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[25 March 2024]

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Publications known for taking an anti-trans stance are and will be referenced and linked. Often, these are the most comprehensive sources for these stories because of their obsession with trans people. I give a summary for those stories so you can make the choice if you want to click the link or seek out more information elsewhere.


  • ‘Abducted’ 21-year-old trans man Alex Franco found shot dead in Utah desert.
  • Pepper spray reportedly used by police on protestors as Royal College of General Practitioners host conversion therapy conference in London.
  • Second weekend protest passes off peacefully.
  • Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health criticises Department for Education’s draft guidance on handling gender questioning and transgender children in England’s schools.
  • Survey of over 90,000 trans people shows vast improvement in life satisfaction after transition.
  • Angela Rayner – Trans women are women.
  • New legal challenge aims to restrict private gender clinics for teenagers.
  • BBC revises editorial guidance after JK Rowling transphobia apologies.
  • ITV’s diversity head a surprising contender for BBC sports leadership.
  • Twitter now flagging ‘cis’ as ‘hateful conduct’.
  • 6th Annual Football v Transphobia week of action runs until Trans Day of Visibility.
  • First Lady Jill Biden slams attacks on LGBTQ+ rights by ‘MAGA extremists’ at Human Rights Campaign dinner.
  • White House agrees to ban pride flags at US embassies in spending bill deal.
  • Drag Queen Story Hour event cancelled after bomb threats force mass evacuation in Pennsylvania.
  • Arrests in Melbourne as alleged ‘neo-Nazis’ show up at gender-critical rally.
  • Policeman suspected of child abduction.
  • Ireland’s designation of UK as ‘safe third country’ is unlawful, rules High Court.
  • Billions in Covid deals given to firms linked to Plymouth Brethren sect.
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Pepper spray reportedly used by police on protestors as Royal College of General Practitioners host conversion therapy conference in London [Various]

  • A protest against conversion therapists being hosted by the RCGP was met with reported violence from the police on Saturday. This was then followed up by right-wing media coverage which, of course, lied about what had happened and who was involved. You can read more about that below in the PAPERS section.

    A statement from The Transgender Action Block, said, “Today the conversion therapy conference at the RCGP took place, where conversion therapists (torturers) from across the world convened in Britain at an institution representing 55,000 GPs. Trans and Queer antifascists took action against the conference, and were met with pepper spray deployed by police bastards spraying indiscriminately into the crowd (Inspector – 22631I) during attempted (and one successful) arrests.” You can read the full statement here.

    Netpol also issued a brief statement, saying on twitter, “Netpol condemns the shameful police violence – including the use of pepper spray – at today’s demonstration outside a transphobic conversion “therapy” conference hosted by the @rcgp”.

Second protest passes off peacefully

  • A protest on Sunday against the ban on hormone blockers seems to have passed off peacefully, although police reportedly stopped the protestors using a megaphone under the new authoritarian anti-protest laws, telling them they could be arrested. They were in Parliament Square.

Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health responds to Department for Education’s draft guidance on handling gender questioning and transgender children in England’s schools [RCPCH]

  • In response to the Department for Education‘s anti-trans draft guidance on handling gender questioning and transgender children in England‘s schools, RCPCH raise ‘deep concerns’ about the negative impacts on child wellbeing. They say that the guidance does not prioritise children’s best interests, potentially violating the Children Act 1989 and risks bullying. Their concerns also include the guidance’s compatibility with the Equality Act 2010 and human rights conventions. Download and read the response in full here.

Angela Rayner – Trans women are women [Guardian]

  • The Labour deputy leader said, when asked if she knows what a woman is, “Yeah, sure. We have biological women and we have trans women. And they’re both women: one is a biological woman through sex, and one is a trans woman who has transitioned. Most of the public can get that.” And it really is that simple to not be an arse.

