Sophia McAllister

Sophia McAllister is a writer, video producer and anarchist. She has produced multiple feature length video essays on her channel Sophie From Mars based on her own antifascist research and discursive exploration, and she co-hosts the live weekly communist roundtable show Red Planet on Twitch where the hosts and guests talk about how to build dual power and change the world to be a fairer and kinder place. She spends most of her time kissing beautiful women, which is why nothing you can do can really hurt her.
A sign reading "ladies room" above the door to a women's bathroom. This is from The St James Hotel but I imagine its not far off what the signage in the Marquis of Granby looks like which is why I am okay using it for our penis woman story.

“I think I might be the penis woman”; a response to absurd Tory councillor’s...

Following a piece by a tory councillor in the Daily Mail who alleges that a trans woman attempted to intimidate her in a bathroom we may have tracked down the so-called "penis woman"! Sophie writes;