Gemma Stone

Gemma Stone is a transgender writer who has been covering the rise of transphobic hate campaigning in the UK. She has written hundreds of articles dissecting aspects of transphobia including debunking blatant disinformation. She is very tired and trying her best, and hopefully having a positive impact on such a beautiful community.
Are gender critical beliefs protected in law? No! A picture of a gavel against a rainbow flag by Jernej Furman via Wikimedia Commons

Are gender critical beliefs protected in law? No!

Following a recent transphobe employment tribunal it seems once again we have to deal with the myth suggesting gender critical beliefs are protected in law. Often citing Forstater's case against CGD; every single person saying this is objectively wrong.
An example of women being bullied out of work; Edinburgh Rape Crisis Centre director Mridul Wadhwa photo by Adam Ramsay of OpenDemocracy

Jo Phoenix and women being bullied out of work

Some uni professor or something called Jo Phoenix (rad name, shame it belongs to a bigot loser) has won a tribunal for unfair dismissal over her "gender critical" ie transphobic views. Some anti-trans commentators have described the attempt to oust her as "women being bullied out of work".
Laura Pascal Suspended; a photo of Hackney Labour members with Laura Pascal in the bottom right corner via Hackney Labour

Labour’s Laura Pascal suspended over transphobia

UK Labour candidate for the Cazenove ward of Hackney; Laura Pascal suspended over transphobia this week. Including liking anti-trans tweets which compared real life human being Dylvan Mulvaney to racist blackface minstrel shows. But don't worry she apologised and they unsuspended her!
A photo of Keir Starmer giving a speech at a Labour conference where UK Labour is outright lying, probably. Keir Starmer's transgender son may cost him the 2024 election. Photo by Rwendland, Wikimedia Commons

Keir Starmer’s transgender son may cost him the 2024 election

Keir Starmer's transgender son may not in fact exist. However rumours circulated via transphobic individuals and groups on Twitter are nonetheless calling for the removal of his leadership of The Labour Party. Which could see disaster for Starmer ahead of the 2024 election.
A photo of Brianna Ghey for the article commenting on transphobia surrounding Brianna. Credit; Family Handout.

The transphobia surrounding Brianna Ghey’s death

The trial for the murder of Brianna Ghey has concluded with both defendants being found guilty. However transphobia surrounding Brianna Ghey's death continues to proliferate online and in the media.
Press photo of Gillian Keegan who works at the DfE and signed the document regarding trans youth in schools. Photo via Wikimedia commons.

DfE guidance for trans youth in schools released; its obviously bigoted

The Department for Education, working closely with the Government Equalities Hub, has released its non-statutory guidance for trans youth in schools. It is not legally binding, obviously bigoted and unlikely to be wholly lawful.
Press photo of Kemi Badenoch,, who likened trans people to a disease and is a candidate in the tory leadership race and who knew of LGB Alliance's anti-trans lobbying before meeting with them

Kemi Badenoch likened trans people to a disease in Parliament

In the middle of a Parliamentary committee Kemi Badenoch likened trans people to a disease and then immediately tried to pretend she didn't. Clips of the outbust have been circulating online with the trans community sharing their outrage - we should be angry, I just don't think Badenoch is really the right target for this one.
My message to LGBTQIA publications; A photo of someone holding a carboard love heart that reads "love trumps hate" at a protest in Washington. Photo by Lorie Shaull via Wikimedia Commons

Why I’m blocking certain LGBTQIA publications

In recent weeks I have seen a lot of really poor content coming out of LGBTQIA publications and so I've made the decision to start blocking them. If you feel the same, feel free to drop this article in their comments sections before you do.
A photo of Elon Musk who owns Twitter and set the direction for the brand which has enabled Transphobes on Twitter to plan to gate crash a funeral. Photo by Steve Jurvetson, Wikimedia Commons

Transphobes on Twitter planned to crash funeral for trans youngster who died by suicide

The parent of a transgender boy who died in early October announced details of the funeral on Twitter. Transphobes on Twitter planned to attend the funeral stating "funnies must ensue".
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