6th Annual Football v Transphobia week of action runs until Trans Day of Visibility [Football v Homophobia]

Survey of over 90,000 trans people shows vast improvement in life satisfaction after transition [NBC]

  • The National Center for Transgender Equality‘s 2022 U.S. Transgender Survey, involving over 90,000 participants, revealed significant life satisfaction improvements in trans people post-transition, despite facing persistent workplace and medical discrimination. While the survey highlights a troubling rate of discrimination, with impacts on employment, healthcare access, and education, it also underscores a strong trend towards increased wellbeing after transition.
  • Key stats from the survey
    • The survey included 92,329 respondents from every state and many U.S. territories, making it the largest survey of the transgender community in the U.S. to date.
    • Of the 84,170 adult respondents, 38% identified as nonbinary, 35% as transgender women, 25% as transgender men, and 2% as cross-dressers.
    • More than one-third (34%) of adult respondents were experiencing poverty at the time of the survey, and 18% were unemployed.
    • Over 10% of respondents who had ever held jobs reported being fired, forced to resign, or losing jobs due to their gender identity or expression.
    • 30% of respondents had experienced homelessness in their lifetimes.
    • 48% of adult respondents who saw healthcare providers in the previous 12 months reported having had at least one negative experience related to being transgender.
    • Fear of mistreatment prevented 24% of respondents from seeing doctors when needed in the 12 months before the survey.
    • 80% of adult respondents who were out or perceived as trans in school experienced mistreatment, including verbal harassment and physical attacks.
    • Of the 8,159 respondents aged 16 and 17, 60% reported mistreatment in school.
    • 79% of adult respondents reported being “a lot more satisfied” with their lives after transitioning, with an additional 15% reporting being “a little more satisfied.”
    • Of respondents currently receiving hormone treatment, 84% said it made them “a lot more satisfied” with their lives.
    • 88% of respondents who underwent gender-affirming surgery said it made them “a lot more satisfied.”



BBC revises editorial guidance after JK Rowling transphobia apologies [Deadline]

  • BBC presenters have been instructed to challenge accusations of transphobia following ‘errors’ in reporting on JK Rowling, who was labelled ‘transphobic’ without challenge. The BBC do not seem to have any plans to challenge actual transphobia, just those making accusations.

    In a totally separate matter, as we reported in the Trans Agenda #15, Rowling recently had a tweet about trans people removed by the EU for illegal/hateful conduct. Over the weekend, she said she was going to take time off twitter while on holiday. Thankfully, she has.

New legal challenge aims to restrict private gender clinics for teenagers [News Statesman]

  • Written by anti-trans activist Hannah Barnes, this article talks about a legal challenge against the UK’s Care Quality Commission (CQC) for licensing a private gender clinic, Gender Plus. Gender Plus offers hormone treatment to trans youth from age 16. The lawsuit, led by a therapist and a parent of a transgender teen, argues the CQC shouldn’t have approved the clinic because the long-term effects of hormone treatment on young people are unknown. Meanwhile, the long-term effects of denying hormone treatment to trans people are well documented. NHS England recently announced it would offer similar hormone treatment starting “around their 16th birthday.”

    Gender Plus argues their approach aligns with best practices, and the lawsuit doesn’t change their operations as they don’t treat anyone under 16 anyway. The CQC defends its decision, highlighting their consideration of best practices during the licensing process. The article concludes without mentioning anything about the negative impacts of delaying hormone treatment for trans youth because that is never a consideration.

ITV’s diversity head a surprising contender for BBC sports leadership [Sunday Telegraph]

  • Four candidates are vying for the BBC‘s head of sports role, with ITV’s diversity chief Ade Rawcliffe emerging as an unexpected contender. The process has been unusually lengthy for reasons that don’t seem to be clear but likely point to the internal war at the BBC between those who want them to actually be fair and impartial and those who want them to be an arm of the government.

Twitter now flagging ‘cis’ as ‘hateful conduct’

  • Elon Musk had threatened it and now he has delivered. Despite trans people being subjected to daily attacks using some of the vilest language imaginable, the snowflake billionaire has declared ‘cis’ as hate speech.

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Weekend papers

The Observer

  • Sonia Sodha did not reproduce her one article this weekend.

