if they have persistent gender dysphoria, capacity to consent, and the benefits... outweigh the risks.’  Approached by the Mail, he said: ‘Treatment is only prescribed when the patient has capacity to give informed consent and the medical provider and patient agree the benefits of treatment outweigh the risks.’  A gender therapist said they once sought consent from all the different personalities of a patient who had an identity disorder before prescribing hormone therapy. WPATH did not comment last night.  The Department of Health said NHS England ‘ moved away from WPATH guidelines more than five years ago’.  ‘Shocking and disturbing’  Article Name:Some patients too young to consent, trans medics admit Publication:Daily Mail Author:By Martin Beckford and Alex Ward Start Page:22 End Page:22


Suella Braverman calls for a ‘total’ ban on transitioning for under-18s [Pink News]

  • Suella Braverman, the former home secretary, has advocated for a complete ban on transitioning for individuals under 18 during a parliamentary session on conversion therapy last week. During the debate, she expressed wrongly held concerns over being criminalised for sharing her views on the trans community, particularly in discussions with her children. Braverman’s stance adds to the confected controversy surrounding the proposed legislation to ban LGBTQ+ conversion therapy, initially introduced by Tory Theresa May. The debate intensifies around whether the legislation should extend protections to trans individuals, with Braverman opposing such inclusion based on personal beliefs about gender and sex. The bill failed to advance in parliament after the session ended prematurely, attributed by some to filibustering tactics.

Calling trans killer Scarlet Blake a woman has added an ‘extra layer of horror’ to the case, says Suella Braverman [Mail Online]

  • Braverman added about a case which saw a random man murdered and a cat put in a blender, “The truth can be uncomfortable. But if our journalists fail to report the truth on basic matters like biology and on issues affecting public safety and criminal justice then we are on a slippery slope to a dystopian world of doublespeak, misinformation and dangerous deception.’ Orwellian.

Labour’s Shadow Health Minister Karin Smyth follows a host of anti-trans pop-up groups [India Willoughby]


George Galloway introduced to House of Commons by anti-trans Alba MP Neal Hanvey [Various]

  • In Monday’s edition, I noted that Politico said George Galloway would be sworn into the House of Commons after being introduced to the House by Jeremy Corbyn and ‘father of the house’, Tory Peter Bottomley. It seems their information was way off base as the anti-trans Galloway was actually introduced by Bottomley and the anti-trans Alba MP Neal Hanvey.

    Galloway has reportedly been given an office in the DUP corridor, presumably so they can unite over anti-woke causes, although Galloway said he would put a picture of the Pope on his door to wind up the Protestant dinosaurs. The DUP once ran a campaign in the north of Ireland called “Home Rule is Rome Rule” implying any form of self-governance in Ireland would be akin to being ruled by the Pope.

    As covered in yesterday’s edition, the Pope recently spoke out against trans people and ‘ugly gender ideology’, something that doesn’t exist. Then again, he likes to believe in things that don’t exist, so this is on brand.


  • Peers inflicted defeat against Rishi Sunak’s Safety of Rwanda (Asylum and Immigration) Bill, in backing by 274 votes to 172, majority 102, a move to ensure the legislation is fully compliant with domestic and international law. [Reuters]

    Conservative former Chancellor Ken Clarke told the House the bill “is solely about asserting a fact that is not a fact”.

    In total, the government lost five votes on the matter by the end of the evening and Home Secretary James Cleverly accused Labour, Lib Dem and crossbench peers of siding with people smugglers because they introduced amendments.


A girls basketball team kept beating the boys. The league kicked the girls out [NPR]

  • A successful girls’ basketball team in Ohio was banned from a league for boys after dominating the competition. The league cited safety concerns, saying they were worried that the boys’ frustration at losing would result in girls being hurt but the underlying issue is clearly deeply ingrained sexism within youth sports.

    “It happens all the time,” University of Cincinnati assistant professor Letisha Engracia Cardoso Brown said, “There’s this mythos that boys and men are innately always better than girls and women when it comes to sports.” Southwestern Ohio Basketball’s statement, meanwhile, said “Doing this for 28 years, what we have worried about is a boys team losing to a girls team (especially in the year end tourney), they may get frustrated and retaliate against a girl. Then we have liability issues.” In other words, because we live in a world where men must be better than women at everything, we must stop girls from beating boys, lest the boys struggle to deal with that and get violent.


Office For Civil Rights declares investigation into Owasso Public Schools over Nex Benedict [Erin In The Morning]

  • The U.S. Department of Education’s Office For Civil Rights has initiated an investigation into Owasso Public Schools for possible Title IX and Title II violations related to the harassment and bullying of LGBTQ+ students, in light of the death of transgender teen Nex Benedict. The investigation will examine the school’s response to harassment consistent with federal laws and the impact of state policies on the school environment. This move follows a formal complaint by the Human Rights Campaign, highlighting the urgent need for a safer educational climate for all students.

