Gemma Stone

Gemma Stone is a transgender writer who has been covering the rise of transphobic hate campaigning in the UK. She has written hundreds of articles dissecting aspects of transphobia including debunking blatant disinformation. She is very tired and trying her best, and hopefully having a positive impact on such a beautiful community.

Transphobes on Twitter planned to crash funeral for trans youngster who died by suicide

The parent of a transgender boy who died in early October announced details of the funeral on Twitter. Transphobes on Twitter planned to attend the funeral stating "funnies must ensue".

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All JK Rowling said was… re: “rapist rights activists”

In a bizarre tweet by the beloved Harry Potter author where she refers to trans rights advocates as "rapist rights activists", all JK Rowling said was "compelling a woman to call her rapist or violent male attacker ‘she’ in court is state-sanctioned abuse" right? Wrong!

The Observer announces its pro conversion therapy view

In an Observer Editorial piece the publication outlines its pro conversion therapy position claiming that criminalising the practice "poses risk to children's welfare".

JK Rowling should go to prison; inside propaganda

The anti-trans crusade wages on in the media with multiple different talk shows having shimed in to debate whether JK Rowling should go to prison. This following a misleading story in the Daily Mail.

Plan for NHS to exclude trans women likely won’t happen; but it doesn’t need...

The media erupted in a flurry this week as Health Secretary Steve Barclay announced his intention for the NHS to exclude trans women from female wards. Understandably, this has shocked and concerned the trans community.

Why has Reem Alsalem been so silent on self-ID outside of Scotland?

The UN Special Rapporteur for Violence Against Women and Girls, Reem Alsalem was vocal opposition to Scotland's GRR bill in 2022. So why has Reem Alsalem been so silent as other UN member states across Europe introduce self-ID policies of their own?

BBC attempt to launder reputation of Graham Linehan

The former comedy writer turned keyboard warrior has had a gig cancelled prompting a write-up where the BBC attempt to launder reputation of horrific bigot, Graham Linehan.

UK Labour is outright lying about public support for GRA reform

In the recent days UK Labour has spoken more about trans people than it has basically across the entire last decade of the slowly...

Justin Webb lied, the BBC did not cut ties with Stonewall over suicide statistics

Justin Webb of BBC Radio 4 recently posted on Twitter regarding the BBC's decision to back out of Stonewall's Diversity Champions and Workplace Equality Index Schemes. He claimed that the BBC and "responsible organisations" cut ties with Stonewall over claims they had made in a 2017 School Report. The BBC response to a Freedom of Information request I sent does not corroborate this.
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