The Mail on Sunday

  • Despite dedicating 12 pages to covering the Princess of Wales’ announcement, the Mail still had room for some trans hate, but just the one piece, unlike last weekend. Despite what they claim, it was not a ‘mob’, it was a protest that seems to have been attacked by the police for no reason, as discussed above in NEWS.
CBBC doctor ‘leads trans mob’s bid to storm conference in puberty blocker row’ The Mail on Sunday24 Mar 2024By Connor Stringer  A CBBC presenter has been accused of leading a transgender rights mob that yesterday set off smoke bombs and tried to storm a conference on gender issues.  Dr Ronx Ikharia, who presents Operation Ouch!, was seen using a loud hailer outside a meeting of doctors and academics at the Royal College of General Practitioners in London.  Police and security staff clashed with dozens of activists who set off smoke bombs and tried to get into the building, but no arrests were made.  Inside the venue, experts from the Clinical Advisory Network on Sex and Gender (Can-SG) discussed issues such as the dangers of sex-change drugs for children.  The protest came days after ministers banned children from being prescribed puberty blockers on the NHS.  In a speech outside the First Do No Harm conference, Dr Ronx said: ‘I am a doctor of 13 years, I am a trans, non-binary doctor and Can-SG is doing harm.’  Dr Ronx, 40, presents alongside twin doctors Chris and Xand van Tulleken on the popular children’s health show Operation Ouch! Last night, Stephanie Davies-Arai, of campaign group Transgender Trend, said: ‘A CBBC presenter should not be involved in protests against evidence-based medical care for children.  ‘That Dr Ronx led a mob that prevented attendees from accessing the conference is a serious public order infraction.’  Conference speakers included Dr Anna Hutchinson, education lead for the new NHS gender services for children, and Sonia Appleby, former safeguarding lead at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust, which had its gender clinic ordered to close after it was deemed ‘not safe’.  In an Instagram post yesterday, Dr Ronx said: ‘To see people who are “professionals” tut, frown and take pictures of us as if we are the enemy whilst accessing the conference was not nice. The intellectualisation of trans bodies frames our existence as debatable.’  Author Helen Joyce said: ‘This is somebody with influence with children. Adults were behaving like tantruming toddlers.’  A police spokesman said: ‘At 9.45am a group attempted to gain access to an event in Euston Square. A smoke flare was set off. No reported injuries or damage.’  The BBC declined to comment. A source said Dr Ronx is not a BBC staff member and so is not covered by the broadcaster’s guidelines on protests.  Article Name:CBBC doctor ‘leads trans mob’s bid to storm conference in puberty blocker row’ Publication:The Mail on Sunday Author:By Connor Stringer Start Page:20 End Page:20

