Sinead Watson, a detransitioned woman, has campaigned and been part of the anti-trans movement even before she detransitioned. This because she had always taken a position against other transgender people and feminists in general with her anti-SJW YouTube content. She even got a shout out by JKR’s previous favourite Scottish woman, Magdalen Berns.

Creating under the name “Yorick” complete with a skull avatar, Sinead was for at least a few years a trans medicalist anti-SJW content creator for YouTube. In fact, that’s how I first met her and given my own trans medicalist views at the time, I looked up to her and even became mutuals with her childhood best friend. I viewed her as one of the cool kids, much in the way I did with other problematic YouTubers that frame themselves as “no fucks to give” but actually give literally all of the fucks about things that don’t even really concern them.

Before we go on we should probably discuss what a trans medicalist even is, as many of you will probably not be fully aware. There are of course, many interpretations of how to apply the term “trans medicalist” and some even forgo that term altogether opting for more pointed rhetoric that I personally find unhelpful; see “truscum” for example. But in its most basic and easy to digest form, a trans medicalist is someone who tries to gatekeep transition and transgender identities.

This has a range of behaviours and beliefs which includes things like arguing that to be transgender you must medically transition. You must desire surgery. You can’t dress like X or you can’t behave like Y. It’s all very restrictive and an attempt to make people the ‘right kind’ of trans people. Often framed through a lens of behaving better so that cis people don’t hate crime us so much. In this way I find that trans medicalist often takes stem from internalised transphobia and so I try to avoid being harsh on them for it. It’s part of why I refuse to apply “truscum” to them, as they are not scum they are victims of transphobia too. They just came up with a real bad plan for fixing it.

Trans medicalism should absolutely be dismantled, its a bad idea try and solve the problem of transphobia by becoming our own secret police and dobbing each other in for not being real true transgenders or whatever. That’s just more transphobia which I don’t think I need to tell you will not ever diminish the amount of transphobia we experience, only increase it. Luckily for us, it is a dying idea with less and less people seeming to have trans medicalist takes and altogether just more unity amongst trans people even despite the wide spectrum of differences between us as individuals.

So, Sinead is worth mentioning, not because of her recent support from JK Rowling but because of how she is being positioned as a key figure in the transphobic detransitioners movement. I specify transphobic detransitioners because the vast majority of people who detransition do not then go on to attack trans people’s healthcare and rights in an attempt to take it away from the trans people it does actually benefit. She has appeared on GB News, Glinner’s podcast, videos by the “Labour Women’s Declaration”, The Times, The Christian Institute, The Post Millenial, The Scotsman, The Australian, CTV News and probably a bunch of others I haven’t mentioned. She is promoted almost exclusively by openly anti-trans antagonists in the media, including LGB Alliance and TransgenderTrend. She’s becoming the new poster child for the transphobic detransitioners angle after the last one set up a network and just entirely vanished.

Writing on Twitter Sinead said;

Taking cross sex hormones was the worst decision i ever made for my health. I’d do anything to undo it, but I can’t. Hearing younger women talk about dealing with this infuriates me. The pain and suffering that we’ll witness in the coming years will be unbearable.”

A story which, to most people, seems very genuine and heartfelt. If I didn’t know of Sinead’s history I would almost feel sorry for her. However, Sinead spent most of her YouTube career and by extension, time as a transgender man, being a prick to people on the internet. In one video where she specifically singles out another transgender person (at the time a transgender man, now a bit more fluid) YouTube creator talking about the harassment they have faced she doesn’t at all attempt to say the harassment is bad. She simply says its their own fault. They shouldn’t wear dresses, They should transition medically and make their voice drop and go through all those changes that Sinead is now suddenly super against people being allowed to do.

In a YouTube video from when Sinead was presenting as a transgender man:

<Context: another trans person mentions that they had a dream where they had a penis and he liked that dream, which is part of what helped inform them that they are transgender>

“I’ve spoken to trans men who also dreamed of having a penis, you know what they did? They started hormones and got surgery, they didn’t put on a fucking dress. How can you not understand the confusion people will inevitably feel when you say you want to be male while wearing dresses and lipstick? But you’re right men can wear dresses and make up even if most of them choose not to. But that pesky gender dysphoria, you know the very essence of being transgender? That generally stops real transgender individuals from sabotaging their own efforts to live as their preferred gender.”

Sinead repeatedly calls this transgender person a transtrender which is ironic since said transgender person is still transgender rather than a transphobic detrans grifter. Funny how time works. This isn’t even the tip of the iceberg of how horrible Sinead’s content actually was, nothing but harassment of other trans people for living their lives wrong while supporting other alt-right anti-sjw creators such as Dave Cullen.

Sinead is not and has never been a good person. They are divisive and antagonistic and they just full on hate trans people — even when she herself was a trans person, no less. I don’t like dragging up the past like this to make a point people should be allowed to grow, but since Sinead is determined to become the new face of the detransition movement. She has clearly chosen not to grow and so I think its probably worth kicking over a few old stones to see what crawls out. Especially since a bunch of people did not know this about her, including researchers of hate groups that I’m friends with.

So now you know, alas poor Yorick. I knew her well-ish.