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We all know this scenario, you are down to clown and the mood is set. You pull out your well curated collection of toys like a wine connoisseur of orgasms. You click that bad boy into your harness, ready to ruin this lovely person who is ready to be jack hammered into the afterlife.

But alas you are fat and the harness isn’t big enough, even worse the fabric cuts into your skin like paper cuts and the jackhammering has ended with a weird plop as the toy has abandoned all hope and unceremoniously falls out of the o-ring of your harness. No worries though, the days of horny fat suffering have come to an end.

The belt who could

If you are fat and fucking with a strap, then consider the Spareparts Joque as the strap harness for you!

For starters The Spareparts Joque is one size fits all! The belt can be adjusted from XS to 5XL and due to the strong velcro grip you don’t have to worry as a fat person about the belt either pressing into your skin or becoming loose and falling off your ass when the night of passion becomes a sweaty, yet sexy mess!

It doesn’t matter if you jack off left or right handed. You can adjust the belt on both or either side without a second thought. Since it doesn’t use any belt-like or clip-like systems, you can easily rip and re-adjust the belt and continue. The belt itself is strong enough to be even held by your partner as they hold on for their dear life as they are about to meet their deity via orgasmic projection.

Editor note: If it wasn’t obvious already, this article contains NSFW content and this is your final chance to tab out!

The fabric of nut

Cutting your hair after a mental breakdown might be euphoric but do you know what doesn’t cut it; the tight harness that buries itself into your fat folds. Nothing kills the mood more than a mixture of friction burns, skin cuts and sweat all coming together to ruin your sensual moment.

Luckily the fabric of this harness is quite soft and the belt folds under your fat. After a long fuck it doesn’t leave marks or rashes on you or your partners skin. The elastic in the middle of the belt is firm and keeps it all in place when the belt folds. God bless the person who came up with that idea. There are two things in life that are thin; my patience for terfs and the fabric of the Spareparts Joque pouch and despite the fact that the pouch is thin, the fabric is sturdy and made to last. The fact that the pouch is thin and quite soft, means that you and your partner can still have that nice skin-to-skin feeling, when claiming your ticket to Pound town.

This heavenly harness also comes with a handy pouch in which you can store a bullet vibrator so that the person wearing it can have more fun! The pouch on the inside also has space for a nice grind toy that you can attach to the suction cup of your toy. Good for the queers whose ADHD is the main component in the bedroom; meaning that you need to feel vibes, bites and pinches all at the right and same time.

A photo of Bappie Kortram demonstrating the stretch of the Spareparts Joque Harness
A photo of Bappie Kortram demonstrating the stretch of the Spareparts Joque Harness
Strapping up for the good life.

Now let’s talk about the straps under the booty! Most straps when they are adjusted leave a lot of hanging fabric, and when you are 5’2 and topping, sometimes those straps get under your knees and make you stumble ( and directly humble, because you can’t be a Daddy after that fall ) The Sparepart Joque has your back by having a system akin to your school backpack with adjusters that slide up and down with ease to give you more room in a second.

Now that your harness is on tight and secure, let’s talk about the next thing that should be secure; The O-Ring! The O-Ring is elastic with quite the gorilla grip! That fucker will stay in place! So far it has never slipped out of the ring even with slickest of lube. You need to pull that toy out with all your might. Which is nice because after a nice night of endless jackhammering I like to dry off the toy by gyrating my hips akin to a helicopter and even then, the toy never shot out of my harness ( and these hips don’t lie! ) The diameter for your dildo is about 3 to 5 cm ( 1.25 to 2 inches ) but if you fold a slight bigger suction cup into the O-ring.

SPONSORED: This article has been sponsored by Banabuddy.com. Banabuddy offer products designed for trans masculine people including both everyday wear and playtime packers, harnesses, and also binders with a front zipper design to add convenience to your experience.

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“Bappie, I am not sold yet!”

Well fine, I get it. This thing sounds too good to be true and I am about to make it better. The harness is also very breathable, so you can fuck in the shower, spa, bathtub, make them squirt multiple times and the harness will not fail you ( hope your hips and lungs can keep up, tho ) After that moment of debauchery you can hand or machine wash the belt at a simple 30.

Also the strap is vegan, and that is the pinnacle of queerness. But for every high, there must be a low!

The color range is black, black with purple and black with red. The triforce of harness colors. So if you are somebody who expected some fenty color range, then nope! The price might scare some people. But it does make up for it in quality, flexibility and usability!

Too Long Didn’t Cum;

+ Size goes up to 5XL
+ Fabric doesn’t cut into the skin
+ Breathable fabric
+ Waterproof
+ Strong velcro

– The O-ring is not the XXL Toys
– Color range could be better
– The pricing

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