The Sunday Telegraph

  • They have their usual full page of anti-trans hate and lies.
GPs taken out of day jobs to deal with gender services Extra roles prompt fears medics will be drawn away from general practices The Sunday Telegraph24 Mar 2024HEALTH EDITOR By Laura Donnelly FAMILY doctors are being put in charge of local NHS gender services, as specialist clinics become overwhelmed.  GPs will carry out assessments, recommend hormone treatment and make referrals for gender reassignment surgery – prompting concern that they will be drawn away from where they are most needed. Health officials have set up new schemes, deploying GPs to take on work previously done by specialist clinics, as they warn that the current system cannot keep up with demand.  Pressure groups raised concern that responsibility for life-changing decisions was being handed to those with inadequate specialist knowledge.  In one pilot scheme which has just been launched across Sussex, family doctors and nurses will be asked to carry out specialist assessments of adults with concerns around “gender dysphoria”. The roles will see GPs taking decisions about whether patients should be prescribed hormone therapy, voice coaching to “feminise” or “masculinise” their voices or referred for gender reassignment surgery.  Those running the service, which has just begun taking patients, said all staff will be given specialist training from a centre for transgender health care in Nottingham with which it has been paired. It is one of five pilot schemes commissioned by NHS England which will mean those aged 17 and over who are considering medical treatment to change gender will receive consultations from GPs and staff working in sexual health services.  The moves come despite a national shortage of GPs, with a shortfall of more than 4,000 family doctors.  GP Louise Irvine, from the Clinical Advisory Network on Sex and Gender, said: “This will take GPs away from where they are desperately needed in general practice, which is suffering from a shortage of GPs.”  The doctor said GPs were being expected to deliver services without a clear evidence base or rationale.  One NHS pilot scheme staffed by GPs describes itself as “trans and non-binary-led”, describing trans and non-binary people as “the experts of their own experience”.  In documents seen by this newspaper, health officials suggest that the controversial shift is necessary because existing specialist clinics cannot cope with demand.  In the past decade, the number of referrals to adult gender dysphoria clinics has risen by 280 per cent, the NHS England report warns, highlighting average waits of three years for a first appointment, and a risk of harm to those facing such delays.  “Based on waiting times and workforce shortages, there are concerns that the historical Gender Dysphoria Clinic model is not sustainable in its current form,” it says.  The document, dated March 2023, warned that 28,000 people are waiting for a first appointment at a gender dysphoria clinic, including 1,100 in Sussex.  Stephanie Davies Arai, the founder and director of Transgender Trend, an organisation calling for evidence-based health care, raised concerns that some of the schemes gave too much authority to those from the trans community, rather than to those taking an independent view.  Guidance issued by the British Medical Association in October says that GPs should “understand gender incongruence and the issues involved to ensure quality care is provided”. However, it says: “We need to balance what can be expected of GPs and the expertise which should rightly remain with specialist services.”  An NHS spokesman said: “While GPs will continue to focus on delivering a record number of routine appointments, a small number of primary care services alongside sexual health clinics will run gender dysphoria clinics, with staff in those services receiving specialist training from the Royal College of Physicians.”  ‘This will take GPs away from where they are needed in general practice’  Article Name:GPs taken out of day jobs to deal with gender services Publication:The Sunday Telegraph Author:HEALTH EDITOR By Laura Donnelly Start Page:16 End Page:16
Doctors are ambushed by ‘aggressive’ trans protesters The Sunday Telegraph24 Mar 2024By Henry Bodkin  Dozens of police officers were required to prevent the demonstrators entering the conference in central London DOCTORS at a gender-critical conference were ambushed by “aggressive” masked protesters who let off a smoke bomb and had to be held back by police.  Dozens of officers were required to prevent the demonstrators entering the first conference of the Clinical Advisory Network on Sex and Gender conference held yesterday in London.  Video footage showed the protesters blocking the entrance and jostling with police.  Held at the headquarters of the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP), the conference brought together doctors, academics and parents “to discuss current controversies in the care of children and young people with gender-related distress…”  One attendee said on X, formerly Twitter, that the protesters had been violent. Another, Elaine Miller, a physiotherapist, said: “Met Police were great outside RCGP when a crowd of very aggressive, masked and mistaken people were cross that a bunch of healthcare professionals want to talk about excellence in healthcare.”  Jane Symons, vice-chair of the Medical Journalists’ Association, said: “It’s the first time I have ever attended a medical conference requiring police protection. Healthcare should be driven by evidence not ideology.” One banner appeared to read “trans power”.  Speakers at the conference, the first staging of its kind, included Sonia Appleby, the former safeguarding lead at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust, whose transgender clinic was ordered to be shut down after a review found it was “not safe” for children after puberty blockers were given to children as young as 12 at the clinic.  Another speaker was Ritchie Herron, who was billed to speak about his regrets at undergoing hormone treatment and genital surgery.  A statement by the Metropolitan Police said: “At 9.45 a group attempted to gain access to an event in Euston Square – they were prevented from doing so by police.”  Article Name:Doctors are ambushed by ‘aggressive’ trans protesters Publication:The Sunday Telegraph Author:By Henry Bodkin Start Page:16 End Page:16

It wasn’t an ambush, it was a well-publicised protest and a protest is not an ‘ambush’.

