Gemma Stone

Gemma Stone is a transgender writer who has been covering the rise of transphobic hate campaigning in the UK. She has written hundreds of articles dissecting aspects of transphobia including debunking blatant disinformation. She is very tired and trying her best, and hopefully having a positive impact on such a beautiful community.
A photo of a pen and a stethoscope on a medical chart to represent The Cass Review

The 32 things The Cass Review recommends and why they are concerning

The Cass Review has now been released in full and has already attracted widespread condemnation from women’s, LGBTQIA+ and other equality focused groups. The document makes 32 recommendations and in this piece we take a little tour around what is recommended by The Cass Review.
From left to right the photo is an early 1900s snap of Bernhard Schapiro, Magnus Hirschfeld and Tao Lee. ie the men at the center of why people are accusing JK Rowling of Holocaust denial

Why are people accusing JK Rowling of Holocaust denial?

People are accusing JK Rowling of Holocaust denial after the writer once again found herself at the centre of controversy due to transphobia. In...
New puberty blocker prescriptions from NHS England have been halted. Picture shows an NHS Health Centre in the United Kingdom.

New puberty blocker prescriptions halted by NHS England again

Contrary to most reporting on the subject NHS England has not completely and irrevocably stopped prescribing hormones. New puberty blocker prescriptions have been halted temporarily.
JK Rowling will be arrested; the image shows a woman in handcuffs and ankle restraints. It's a BDSM image, I thought it would be funny given how she accuses trans women of fetishism.

JK Rowling will be arrested, finally

This is the latest news in the pissing match between trans people and anti-trans activists happening every second of every single day online. We are proud to report that JK Rowling will be arrested, perhaps this afternoon even.
A photo of Helen Joyce during a speaking event. Helen Joyce reads porn of teenagers for "research".

Sex Matters Director Helen Joyce reads porn of teenagers for “research”

Sex Matters is an organisation ran by Maya Forstater and Helen Joyce who campaign against transgender equality under the guise of safeguarding women and children. A tagline I find hilarious in the light of the admission that Helen Joyce reads porn of teenagers.
Documents showing a letterhead for the House of Lords Library where its been confirmed transphobes are tampering with LGBT History Month displays

Transphobes are tampering with LGBT History Month displays, badly

An LGBT History Month display at Millbank House Library in the House of Lords has been tampered with. The book by Helen Joyce often finds its way into LGBT inclusive displays, however this is the first time we have confirmation transphobes are tampering with these displays.
A very young girl using a smart phone and my plea to Esther Ghey about children's privacy. Credit Bicanski via Wikimedia Commons

A plea to Esther Ghey and a quick guide on invading children’s privacy

A year on from the murder of her daughter, the trial barely being over, the media still desperate to make her killers famous and the Prime Minister refusing to apologise for transphobia; I cannot stress how much I admire the strength of Esther Ghey. But I must warn against the path she is taking.
Press photo of Rishi Sunak. Sunak and Starmer clashed today over transphobia in Parliament

Sunak and Starmer clash over transphobic remarks in Parliament

In today's Prime Minister's questions Sunak and Starmer have clashed after the Prime Minister took a jab at the leader of the opposition for...
An image of a gavel symbolising justice for Brianna Ghey

What is justice for Brianna Ghey?

Now that the trial has concluded and the sentence handed down its time to consider what is justice for Brianna Ghey? Some think its the life sentences for the youths who murderered her, but I'm not so sure.
A photo of the queer display at London Bridge showing various queer flags on a concrete column. Photo by Dr Natacha Kennedy

Hideous queer display at London Bridge has bigots quaking in their boots

A queer display at London Bridge has been recently unveiled much to the chagrin of known bigots on the internet. So disturbed are they by gay flags that they have taken to describing it as "intimidating" and calling for it to be removed.