Missouri bill makes teachers sex offenders if they accept trans kids’ pronouns [Riverfront Times]

  • A proposed bill in the Missouri House, HB2885, introduced by Representative Jamie Gragg, could classify teachers as sex offenders for acknowledging transgender students’ chosen pronouns and supporting their social transition. This cruel legislation aims to restrict educators’ ability to provide a supportive environment for trans and gender non-conforming children, aligning the act of aiding a child’s social transition with serious legal consequences. The bill’s potential impact raises significant concerns regarding the mental health and safety of trans youth in Missouri, amid a backdrop of increasing anti-trans legislation across the United States.

Iowa Poll: 49% oppose birth certificate requirements for trans Iowans [Des Moines Register]

  • A new poll reveals that more Iowans oppose Governor Kim Reynolds‘ proposed bill, which mandates the inclusion of both sex at birth and current gender identity on transgender individuals’ birth certificates, than support it. The Des Moines Register/Mediacom Iowa Poll indicates a divide among the state’s residents, with implications for the transgender community’s rights and recognition. Critics label the bill as an attempt to erase transgender identities, while supporters use their standard lie to argue it protects women’s rights.

West Virginia House OKs bill doctors say would eliminate care for most at-risk transgender youth [CBS News]

  • The West Virginia House of Delegates has approved a controversial bill, criticised by medical professionals, which could severely limit medical care for at-risk transgender youth. The legislation, aiming to restrict hormone therapy and other gender-affirming treatments, has sparked debate between lawmakers and healthcare providers over the best approach to treating transgender minors with severe gender dysphoria. Despite opposition from over 500 healthcare experts and major medical organisations, the bill progresses to the Senate.

After ‘hate crime’, University of Hyderabad [India] plans to make campus inclusive, frame transgender policy [The Moonknayak]

  • Following an alleged hate crime involving the burning of transgender students’ clothing, the University of Hyderabad plans to establish a comprehensive transgender policy aimed at fostering an inclusive campus environment. The decision, prompted by student protests and advocacy, marks a significant step towards ensuring equality and safety for transgender students. The initiative seeks to address accommodation issues, provide support mechanisms, and comply with legal judgments to protect transgender rights. The university’s efforts reflect a growing recognition of the need for systemic changes to support the transgender community within academic institutions.

El Salvador President Bukele attacks gender theory and removes it from public schools [El Pais]

  • In a significant move within El Salvador’s education sector, President Nayib Bukele has declared the exclusion of gender theory from the national curriculum. This decision, aligned with Bukele’s previous public statements against what he terms ‘gender ideologies’, has been officially adopted by the Salvadoran Ministry of Education. The announcement comes shortly after Bukele’s confirmation of victory in a recent electoral process, where he garnered substantial support, securing his re-election with a notable majority.

Chinese transgender activist resurfaces in Hong Kong prison after going missing in 2023 [RNZ] [Amnesty International]

  • Listen to RNZ’s Hong Kong correspondent talk to Lisa Owen about the case.
  • Amnesty International calls for Hong Kong not to deport Chinese transgender activist Lai Ke to mainland China, highlighting risks of persecution and human rights violations. Lai, set for release after a prison term for document forgery, faces imminent deportation, which could expose her to serious harm due to her activism and identity.

German mission lawn hosts first transgender market [Telegraph India]

  • The German consulate general hosted its first-ever pop-up market specifically for the transgender community on its lawns, marking a unique initiative by the diplomatic mission in India. The market featured a variety of stalls, offering everything from jewellery and paintings to salon services and pet care.

High time T.N. govt. conducts survey to collect contemporaneous data on transgender population, says Madras High Court [The Hindu]

  • The Madras High Court has urged the Tamil Nadu government to conduct a survey to accurately count the transgender population, aiming to implement adequate ‘horizontal reservations’ for them in education and public sectors. Chief Justice Sanjay V. Gangapurwala and Justice D. Bharatha Chakravarthy recommend the involvement of NGOs for an effective survey. This push comes after a PIL by transgender activist Grace Banu Ganesan advocating for exclusive transgender reservations, mirroring Karnataka’s 1% horizontal reservation. The court has requested an update by April 17, also suggesting the establishment of third-gender toilets in public spaces, following an example set by the Kalaignar Centenary Bus Terminus in Chennai.

The first trans voting centre in the US is set to open in Los Angeles [Pink News]

  • The first trans-specific voting centre in the US is set to open in Los Angeles at The Connie Norman Transgender Empowerment Center, aimed at providing a safe and inclusive environment for the 2024 presidential election. Open to all, the centre focuses on empowering the trans, non-binary, and wider LGBTQ+ community to participate in the democratic process. Available from 2-5 March for the California Democratic primary and again for the general election on 5 November, the centre also offers essential resources and support for the trans community.


  • Founder of ‘Ex-gay’ group comes out as trans – again [OutSFL]
    The founder of the “ex-gay” group Freedom March, has publicly transitioned. This announcement, made by the CHANGED Movement, a Christian network advocating for those leaving LGBTQ identities, has, naturally, sparked ‘varied’ reactions. While expressing sadness over Scarlet McCall’s decision, CHANGED emphasised continued support and prayers for her.

