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[10 June 2024]

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Kemi Badenoch’s arrogance leads to damning admission [Kemi Badenoch]

  • When American TV host Bill Maher and right-winger Abigail Shrier credited the UK’s ‘successful’ cruel targeting of trans kids to the NHS and JK Rowling (yes, I’m serious), Kemi Badenoch couldn’t let that slide past without ensuring everyone knew the role she had also played in denying children life-saving medicine. Retweeting the Maher clip, she added, “The third reason was having gender-critical men and women in the UK government, holding the positions that mattered most in Equalities and Health.“You only need to look at what the SNP did in Scotland to see what would have happened had we not intervened.

    “The Cass Review would never have been commissioned under a Labour govt. Labour did not want to know.

    “We had incredible opposition from the system on everything. It was when the ministers changed that everything changed.”

    Trans people have long known that so-called independent organisations had been infiltrated by anti-trans activists and now we have proof, not that anything will be done about it. This should be a national scandal. As it stands, not one politician or journalist has even mentioned it.

16 trans kids reportedly die by suicide since Keira Bell decision [source]

  • Following the Keira Bell High Court decision, which restricted access to puberty blockers for minors, reports indicate that 16 transgender youths have died by suicide.

Devon’s first transgender mayor appointed [Devon Online]

  • At the age of 73 years old, Rachel Clarke is proud to call herself the first transgender mayor in the west country and only the second in the UK.

Police Chiefs meet with anti-trans groups [source]

  • Several UK Police Chiefs have met with groups known for their anti-trans stances, including the Women’s Rights Network, the LGB Alliance and Sex Matters.

GPs at risk of being struck off for prescribing puberty blockers

  • GPs in the UK are facing the threat of being struck off if they prescribe puberty blockers, as regulatory bodies increase scrutiny over the use of such treatments for trans minors.

Lisa Morgan stands as candidate for Kellie-Jay Keen’s Party Of Women [source]

  • Lisa Morgan, known for quoting Hitler at a Let Women Speak event, is now standing as a candidate for Kellie-Jay Keen‘s Party Of Women in the upcoming general election.

Rosie Duffield says she’s not anti-trans [The Times]

  • In an interview with The Times this weekend, Rosie Duffield claimed that she’s not anti-trans, which is like me claiming I’m not a human. Claiming that Keir Starmer is ‘basically gaslighting me’, the MP, who once said she’d go to prison rather than call Suzy Izzard a woman, continued to show that she doesn’t know the meaning of words. “They [trans people] are just a group of people who have every right to live exactly how they want to. What I’m anti is the clash between women’s rights and trans rights, and that’s what we have to thrash out in parliament.“So of course I’m not anti-trans … it doesn’t offend me how you want to dress or what you want to do, so long as it doesn’t include invading women’s spaces and trying to take our jobs or trying to take our quotas, that’s a real problem for feminists.”

    Duffield launched her General Election campaign on Sunday in Canterbury while wearing GC colours. She has a majority of 1,836 and was mostly supported by out-of-towners. After the launch, she spent her time on twitter replaying positively to anti-trans tweets/tweeters.

GCs demand Dogs Trust explain gender identity [source]

  • Gender-critical activists have demanded that Dogs Trust, a UK-based animal welfare charity, clarify its stance on gender identity. The activists argue that the charity should not promote what they see as “gender ideology,” prompting the organisation to address these public concerns .

Sex Matters Instagram permanently disabled and their appeal immediately denied [source]

  • The anti-trans group was apparently suspended alongside other GC accounts without warning or explanation.

KPSS closing down [Mumsnet]

  • The GC group ‘Keep Prison’s Single Sex’ UK branch is closing it’s doors. It is believed they have run out of money amidst a disagreement on strategy.

