Darin O'Meara

A photo of Darin O'Meara
Darin O'Meara (He/She) is a competitive Pokemon TCG player, game designer, cosplayer, drummer, and long-time esports and TCG writer from Boston, MA. She has played the Pokemon TCG since 2009, has been invited to the World Championships four times, and was featured in Pokemon's "Road to Worlds" documentary. He also plays drums in the anisong cosplay band GaRuPoweR!!, cosplays at various conventions, and coaches the Pokemon TCG on Metafy.
A photo of Cyrus Davis taking the win against Ian Robb at the Pokemon TCG World Championships photo credit Darin O'Meara

Cyrus Davis wins! First openly transgender Pokemon TCG International champion!

After defeating former World Championship finalist Ian Robb in the Pokemon TCG North American International Championships (NAIC) finals, Cyrus Davis becomes the first ever trans player to win an international championship by piloting her off-the-radar Urshifu/Inteleon deck.