    McCall, who previously led rallies promoting the belief in conversion from LGBTQ identities through faith, has shared her journey of personal struggles and relationships with men since 2020, contradicting the group’s public stance. Despite these experiences, she claims spiritual growth and a strengthened relationship with God.

  • JK Rowling’s slide towards Full Glinner continues as she tweeted about India Willoughby that “India didn’t become a woman. India is cosplaying a misogynistic male fantasy of what a woman is.” The subtlety that she was so adept at using to give the ignorant cover is being discarded. That wasn’t even her only tweet in this fashion, with another referring to Willoughby as “a man revelling in his misogynistic performance of what he thinks a ‘woman’ means: narcissistic, shallow and exhibitionist.”
  • Sex Matters’ Maya Forstater then joined in, quote tweeting Rowling, adding “For the avoidance of doubt: India Willoughby is a man” showing, once again, that she still doesn’t understand her own tribunal ruling.
  • Cultists outraged at Spanish Doritos [Newsweek]
    Doritos Spain
    , part of PepsiCo Spain, is currently facing an attempt to create a public backlash after announcing transgender artist Samantha Hudson as its new brand ambassador. The ‘controversy’ stems from what are reported to be Hudson’s past tweets which ‘critics’ claim are akin to pedo fantasies, a standard accusation from the cult. The ‘critics’ mentioned in the Newsweek article linked above include the likes of Elon Musk fanboy, and general wrong ‘un, Ian Miles Cheong, and an anonymous Twitter user called ‘End Wokeness’. The artificially amplified ‘backlash’ is part of a wider tantrum over the inclusion of transgender individuals in any brand campaigns. This was highlighted by previous pants-wetting episodes such as the Bud Light boycott in April 2023 when Bud Light sent one trans person a single can of beer with their own face on it. As usual, the free speech warriors are calling for a boycott against Doritos, adding yet another name to their endless list.

    Having sought out the reported tweets, albeit on a not very deep dive, I saw nothing that didn’t appear to be an incredibly bad photoshop job, but if someone can point me to actual tweets that say what they claim, I will issue an immediate correction. As it stands, I don’t believe what they are claiming, which should be the starting position as standard when dealing with the cult. Unlike them, however, I am willing to admit if I am wrong. If you go looking yourself, be warned, what they claim is vile.


  • On Monday, the US Supreme Court ruled unanimously that states may not unilaterally disqualify Donald Trump from the ballot and that only Congress can decide. [Various]
  • Chris Packham received a green light to challenge the government in court for watering down some of its net-zero targets. [Independent]
  • France became the first country to enshrine the freedom to have an abortion in its constitution as countries across Europe and the U.S. make the procedure harder to access. [Politico]
  • Today is ‘super Tuesday’ in the US, with 15 states and one territory set to choose their pick for the next President.
  • The unelected Foreign Secretary, David Cameron, who was made a Lord in order to allow him to take up the role, will be in the House of Lords at the dispatch box for a debate on foreign affairs.
  • Conservative MP Paul Scully has become the latest Tory to say he is stepping down at the next election.
  • Former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has initiated legal action against Nigel Farage due to what he describes as a “highly defamatory statement” made about him. [Jeremy Corbyn]


  • MPs sit from 11.30 a.m. with health and social care questions.


  • “Fascism, as Mhairi Black said, arrives under the guise of respectability. And over 6 years the anti trans movement has gone from “reasonable concerns” to outright abuse and calls for the elimination of trans people. But still they say it’s about “womens rights”. It never was.” [SpeakOutSister]



“Trust has never mattered more”: What’s going on at the Guardian…? [UnCommon Sense]


Everyday Injustice Podcast Episode 131: The Life of an Incarcerated Transgender Woman [The Davis Vanguard]

  • This podcast interview wastes no time in getting to the heart of some of the worst issues trans women face in prison. It opens talking about sexual violence, before going on to talk about how Angie Gordon ended up being sentenced to a 48-year-to-life term for ‘multiple violent felonies’.

    As you might expect, the whole podcast comes with a massive content warning for multiple subjects including talk about sexual violence, violence, drug abuse, addiction, transphobia, and homophobia. Some opinions may not be ones you agree with. It does, however, offer a rarely-heard first-hand account of being a trans woman, in a US men’s prison, who came to accept who she was after incarceration. Gordon also talks about navigating life in a male prison in order to protect her safety along with the fundamental problems in prisons when it comes to protecting inmates and how conditions exacerbate crime in order to justify prisons. Running time: 30 minutes.


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*Cenuswide focus on providing quantitative and qualitative research across various sectors, including consumer, corporate, and healthcare, with locations in London, Bristol, Scotland, and Dubai. They do not appear to have political leanings in any direction but I am happy to be corrected on that if I am wrong as my search was cursory.