jesse smith

jesse smith (they/he) is a queer poet and reviewer from the UK, with work published in Stone of Madness, just femme & dandy, engendered lit and more. they are the founder and poetry reader of the gamut mag (@thegamutmag). find them on twitter and instagram @jessesmithpoet.
A production photo of Real Boy (UEA Drama Studio, 22 October, 2022) by Henry Webb (@hwebb_creative). Pictured are three characters from the play, including the titular character Real Boy (left) who sits in his therapist’s office (Dr Oldrik, right), with someone standing behind him (Jaime).

Real Boy & the joy of trans actors in trans roles: #TransAwarenessWeek

Last month, I had the privilege of performing in an original trans play called Real Boy - written by my talented friend (and director) Finn Evans and Ramonah Gibson - which follows a trans boy fighting for a Disney-like Pinocchio dream of ‘becoming a real boy’.