Marjorie Taylor Green has been widely mocked after blaming the US’s current tampon shortage on trans people.

The House Republican is no stranger to voicing out loud some of the dumbest shit you can imagine so it is, perhaps, no surprise to hear her blame a tampon shortage in the States, caused by a problem sourcing raw materials, on trans people – trans men specifically, which makes a change.

According to Taylor Greene, who represents the people of Georgia, the reason people who need tampons can’t get tampons is because of the amount of trans men using them.

Clearly, she says, this is another example of the ‘war on women’, which is interesting because the people fighting on her side of this so-called ‘war’ usually claim that trans men are actually women anyway, and infertile ones at that.

“There’s now a shortage of tampons, and that’s probably because men are buying tampons,” Taylor Greene said as she took part in a discussion about the transgender community on the Side Broadcasting Network, a right-wing outlet (obviously).

“They put tampons in men’s bathrooms. So this is the war on women.”

If ever there was an example of someone not having a clue about what they hate, then Marjorie Taylor Greene is it.

Taylor Greene is, of course, no stranger to stupid and/or harmful statements, having frequently embarrassed herself before. Well, most people would be embarrassed, she just seems to keep on clawing in those donations from people who are equally as dumb and filled with hate for those not like them.

A selection of some of Taylor Greene’s previous comments include:

There is, of course, much more stupid, but I was getting depressed searching it all out because it’s so sad that somebody this dumb can be an elected official in any country.

What’s even more idiotic is that the politician was often spotted during the pandemic wearing a mask that said ‘censored’ despite being allowed to spew whatever hate-filled nonsense she sees fit to a wide audience on multiple platforms.