Pride of the Ring is set to take place in Blackpool on June 11th at cabaret and party venue ‘Funny Girls’, 1pm. Commander Stephanie Sterling is joined by a mystery guest in a 2v2 fight against The Ring Ratz

Boglin owner and paragon of non-binary finery; Commander Stephanie Sterling is set to once again grace the ring with their presence. This time at PCW Wrestling’s Pride of The Ring, the first of its kind to be held here in the UK.

When not delivering some of games media’s most cutting and brutally honest coverage of the industry via YouTube you will instead find Commander Stephanie Sterling delivering human bodies to the ground via chokeslam. I reached out to The Commander for comment on the upcoming bout and they said;

It’s a tremendous pleasure to be part of the UK’s first LGBTQ+ wrestling show, and I’m thrilled PCW is putting it on. As a non-binary transfem, representation in wrestling means so much to me.

Blackpool shall REJOICE when the Enby to Envy brings Pansexual Pandemonium to Pride of the Ring. It shall be a distinct pleasure to meet the Ring Ratz on the canvas of combat for the very first time, but I guarantee they are not prepared for the Polyantagonist. Oh my, no.

Promotional poster for The Ring Ratz debut

Harley Hudson and Tyler Adams are set to compete against The Commander in their debut as The Ring Ratz. I reached out to the team for comment and they said “It’s gonna be dead good. We are dead excited and will be looking dead gorge”.

Tickets are on sale for the event, billed as the UK’s very first Pride wrestling event, however they are apparently selling out fast! You can also find the various important socials for PCW here; Twitter, Facebook. Socials for The Ring Ratz here; Harley’s Linktree, Tyler’s Twitter and socials for Commander Stephanie Sterling here; Twitter, Youtube, Twitch. Share some love!

Other fights set to take place during the Pride of The Ring event include; Shay Purser vs Che Monet, Rossy Rascal vs Visage, Sassy Bear & Riley Andrews vs The Models and Sheikh El Sham vs Priscilla in the PCW Heavyweight Championship.

Here at Trans Writes we are wishing all competitors good luck, from the sounds of things its going to be an absolutely smashing show!