Not the greatest assault on women in JK Rowling's life; a photo of a protest in support of Roe Vs Wade showing signs reading "Keep your religion out of my vagina" and "I am not free while any woman is unfree even when her shackles are very different from my own" a quote by Audre Lorde. Credit: Matt Hrkac via WIkimedia Commons

Alongsdie yet another bigoted outburst on Twitter the Harry Potter author has now stated that trans people are the greatest assault on women in JK Rowling’s life time. All while signal boosting literal fascists who oppose basic bodily autonomy for said women. Amazing, honestly.

I’ll skip my usual bilge about how I hate writing about JKR and I’m only doing it to use her name recognition to spread good information. All of that’s true, but boring. You want to know about the fascism and the absolutely buckwild things she’s coming out with so lets get right to it.

Peter Sweden has a very extensive page on Rational Wiki describing him as; British, far right, a holocaust denier, a white nationalist, extreme homophobe, flat earther, moon landing denialist, islamophobe and “conspiracy theorist crank who has written that Jews and the Vatican are behind a New World Order”.

Naturally, JK Rowling signal boosted him. He wrote a tweet supporting the recent cowardly move by Victoria Atkins MP to block private prescriptions of GnRH analogues to transgender youth. JK Rowling quote tweeted her agreement with it.

Cisgender man Elon Musk also got in on the action briefly by replying to JK Rowling’s tweet in agreement too. However Rowling’s tweet has now been deleted; orphaning the Musk’s tweet kind of like how most of his children treat him too.

It isn’t the first time JK Rowling has replied favourably to content creators of Peter Sweden’s ilk either. Matt Walsh is another guy with an extensive Rational Wiki page which ultimately boils down to “far right bigot”. In 2022 Rowling praised him and his anti-trans film for “exposing the incoherence of gender identity theory”.

JK Rowling also jumped to the defense of British anti-trans campaigner “Posie Parker” also known as Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull. Who again has her own extensive Rational Wiki page which includes references to the multiple times she has worked with the far-right or had outright Nazis speak at and support her events.

One thing the Rational Wiki page doesn’t seem to include is the time a speaker at her event literally attempted a form of Nazi propaganda against trans people while reading from Mein Kampf. No-one stopped her and mutliple people after the fact attempted to defend her.

So while it may be possible for JK Rowling to delete her bigoted signal boosting of other far-right bigots it doesn’t really delete the fact that she – and the transphobia movement as a whole – are matching them goosestep for goosestep here nonetheless.

Which brings us neatly to the next point; the greatest assault on women in JK Rowling’s lifetime is apparently a handful of trans people wanting healthcare, not to be discriminated against and for the state not to be able to meddle in/gatekeep who we are.

The greatest assault on women in JK Rowling’s lifetime isn’t the fact that 2 years ago Roe vs Wade was overturned putting millions of women (and some trans people too) across America at severe risk. A legislative move which has led to stories of women being arrested for miscarrying, such as Brittany Watts who was arrested in 2023.

Matt Walsh, Posie Parker have both made comments supporting restrictions on reproductive rights for women – I assume Peter Sweden has too, but his Rational Wiki page doesn’t list it.

The greatest assault on women in JK Rowling’s lifetime also isn’t the thousands of women’s lives being lost in any of the world’s many conflicts right now. With a special mention to events like the Bucha massacre where reports indicate Russian soldiers raped women and girls as young as 14 before torturing and killing them in what they referred to as a “cleansing”.

I say special mention as JK Rowling was once interviewed by Zelenskyy so you would think she would be aware of these things. (Note; it was not really Zelenskyy.)

The greatest assault on women in JK Rowling’s life time also isn’t the 70,000 rapes reported to police in the UK alone each year. With further statistics from Rape Crisis suggesting 5 out of every 6 rapes go unreported. Putting the estimated real figure at much closer to half a million rapes per year in the UK.

Again, an area you would think JK Rowling would know something about – given her creation of Beira’s place, a shelter for women in crisis.

The greatest assault on women in JK Rowling’s life time also isn’t that hundreds of women have been denied healthcare in the UK, such as cancer screenings, for being virgins. As this Vice article from 2023 reports.

You would think access to healthcare would be important to JK Rowling, given the Regenerative Neurology Clinic in her mother’s name and memory.

No, the greatest assault on women in JK Rowling’s life time is the fact that trans people want healthcare, not to be discriminated against and to have the government stop meddling in our lives. Somehow the true and abject horrors faced by billions of women around the world don’t quite matter as much as 1% of them being transgender.

To nod along in agreement with Rowling here you have to truly believe that none of those things really matter that much compared to trans people – and do you know who does think women’s access to healthcare, safe abortion and safety from male violence aren’t that big of a deal? The fascists. The ones she some how accidentally keeps signal boosting by mistake totally not a pattern don’t look into it.

All of this nonsense and we didn’t even touch on JK Rowling replying to transphobic memes about trans women looking masculine with laughing emoji now. As if this isn’t objectively just an enforcement of patriarchal beauty standards ie misogynist as all hell.

The obvious victim of these horribly misogynist and transphobic “jokes” are trans women, yes. That should be all it takes for people to care but if you need there to be cisgender victims too; there have been. Numerous cis women have faced repercussions recently because someone thought they were trans – including active anti-trans campaigners, even.

Even when cisgender women aren’t being targeted because someone read them as a bit too masculine therefore transgender; cisgender women are still being massively impacted by anti-trans actions. Joanne Harris for example was harassed into outing her child – who is an adult – as transgender and faced contest to her Chairing the Society of Authors. A witchhunt against Harris which Rowling participated in.

Even despite how massively overblown transphobia is and the huge effects its having on my life, my friend’s lives and the lives of millions of people around the world right now. I’m not so far up my own arse that I think its the “greatest assault on women in JK Rowling’s lifetime” or anyone else’s life time.

It’s a huge problem, yes – especially for women whether cisgender or transgender. But in my view anti-trans activism is not the end goal, its the launching pad. Fascists are once again mobilising against queer and other marginalised people’s rights as a means of launching themselves into positions of power and bigoted gobshites like Rowling are too obsessed to realise it.

The true greatest assault on women in JK Rowling’s life time is yet to come – and in my view; she will have helped shepherd its arrival with transphobic nonsense, even if she deletes the tweet afterwards.