Trans Writes Logo: Happy 1 year of Trans Writes! sponsored aritcles

Are you a business who want to advertise a product or send a message? Are you a person who wants to see some specific content from trans writers but can’t find it anywhere? Are you a writer looking for a better writing opportunity? Maybe our sponsored articles could help!

Okay so marketing speak aside – it’s no secret that running a business like this one, a not for profit organisation solely dedicated to platforming trans voices on a wide range of topics, costs money. We are constantly looking for new sources of income and have been so fortunate on that journey so far! We have an amazing community who believe in our mission and have donated thousands and have also secured grant funding via LGBT+ Consortium. 

But sadly we are still not able to pay as much as we’d like to – our standard fee has been £100 and I’d love to be able to push that much closer to £200 or beyond. That’s where, I hope, sponsored articles will come in. These will be pieces clearly signposted as sponsored pieces which allow someone – anyone really – to pay to run some kind of ad on content.

I’m still working out exactly how this will work in practice but in theory our first sponsored article could be launching this week and is an advertisement for a brand which is related to the topic being spoken about. I ran the sponsorship passed the writer to make sure they were okay with an ad being ran on their writing. No sponsorship will ever be ran on an article that hasn’t been agreed by the writer beforehand – standard web ads will continue as usual!

Sponsors will not have any editorial control over the writing itself – but may choose what copy accompanies their ad. I’m hoping this strikes a nice balance between the less savoury capitalist side of doing business and the whole ethos of our organisation; paying trans people to talk about stuff.

Our site is growing day by day, attracting more talented writers from around the world, a direct avenue into the transgender community and a bandstage from which we are able to be heard outside of our communities. I am truly proud of what we have built and continue to build here and none of it could have been done with out you all.

From the bottom of my little gay heart, thank you!

If you’re looking to sponsor content please do reach out to us at [email protected]. We want nothing more than to be able to gve your money to transgender people!