Scottish prison bosses to give quarterly updates on transgender populations



Prison bosses in Scotland have said they will give quarterly updates on transgender populations.

A report in the Times noted that “as of January, there were 12 transgender prisoners in custody: nine transgender women and three transgender men. Five of the transgender women were in women’s prisons, and two transgender men were in the men’s estate.”

You can read the rest of the article here – Prison bosses to give quarterly updates on transgender populations

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  1. I have mixed views about this development. In some respects having accurate data about the distribution of trans people in the prison estate might help to counter some of the myths perpetrated by transphobes, however, I feel that this is taking trans people closer to a world where we have to clearLy display some symbol declaring our trans – status at all times.
    Furthermore, is there any legal obligation on a person to tell the police or prison service about your gender ‘history’?