NHS puts trans teens at ‘risk of harm’, warns gender clinic head The Sunday Telegraph24 Mar 2024SPECIAL CORRESPONDENT By Hayley Dixon NHS ENGLAND (NHSE) is putting trans teenagers at “unreasonable risk of irreversible harm”, the head of a gender clinic will warn in a legal battle over treatment.  Two mothers are suing the health service over concerns that as soon as a teenager turns 17, they can transfer to adult gender clinics and be fast-tracked to surgery and sex-change drugs.  This is despite a recent crackdown on treatment for under-18s, including a ban on puberty blockers and a guarantee of assessment of underlying mental-health conditions before treatment is given for gender issues.  The mothers, who both have “vulnerable” teenage daughters seeking sexchange surgery, are now taking the case to the High Court in an attempt to force NHSE to guarantee the same protections at adult clinics.  Dr Karl Neff, the head of Ireland’s National Gender Service, will warn the judge that the treatment currently offered to adults in England “will not fully meet their needs or offer them adequate protection and thereby will place them at unreasonable risk of irreversible harm”.  The judge will hear that in 2019, 17-year-olds made up 18 per cent of referrals to adult gender services, the largest single group by age. Since then, NHSE has written to all those of that age who were on the Tavistock waiting list telling them that instead they will go straight to the adult clinic.  Anna Castle, one of the mothers bringing the case, said that “something needs to be done about the lack of evidence-based and multi-disciplinary care and the fact that our children and vulnerable people are being sent on a one-way pathway without having any of their other conditions considered”.  Ms Castle said sex-change surgery “is the most extreme decision anyone could make about their body”.  “But it has the least amount of safeguarding and preliminary investigation into whether it is actually necessary and then there is no evidence as to whether it actually helps,” she added.  Dr Neff said that “a major discrepancy” between the NHSE service for adults and the model of care at his clinic was that in England there is no “mandated specialist mental-health assessment”.  Ms Castle and the second mother, listed only as XYZ, will launch an appeal for permission to hold a judicial review at London’s High Court on Tuesday.  An NHS spokesman said a written application for the permission was rejected by the High Court in December last year “including because there was no arguable case”.  The spokesman said: “The court accepted that NHS England’s service specifications for both adult and children’s gender services are aimed at securing personalised and specialised assessments that address all aspects of the patient’s history and presentation, and that they are conducted by experienced clinicians.”  ‘A sex change is the most extreme decision anyone could make’  Article Name:NHS puts trans teens at ‘risk of harm’, warns gender clinic head Publication:The Sunday Telegraph Author:SPECIAL CORRESPONDENT By Hayley Dixon Start Page:16 End Page:16
Sex reassignment in minors ‘ethical scandal’, says report The Sunday Telegraph24 Mar 2024By Henry Samuel in Paris FRENCH senators want to ban gender transition treatments for under-18s, after a report described sex reassignment in minors as potentially “one of the greatest ethical scandals in the history of medicine”.  The report, commissioned by the opposition centre-Right Les Republicains (LR) party, documents various practices by health professionals, which it claims are indoctrinated by a “trans-affirmative” ideology under the sway of experienced trans-activist associations. The report, which cites a “tense scientific and medical debate”, accuses such associations of encouraging gender transition in minors via intense propaganda campaigns on social media.  Jacqueline Eustache-Brinio, an LR senator who led the working group behind the report, concluded that “fashion plays a big role” in the rise of gender reassignment treatments. If this factor and the risks involved are underestimated, she added, “the sexual transition of young people will be considered as one of the greatest ethical scandals in the history of medicine”.  LR senators now want to table a Bill by the summer that would effectively ban the medical transition of minors in France by halting the prescription or administration of puberty blockers and hormones to people under the age of 18. Sex reassignment surgery could also be banned for minors.  Maud Vasselle, a mother whose daughter underwent gender transition treatment, told Le Figaro: “A child is not old enough to ask to have her body altered. My daughter just needed the certificate of a psychiatrist, which she obtained after a one-hour consultation. But doctors don’t explain the consequences of puberty blockers,” she added.  “My daughter didn’t realise that life wasn’t going to be so easy with all these treatments .”  Clément Moreau, the clinical psychologist and coordinator of the mental health unit of the association Espace Santé Trans (Trans Health Space), criticised the report: “Using blockers if necessary or hormones before coming of age reduces the rate of suicidality, depression and anxiety.” LR senators want to accelerate the ban of puberty blockers following the report.  Article Name:Sex reassignment in minors ‘ethical scandal’, says report Publication:The Sunday Telegraph Author:By Henry Samuel in Paris Start Page:17 End Page:17

All just lies, propaganda, misinformation and hate dressed up as ‘concern’.

Today’s papers


  • There are no articles about trans people in Monday’s Guardian.

Daily Mail

  • There are no articles about trans people in Monday’s Daily Mail.

