Promotional image for Again Again. The image shows a hand held up against the sun, written in the palm is the number
Promotional image for Again Again. The image shows a hand held up against the sun, written in the palm is the number "2863" - which represents the number of days Agatha has been stuck in the time loop.

Again Again is currently running a campaign to crowdfund for its production. It is written and directed by Mia Moore & Alexa Feeney, who I spoke to about the queer sci-fi film hopefully coming to screens soon!

Again Again follows Agatha, a trans woman who has been trapped in a time loop living the same day for 10 years; the story picks up as she wakes up for the first time outside of the loop. Speaking with Mia Moore, she told me that the film deals with a lot of her feelings and the feelings of many people coming out of global pandemic lockdowns, such as how nerve-wracking it became to do simple everyday tasks.

Again Again takes place mostly in a motorhome with just two characters and explores their ups and downs; through their love for each other and their hate too. Mia Moore tells me that “this is the kind of nuanced story trans and queer folks deserved to see decades ago” and that “crowdfunding this project is going to give us a lot of freedom to take big swings that might have gotten push back if we had studio backing”.

Alexa Feeney tells me that “something that I’m really excited about with Again Again is that we’re getting to showcase trans characters filtered through our own experiences made for a queer audience. This isn’t a story about transition, this is a story about a trans person thrown into wild circumstances; and I’m stoked to show the world what that can look like when portrayed authentically.”

Moore and Feeney pitch Again Again in their crowdfund page as being “built from the ground up by queer and trans people. Written by/directed by/starring us and for us”. Which sounds exactly like the founding principles of Trans Writes so we just had to reach out to promote their campaign.

From the IndieGoGo page for Again Again; “I’ve never seen myself truly represented on screen. I’ve never seen a trans woman who’s allowed to go on a journey that’s informed by her transness but not obsessed with her transness. I want to create the kind of film I needed when I was younger. The kind of film I needed when I was closeted and alone. The kind of film I needed when I didn’t even know what I was. I want to create a film that resonates with people whether they’re transgender themselves or they’ve never met a trans woman in their lives.

I believe trans people should be allowed to fall in love on screen. We should be allowed to be time travelers and action heroes and horror final girls and rock stars. This is only one of those stories and I hope it can light a flame that sparks a thousand more.”

The first ten pages of the script for Again Again are available via the IndieGoGo and I’m not just saying this because I believe in the project or because I’m mutuals with both writers on Twitter and find them very funny people. I’m saying this because right now I am – no word of a lie – actually physically weeping after having read the introduction. I would like to watch this film because the script made me cry after 5 pages!

The crowdfund is currently live on IndieGoGo and has raised £35,057 of its £65,613 goal at time of writing. There are 15 days left to fund the project, with the final day being April 3rd. If you want to see this film then head over and drop a donation. Don’t forget to also share the crowdfunder through your social networks too!

Trans Writes will be donating our usual fee of £100 to the crowdfund and I hope that more of you get involved to do so too. Again Again sounds beautiful already and I for one can’t wait to see it.

(and of course, watch this space for our inevitable review!)