Major media mostly ignore massive trans protest outside Downing Street



It will come as no surprise to most trans people that the majority of the mainstream media completely and utterly ignored thousands of people outside Downing Street protesting the exclusion of transgender people from the government’s conversion ‘therapy’ ban.

The Daily Mail made no mention of it at all in their Monday edition, but did give a full page to Dominic Lawson for more transphobic nonsense:

Daily Mail, Monday 11 April 2022

The Daily Telegraph similarly made no mention of the rally but did devote one full page of their broadsheet and three articles to anti-trans coverage:

Daily Telegraph, Monday 11 April 2022
Daily Telegraph, Monday 11 April 2022
Daily Telegraph, Monday 11 April 2022

The Guardian provided one photograph on page 5 but no accompanying article:

The Guardian, page 5, Monday 11 April, 2022, text reads: Equality campaigners gathered outside Downing Street, London, yesterday, to protest against the exclusion of transgender people from government plans to ban conversion practices, which try to change someone’s sexual orientation or gender identity. Boris Johnson, the prime minister, this month reneged on a commitment for the ban to cover all LGBTQ+ people.

On their app, any mention of the rally was hidden from view on the main page.

The Daily Mirror also had no mention of the rally in their Monday paper, but they generally tend to keep out of the whole ‘trans debate’ so this is not surprising.

The BBC covered the event saying that ‘hundreds’ turned up when the true number is estimated to be somewhere between 3,000 and 4,000.

They provided no author’s name for the piece, which also included editorial stating there were ‘hundreds’, so we can’t just blame this on the sub-editors getting the headline wrong:

Sky News also reported it as ‘hundreds’:

ITV accurately headlined their coverage, noting that there were indeed thousands at the rally.

By that point, however, transphobes were already replying to ITV’s tweet citing the BBC and Sky’s ‘hundreds’ claim, despite the evidence of their own eyes.

There was also a protest in Belfast on Sunday which was attended by around 200 people, quite a good turnout given that everybody I’ve spoken to had no idea it was even happening until they saw it on social media.

The Belfast Telegraph had a small piece on page 2 of their Monday edition:

Belfast Telegraph, Monday 11 April 2022

I don’t have access to paper copies of the Times, Financial Times and S*n. and I won’t buy them. The Express only really cares about the weather and health scares and even the Star don’t take themselves seriously as a paper so I’ve excluded those as well.

Why this matters

While most in the gender critical cult will never be moved by facts and truth, there are some people out there being swept along, believing that they are the majority.

Let’s not forget, the anti-trans movement needed just three people to claim the front page of the Daily Mail, and a number of pages inside.

Trans people getting thousands on the street in support, with a rally so large GC cultists would have erotic dreams if it had been theirs? Barely a whisper.

It’s almost as if there is a targeted agenda, eh…

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