Daily Telegraph

  • There are no articles specifically about trans people in Monday’s edition of the Daily Telegraph, which is quite the thing to see. Columnist and idiot, Tim Stanley, does lie about trans people and ‘transgenderism’ in his piece on Scotland’s new hate crime law, but it’s Tim Stanley and he’s wrong about everything, not just trans-specific stuff.
    Yousaf ’s ‘Tory-free’ Scotland is no longer free The SNP’S Hate Crime Act is liberal hypocrisy in its purest form, defending only the beliefs of its authors The Daily Telegraph25 Mar 2024TIM STANLEY  Devolution has been a disaster for the UK. Wales is run by incompetents; Northern Ireland by the political wing of a terror group; and Scotland by a bully who has issued a call to make his nation “Tory free”. Whether Humza Yousaf meant “Tory” as a synonym for “the English” or just people to the Right of him, it fits with a party that has used self-rule to remake the nation in its own image, willing Scotland to become so self-consciously progressive that it will simply have to break away from far-right Britain to preserve its virtue.  Consider the Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Act, which takes effect on April 1 and extends the offence of “stirring up racial hatred” to the realms of religion, age, disability, sexual orientation and transgender ID. Appropriately, it replaces the old Scottish blasphemy law. Hate crime legislation, like edicts against blasphemy, isn’t only about order and justice but also defining what the community regards as sacred or taboo.  In past ages it was God vs sacrilege; today it is identity vs prejudice. Lo, the Scottish Government’s own website says that the Act clarifies “the type of behaviour that is not acceptable”, pointing towards “the inclusive and equal society that Scotland aspires to”.  Well, I cannot object to that – if only to avoid arrest. Braver writers, however, have raised a few criticisms.  First, blasphemy laws rarely defend all faith in general, but rather the specific beliefs of the authors – and in that spirit, the Stirring Up Act makes an interesting choice. It proscribes hate on the basis of transgenderism but not on the basis of sex, suggesting that transphobia is a more serious problem than misogyny and potentially creating a loophole by which trans activists can be horrid to feminists but not the other way around. (The SNP promises that all this will be cleared up with a later law on sexism.)  This leads us to the inevitable challenge of vexatious complaints: highly likely when the offences are so poorly defined and the Act covers everything from newspaper columns (oh dear) to tweets (yikes!) to private conversations (I’m going to jail).  Anonymous complaints are welcome; centres have been set up to receive them. The SNP has told Scots not to worry because the fuzz will receive training not to overreact – and if the notion of the police being objective and proportionate makes you howl with laughter, enjoy this expression of free thought while you still can. Police Scotland has already issued an instructive cartoon of a “hate monster” that grows “when yer feeling insecure [or] when ye feel angry”, erupting into prejudice “just ’cause folk look or act different fae you”.  If anything, the patronising language makes one feel more inadequate by evoking a telling off by a primary school teacher, as if 9/11 could have been avoided had Osama been taught the importance of sharing. But of course, this guff isn’t aimed at Islamists. Just as the liberal/left state gets to decide what is or isn’t a crime, so coppers turned social workers are let loose to define the criminal type according to their own instincts. Police Scotland’s website says that hate crime is most likely to be committed by “young men aged 18-30”, especially those with feelings of social exclusion “combined with ideas about white-male entitlement”. In plain English, white, working-class boys. Rich, educated, well-travelled people rarely express hate, as we all know. To quote The Simpsons: “No one who speaks German could be an evil man.”  It’s the ultimate indictment of liberal hypocrisy that Scotland’s long march towards a hate-free future begins with a display of racial and class profiling. But that, I suspect, is the point. It’s often said that conservatives are better than the Left at winning power, because their values are more popular. The Left, however, is infinitely better at using power when it gets it, because it rewrites the rules, packs the institutions and sets the country on a course that it is almost impossible to correct – shaming those who object. New Labour did this by creating devolved administrations. Once established, it was hard to question them without sounding antidemocratic. The SNP then transformed devolution into a theatre for independence, doing all the same woke rubbish England does, only quicker and more aggressively – to suggest that Scotland is naturally, historically more tolerant than the bigots down south.  You’d be forgiven for not realising that, for centuries, the culture and politics of Scotland were dominated by conservative Calvinism. In fact, you could argue that the nation has become once again a dictatorship of consensus enforced by a pious elite, reverting to type after a period of social change.  One reason why it is hard to resist the SNP is because, as Yousaf dreams, the nation is almost already Tory free, that the decline of the old, church-going elite deprives it of a force equal and opposed to nationalism. This is a problem for conservatism nationwide. It used to be a thing of social substance, representing a philosophy with loyal demographics, be they landowners or shopkeepers or the vast ranks of Unionists. Now, because they stand for nothing, the Tories represent no one.  No doubt the Conservative Party will squeal about the SNP’S war on free speech etc. But it long ago conceded all the Left’s points on devolution, equality, policing, secularism – and thus has surrendered in a culture war that it doesn’t have the troops to fight, even if it wanted to.  Article Name:Yousaf ’s ‘Tory-free’ Scotland is no longer free Publication:The Daily Telegraph Author:TIM STANLEY Start Page:15 End Page:15



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‘Abducted’ 21-year-old trans man Alex Franco found shot dead in Utah desert [Pink News]

  • Alex Franco, a 21-year-old transgender man, was found dead in a remote desert area in Utah County, near Lehi, believed to have died from a gunshot. Following his disappearance after being seen entering a Jeep, Taylorsville Police arrested two teenagers (15 and 17) on multiple felony charges related to what is being treated as a possible homicide. The investigation, which involved video evidence of a gunshot at the scene, is ongoing, and a third vehicle occupant has also now been arrested. Police, at present, say there is no indication of a hate crime, which is what they usually say when a trans person turns up murdered.

