jesse smith

jesse smith (they/he) is a queer poet and reviewer from the UK, with work published in Stone of Madness, just femme & dandy, engendered lit and more. they are the founder and poetry reader of the gamut mag (@thegamutmag). find them on twitter and instagram @jessesmithpoet.

Fanfiction was my gay-girl-to-gay-guy pipeline, and I’m proud of it

Smutty BL fanfiction was at the heart of me coming into my transness - and I’m proud of it.

Real Boy & the joy of trans actors in trans roles: #TransAwarenessWeek

Last month, I had the privilege of performing in an original trans play called Real Boy - written by my talented friend (and director) Finn Evans and Ramonah Gibson - which follows a trans boy fighting for a Disney-like Pinocchio dream of ‘becoming a real boy’.
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