Max Morgan

Max Morgan is a non-binary writer, activist and musician. Born in England, they now reside in Glasgow with their partner and son, where they dream of a time when UK society has evolved to celebrate the full breadth of human diversity. Or failing that, of a time when they can afford to escape to somewhere a bit nicer.
Edmonton Pride Parade 2011 where the "gays for gaza" spirit was alive as queers march holding signs opposing Israeli apartheid in Palestine, photo by Kurt Bauschardt, Wikimedia Commons

Why the ‘Gays for Gaza’ position makes perfect sense

With the Israeli government’s ethnic cleansing in Gaza and the West Bank approaching a third month, and with the war crimes growing ever more flagrant, frequent and egregious, it is perhaps expected that the propaganda war would also begin to intensify. Bad faith arguments abound, nakedly dishonest justifications are wheeled out without anything even approaching the commensurate degree of shame, and attacks on those expressing solidarity with the Palestinian people are stepped up by those running interference for these atrocities.
Tavistock clinic; where healthcare for young trans people is supposed to take place

The lies surrounding healthcare for young trans people have gone on for too long;...

On healthcare for young trans people; There is no magical moment at which a child becomes an adult. No single instant at which we may safely declare that a young person has exited adolescence, and is fully equipped to enter the world of mortgage stress, Saturday morning food shopping and running arguments about the thermostat says Max Morgan