    This is the second trans person to have been abducted and murdered in the US this month. You can read more about Reyna Hernandez’s murder in the Trans Agenda #10.

Drag Queen Story Hour event cancelled after bomb threats force mass evacuation in Pennsylvania [Pink News]

  • A Drag Queen Story Hour event in Pennsylvania was cancelled due to bomb threats, leading to the evacuation of a public library and surrounding areas. The threats occurred ahead of a scheduled event featuring performer Amie Vanité, resulting in a police investigation. This adds to a series of threats, intimidation and protests against similar events in the US and UK, all of which has been ignored by the UK legacy media.

First Lady Jill Biden slams attacks on LGBTQ+ rights by ‘MAGA extremists’ at Human Rights Campaign dinner [Pink News]

  • First Lady Jill Biden condemned the recent surge of anti-LGBTQ+ legislation by “MAGA extremists” during the Human Rights Campaign‘s Los Angeles fundraising dinner. She detailed how proposed amendments aimed to restrict LGBTQ+ rights, highlighting the importance of combatting fear and misinformation. Meanwhile…

White House agrees to ban pride flags at US embassies in spending bill deal [Forbes]

  • The White House has endorsed a $1.2 trillion spending bill restricting U.S. embassies to only fly the American flag and other designated official flags, reversing the 2021 decision to allow pride flags. This move is being seen as a conservative victory.

Arrests in Melbourne as alleged ‘neo-Nazis’ show up to help out at gender-critical rally [Pink News]

  • An anti-trans Melbourne rally by the Women’s Action Group escalated into violence, with claims neo-Nazis were, once again, attendees and helpers. Pro-trans protestors clashed with the group, resulting in violent arrests by police using pepper spray. Remember – if you’re at a rally and a Nazi shows up and that Nazi isn’t told to leave, you’re at a Nazi rally.

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Policeman suspected of child abduction [Sunday Telegraph]

  • A serving policeman was remanded in custody on Saturday accused of child abduction. Bedfordshire Police constable Elliot Wright (29) was arrested on Thursday in connection with the abduction of a teenage girl.

The former head of Britain’s police watchdog has been charged with sexually abusing a second child [Daily Mail]

Ireland’s designation of UK as ‘safe third country’ is unlawful, rules High Court [The Irish Times]

  • The Irish High Court ruled that Ireland’s designation of the UK as a “safe third country” for asylum seeker returns is unlawful under EU law. Justice Siobhán Phelan found the designation, made in response to Brexit, exceeded legal powers due to a misalignment with EU safeguarding requirements. They highlighted the risk of “serious harm” to individuals transferred under the Dublin III Regulation, which Ireland is bound to uphold.

Billions in Covid deals given to firms linked to Plymouth Brethren sect [The Times]

  • Companies associated with the Plymouth Brethren, a group labelled a ‘cult’ by some former members, received up to £2.2 billion in UK government contracts for COVID-19 supplies without competitive bidding. This includes PPE, masks, and ventilators, approved by the Department of Health and Social Care.

Laurence Fox gave a talk at the Cenotaph in London about the evils of Nike. He was wearing Nike trainers at the time [Blade of the Sun]

Sam Bankman-Fried to face jail sentence hearing this week (Thursday)

  • The 32-year-old faces the possibility of being sentenced to more than 100 years should the judge opt for the maximum. That seems unlikely, however, with prosecutors calling for between 40 and 50.


  • A new government-commissioned report will today claim that Britain’s “democratic resilience is being eroded” by “conspiracy theories, extremism, and harassment and censorship.”
  • MPs finish tomorrow for Easter recess. They will return on 15 April.


  • Hannah Gadsby: “My whole life, I’ve been thinking about my gender” [Diva]



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