Manchester’s LGBTQ+ community rallies in memory of murdered trans teen Brianna Ghey.

This weekend, ‘Live Your Truth’, hosted by trans campaigner Jaxon Feeley at the Brewers Club on Canal Street in Manchester, raised thousands for “Peace and Mind UK”, the charity founded by Brianna’s mother, Esther in her daughter’s memory.

The organisation aims to get a mindfulness teacher into every UK school, giving children vital mental health support. Brianna’s mother herself said: “I am over the moon to be part of this event and grateful for the visibility it will bring to Peace and Mind UK. After reaching our target to provide every school within the Warrington area with a mindfulness teacher, my aim now is to raise enough funds to roll this out across the country and provide every child with the resources and opportunity to learn about and take care of their mental health.”

The event, on the anniversary of Brianna’s murder, featured LGBTQ+ performers from the Manchester scene.

Alongside donations from the show itself, online contributions are bringing the “Peace and Mind UK” campaign closer to its goal, continuing Brianna’s legacy through action.

In total, more than £1,700 was raised towards the £80,000 already collected for the Peace in Mind UK campaign.

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