GC banned from football to sue police over ‘trans ideology’ [Telegraph]

  • Lisa Smith has launched a legal challenge against Northumbria Police for banning her from matches due to her ‘outspoken’ views (abuse) on transgender issues. Smith, who describes herself as “gender-critical,” was previously banned from attending football games by Newcastle United. The police probe into her activities concluded with allegations that Smith’s behaviour could cause public disorder. Smith has argued that this ban is a violation of her rights, especially as it includes restrictions on her freedom of speech and association. The ban’s terms also prevent her from participating in public events and engaging with her football club in any capacity. She claims that the police’s actions are discriminatory and an overreach of authority, influenced by her gender-critical stance. Smith’s case is now being taken to court, with significant implications for the balance between public order and individual rights in the context of controversial social issues. She is, of course, being represented by Paul Conrathe.Once again, it’s another GCer who doesn’t understand the Maya Forstater ruling, which protected GC beliefs but not the right to be an arse to or about trans people.

Sheffield Green candidate axed over transgender views to stand as independent [The Yorkshire Post]

Keep an eye out for –

  • The main parties launch their election manifestos this week. Will they mention trans people?Lib Dems – Monday
    Conservatives – Tuesday
    Labour – Thursday

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READ The Trans Agenda: The papers: 27 May – 2 June

  • The week began with the Tories announcing plans to change the Equality Act to allow discrimination against trans people. However, the papers largely just reported the news and then moved on. Surprisingly, there were even a few non-negative articles in The Times and The Telegraph. Sonia Sodha wrote her one column in The Observer, while other papers took a break. In total, there were 21 articles about trans people across various papers, maintaining a steady pace similar to previous weeks. You can see the full breakdown here.


The Southern Poverty Law Center designates SEGM and Genspect as anti-LGBTQ+ hate groups [source]

  • The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has officially designated the Society for Evidence-Based Gender Medicine (SEGM) and Genspect as anti-LGBTQ+ hate groups. This designation reflects the fact that these organisations promote harmful misinformation and discriminatory practices against LGBTQ+ individuals.

Major US media outlets taken over by Brits with anti-trans history [Assigned Media]

  • Two major US media outlets (Washington Post, Daily Beast) have recently been taken over by British executives previously associated with anti-trans culture wars in the UK.

New poll reveals that 77% of Americans believe that politicians target transgender people as “a distraction” from issues people care about [Erin Reed]

The wife of a Marine has been crowned the first-ever transgender Miss Maryland USA — and said she was inspired by the “sisterhood” of other competitors she saw on the pageant circuit [NY Post]


NI Assembly votes to support full conversion therapy ban [source]

  • The Northern Ireland Assembly has voted to support a comprehensive ban on conversion therapy, marking a significant step forward for LGBTQ+ rights in the region. The motion, passed by a 59-24 vote, calls for legislation to be introduced that will prohibit all forms of conversion therapy. This move has been widely celebrated by activists and is seen as a victory against a practice considered harmful and degrading. When any legislation will be forthcoming, however, is anyone’s guess.

Non-binary Saudi influencer denied asylum in UK because officials ‘don’t believe they are really LGBT+’ [Independent]

  • A non-binary influencer from Saudi Arabia has been denied asylum in the UK after officials doubted the authenticity of their LGBTQ+ identity. This decision has sparked outrage and calls for a more compassionate and informed approach to asylum claims involving LGBTQ+ people from hostile environments.

How the Israel lobby spent £30,000 on Wes Streeting [declassified]

  • An investigation reveals that the Israel lobby has spent £30,000 on Labour MP and Shadow Health Secretary Wes Streeting. This funding has been linked to efforts to influence UK politics which appear to be largely successful.

Call of Duty celebrates Pride with free LGBTQ+ flag skins [Pink News]

  • Call of Duty is celebrating Pride Month by offering free LGBTQ+ flag skins for in-game weapons.

Duolingo bows to threats over ‘LGBT propaganda’ [P.30, The Times, 4 June 2024]

  • Duolingo has removed references to gay people from the Russian version of its app after threats from the state censor, Roskomnadzor. The media watchdog investigated Duolingo following complaints from conservative activists about phrases that violated Russia’s “LGBT propaganda” law. Facing a potential fine of four million rubles (£35,000) or a ban, Duolingo complied by removing the offending content. This move comes amid a decade-long Kremlin crackdown on LGBT rights, intensified after the invasion of Ukraine. Duolingo has not commented. Meanwhile, Georgia plans to introduce similar anti-LGBT laws.

Moleskine launch partnership with Harry Potter during Pride month [source]

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