The Mail love nothing more than to scream about the horrors that will unfold should an establishment offer gender neutral toilets.

Headlines have included “Schools offering only ‘gender neutral’ toilets are breaking the law”, “NHS hospitals have spent £800,000 on building gender-neutral toilets,” Fury at ‘woke’ plan for gender neutral toilet quotas to be included in £13bn revamp of Houses of Parliament”; “Aussie exposes the huge problem with all-gender bathrooms” and “’Woke’ National Trust is blasted over gender-neutral loos.”

So, it will come as a surprise to learn that at their new temporary offices, which they moved to at the start of the year, they have gender neutral toilets.

To the best of my knowledge, absolutely nothing has happened. The world didn’t end, women didn’t cease to be a thing and no men who like to abuse women have felt the need to abuse anyone in there.

The Mail are expected to move again in 2024 after agreeing to a 103,000 sq ft lease to create a new HQ at Barkers Building in Kensington.

In other bouts of newspaper hypocrisy, the Times, which has been one of the loudest and most vicious anti trans voices in the UK media, quite a title to grab against such strong competition, offers free sanitary products in both the women’s and men’s bathrooms in their Scottish office.