The Prime Minister of the UK, Rishi Sunak, is under fire from decent humans due to a leaked video that reveals him making derogatory comments about trans women.

The video, which was shared with PinkNews, was recorded at a gathering of the 1922 Committee, a group consisting of at least 100 Conservative MPs.

During his address, Sunak jokes about women having penises and mocks Lib Dem leader Ed Davey for his support of trans rights, remarks that were met with laughter by the attending MPs.

The individual who shared the video with PinkNews expressed concern over Sunak’s use of transphobic humour, stating that such jokes would not be tolerated if made about other marginalised communities. They further noted that while some attendees seemed amused, others appeared visibly uncomfortable.

Sunak’s comments during the event reflect his willingness to adopt gender-critical cult stances in public while also targeteting the trans community in private discussions.

His previous actions, including his proposal to amend the Equality Act to exclude trans women from single-sex spaces and his blocking of Scotland’s Gender Recognition Reform Act, have also been widely criticised.